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1-year Executive MBA in the USA

1-year Executive MBA in the USA

1-year Executive MBA in the USA

If you are looking to enhance your career to the next level but want to do so in a short time, this article is for you. We bring out top universities that provide 1-year Executive MBA in the USA.

The programs listed in this article have short durations like 12 months to – 16 months. Within this short time, you will be able to develop leadership skills. To mention a few Universities for executive MBA, there is Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), Goizueta Business School, and many more. Some of the courses are online which is convenient for international students. All the universities mentioned here provide a great education to go on further with your business. 

To climb up your career level you may need to earn an executive MBA degree. If you are concerned about your time you can look for a 1-year executive MBA in the USA. This article discusses the number of options you have to complete an executive MBA in just about a year. 

What is the EMBA Program?

An Executive MBA program is designed for students who are already in the industry and want to work and study side by side. The students of EMBA will earn the same degree as MBA full – time. 

1-year Executive MBA in the USA


Remember that an Executive MBA is a program to improve your career, not to start a new one. If you are considering an Executive MBA you should:

  • Have 5 years of professional experience
  • Completed a management entrance exam
  • Have a bachelors degree with at least 55% marks

Top 6, 1-year Executive MBA in the USA

Many executive MBA programs are around a year long. It is beneficial as it saves time and also lets you work at the same time. 

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)

  • Location – Rochester, USA
  • Duration – 15 months 
  • Type – Online & Campus 
  • Fees – USD 47,522

This Executive MBA program is ideal for professionals with business experience. This program will upgrade their job positions. Students will learn about executive skills like:

  • Strategic and cross-functional thinking
  • Utilizing data to drive decision-making
  • Client consulting
  • Leadership
  • Analytic thinking 
  • Problem Solving
  • Group interaction 

This EMBA focuses on accounting, statistics, leadership, finance, negotiations, and economics. 

The program offers a seven-to-ten-day international study trip in their last semester to learn about international client consulting projects’

Goizueta Business School

  • Location – Atlanta, USA
  • Duration – 16 – 20 months
  • Study Type – Online and Campus 

Goizueta Business School offers two programs;

Weekend EMBA and Modular EMBA.

  • Weekend Executive MBA vs Modular executive MBA

Weekend MBA offers 

  • Strategic thinking skills
  • Immersive short courses
  • Business-friendly schedule 
  • Dedicated career services
  • Flexibility to choose your concentration

Our Modular MBA offers 

  • Strategic thinking skills
  • Expanding your competency as a leader
  • Strengthen your business acumen
  • General management curriculum
  • Week-long classroom experience

Emory University is highly recognized all around the world. Talented and successful professionals will surround you; therefore you can learn from them side by side. This is a great place to share your unique idea and amplify them. The students in EMBA of Goizueta Business School have worked and lived in different countries which gives them a wider range of knowledge and experience.

 Provides workshops and events:

  • Career action planning
  • Personal branding
  • Resume and LinkedIn refresh
  • Salary negotiations
  • Interviewing effectively
  • Case interview preparation
  • Networking strategies

Quantic School of Business and Technology

  • Locations – Washington, USA
  • Duration – 12 months
  • Study Type – Online
  • Tuition Fees – USD 9,600

This award-winning curriculum, Executive MBA, is programmed for a modern world. You can learn anytime, anywhere. Some companies pay the university to recruit students, which helps us lower the budget for our students. Scholarships are also available. 

This online executive MBA provides

  • Interactive 
  • Bite-sized lessons 
  • Meet live with your exceptional classmates

Michael F. Price College of Business, University of Oklahoma

  • Locations – Norman, USA
  • Duration –15 months
  • Study Type – Online
  • Tuition Fees – USD 77,400

The University of Oklahoma has been providing students with excellent education especially in energy management industries for 100 years. 

This program is 15 months online course but also has a three-week-long face to face residencies to build a strong connection with other students. 

As the program is online you could attend the classes from any location.  

Our EMBA degree program offers you a unique training program that is:

  • Flexible
  • Accelerated: Finish your EMBA in just 15 months 
  • Recognized for Quality: 
  • Experience: the University of Oklahoma has 50 years of experience, therefore provides you with quality education. 

California Institute of Advanced Management

  • Location – El Monte, USA
  • Duration – 11 – 22 months
  • Study Type – Campus and Online

California Institute of Advanced Management is one of a kind as there are no tests. Instead of tests this University grades on papers, reports, and presentations. In this executive MBA program, you will be given 12 consulting projects, which will give you real business experience. 

CiAM does not believe in scores on a piece of paper, they value practical work. 

The class size is small to enable better interactions among the students. 

As a student in this facility, you will be working with 12 real US business clients on the consulting projects. 

Program develops:

  • Leadership skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Effective written and oral communication 

University of Toledo College of Business Administration

  • Locations – Toledo, USA
  • Duration – 15 months
  • Study Type – Campus

The EMBA program provided by the University of Toledo College of Business Administration is specially designed for professionals interested to accelerate their careers. 

This 15-month program has;

  • A Convenient Schedule
  • Unique Focus On Innovation & Growth
  • Personalized, Hands-On Learning
  • Limited Class Size for stronger interactions 
  • Strong Peer & Faculty Relationships
  • International Study Trip

This program encourages 

  • In-depth learning 
  • Teamwork 
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Practical skills
  • International perspective on business

In conclusion, if you are looking for a one-year Executive MBA program, these are your best options. You could apply for a scholarship as most of them give scholarship opportunities. Online MBA could reduce your cost by a huge percentage. It is convenient as you can work and study simultaneously. The EMBA programs mentioned in this article can provide you with international experience and many other practical ways of teaching. 




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