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10 Good Reasons Why I Choose to Study in the USA

10 Good Reasons Why I Choose to Study in the USA

10 Good Reasons Why I Choose to Study in the USA

You may be wondering why so many people choose to study in the USA. This article gives you 10 Good Reasons to “Why I Choose to Study in the USA”. 

The USA consists of World Class Institutes that are in the top rank. The diversity in the USA is very positive for students. Being in such a diverse society lets you meet different people from all around the world and establish new perspectives. The diversity brings different cultures into the campuses, which gives you a chance to learn new languages and cultures. 

Career opportunities follow you after graduating and even before. To cooperate with a high number of international students and give them a comfortable start, the US institutes provide a sufficient amount of support to foreign students. The freedom to decide your major among a large variety of programs is another great thing the US education institute has to offer. Students have plenty of time and opportunities to explore and find what they want to study.

The USA has been a popular location for international students to complete their education. Why do so many students choose the USA as their destination to further studies? Should I choose the US for further education? This article will tell you 10 Good Reasons Why I Choose to Study in the USA. 

10 Good Reasons Why I Choose to Study in the USA

As a lot of students decide to continue their further studies in the US you might wonder why. Even families work hard to move to the USA with their children to give them a better education. Here are the top 10 good reasons why people choose to study in the USA.

1. World Class Institutes

Everyone knows that a lot of the top and elite institutions are located in the USA. According to rankings, nine out of the top best universities in the world are from the United States. 

Some of the World-class institutions in the USA include:

Stanford University is located in Palo Alto. It has had a great impact on encouraging tech industry developments. Many students and alumni from this University are well known for their contribution to the digital world. For example, Google and Snapchat. A lot of the alumni have successfully either started their industry or have joined a well-known industry. 

 Harvard University always ranks as one of the tops in the world most years. Quarter amounts from their total students are internationals. The high tuition fees can be worrying however Harvard provides plenty of financial aid for students. They have the largest academic library in the world. 

Besides the California Institue of Technology a small number of students, the success rate of the graduates are quite impressive. Noble laureates, Award winners, and Medalist were from CalTech. They mainly focus on Science and Engineering. 

MIT is another well-known University in the US, which has cultivated successful alumni. Alumni of MIT initiated companies such as Intel and Dropbox. Undergraduate programs at MIT are very selective when it comes to choosing applicants. Engineering and Computer Science programs are the most popular courses at MIT.

The University of California is a public university that is one of the oldest campuses. It has a good achievement count for Nobel laureates, Turning Award winners, Field Medalists, Wolf Prize winners, MacArthur fellows, prize winners, academy winners, and Olympic medalists. Many politicians are also graduates of this university. 

With so many Universities recognized worldwide gives students great career opportunities. They attract students all around the world by always keeping their education updated to current times and accepting only qualified students that keep up with their reputation.  

2. Financial Aid

US education Institutes offer scholarships to high achieving students as the fees are not affordable for everyone. They make sure the right minds get the education to transform the world into a better place. Times Higher Education mentioned that more than 600 US Universities award scholarships worth $ 20 000 or more to international students. 

Scholarship qualifications are usually determined by:

  • Academic qualification
  • Financial capacity
  • Extracurricular activity

3. Top-Notch Technology

Their campus sizes and facilities are quite astounding including the technology used. It is no surprise that the United States is leading in technology and they do not hesitate to include their advanced technologies in their education systems. Especially students from Engineering, Technology, and Science courses are provided with top advanced technological supplies to conduct research, projects, and for them to achieve great results in the academic field.

Experienced technicians for proper education guide students in most American Education Institutes. This allows the student to learn in simpler and easier ways.  

As this modern equipment can be expensive, not all county’s education system can afford it. 

4. Campus Life

Universities in the US are usually on large campuses which give students a free and fun environment to study in. You can learn about different cultures as the campus is a mix of cultures. You will find a lot of opportunities to make friends and enjoy “ college life”.

There are many clubs you can join like, dance club, sports club, pottery club many more places where you can unleash your creativity. There are international clubs of different countries that will let you find a comfort zone. This experience will help you gain social skills.

5. Work-Life 

Unlike many other countries, the US government granted permission to international students to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week and work unlimited hours during holidays or vacations. This is one of the best things for international students as the cost of living is quite high in the US. The students can finically support themselves and gain some experience in the work-life. 

6. Diversity on Campus

As the number of international students is considerably high, USA university campuses are culturally diverse. People from different backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicity are all in one place studying together. This can help you meet so many different people and befriend them. You will have chances of learning new languages and experiencing a new culture. 

Students say that their dormitories mostly consist of students of different nationalities, religions, or ethnicity. 

7. Academic Flexibility

In American Universities, undergraduate students have permission to select several courses and a chance to also change majors. Typically Students are not required to decide on a major until the end of their second year. They are given a lot of time to explore and choose their area of interest. 

This is a rare thing in foreign Universities. They are also offered their dream courses at the end of their course for a fulfillment experience. 

With a master’s degree, you have the freedom to customize your course according to your academic interests. 

8. Variety of Programs offered

It might be difficult to find your dream course in all countries. The US education Institute offers a wide variety of programs for you to choose from. Universities make sure you graduate with a well-rounded education and not just be focused on one field of study. 

Some unique courses offered in USA universities are :

  • MS in Foresight 
  • BS in Eco gastronomy 
  • BS in Nautical Archaeology 
  • BS in Somatic Studies
  • MS in Psychometrics 
  • MA in Puppetry 
  • BS in Medicinal Plant Chemistry 
  • BS in Fermentation Sciences

9. Employment 

The internship programs offered are a good way to start your professional career. During their college years, they can get hands – on experience and opportunities to land well – paid jobs before even graduating. 

Everyone worldwide recognizes the American Institutes Education system, including employers. A high number of students every year from American Institutes secure a good job position after graduating or even before graduation. 

According to research, more than 50% of undergraduates from USA private Universities pursue postgraduate degrees, and 98% of the remaining immediately secure job positions after or even before graduating. Internships are offered to give you real-life working experience in your study field, which increases your chances of getting hired in big companies. 

You can apply for jobs in any country after graduating, as your degree will value all over the world. International companies in other countries like to hire people of different perspectives and they know for a fact that a graduate student from an American University will usually have what they want.

10. Support for International Students

As the numbers of international students are high, the US institutes provide a lot of support facilities for foreign students. It can be overwhelming to be a foreign student. They prepare the student for classes through workshops, English Language courses, pieces of training, and guide the students throughout all processes like accommodation, visa status, financial aid, career opportunities, etc. International Students have permission to stay in the U.S even after graduating, so they can attempt to apply for jobs and pursue their dreams. STEM students are usually allowed to extend their stay so they could gain work experience. 

In the end, it is your choice to make. If you care about getting a top-notch education, job offers, and good career opportunities. You should consider the USA education institutes. They offer so much more than high-class education. The environment you study in is also important. If you work hard during your course you can join big companies after graduating and start your own life in the USA. You can even go back to your country or any other country of your choice. The US education is recognized and approved globally; therefore you will not struggle to find jobs in other countries. 

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