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10 Must-Have App for International Student

10 Must-Have App for International Student

10 Must Have App for International student

1. USCIS Case Status Checker

If you are an international student and worried about the status of your USCIS case especially when you applied for opt/opt extension-related EAD card or any other USCIS-related case you can use this application called Case Tracker For Uscis. This application will automatically send case status updates to your phone thus you are not required to check your case status every day.

iPhone User: Case Tracker for USCIS 

Android user: Status Tracker for USCIS Case


2.Google Contact / Icloud

I heard almost every day that they have changed their phone thus they lost all of their phone numbers. But now if you install Google contact/Gmail and enable sync it will automatically keep a backup of your contact in

3. USPS Mobile

First, this application can be used to track USPS document status. If you are sending or receiving any document using USPS by setting up tracking number you can get the current status of your document directly either by SMS or Email

Secondly, Informed delivery is a very useful tool. It will inform you which package is coming to your mailbox in advance.

Another very good feature is called Address Forwarding. Suppose you have moved from one address to another you can tell USPS about it. USPS will automatically send your document to your new address.

If you wish you can even print shipping label using USPS from your home



If you want to know more visit the following site


4. Splitwise

If you are staying with a roommate you should have this application. This application will automatically calculate your share of your rent/ food /electricity/internet etc bill. This application will automatically calculate fair share between the roommate.

5. Amazon:

Amazon is the #1 e-commerce application in the USA. You can order pretty much everything from amazon. Don’t worry if you didn’t like the product you can always return the product. Check out amazon refund policy. Though Amazon is not cheaper it is reliable.

iPhone :

If you use Walmart on a regular basis you should use Walmart application too. Using Walmart apps you can pay from your phone, you can easily find product aisle plus your online receipt



6. Cam scanner:

You can use this application to make a scanned copy of your document. As an international student, You should keep a copy of your I-20, driving license, certification or another document in your email, google drive, dropbox or one drive. Using this application you can instantly scan any document from your phone and save it online



If you don’t have any car and your area’s public transportation is mass you can use uber/lyft to commute from one place to another.



If you don’t like to cook or you are busy with your exam you can use uber eat, Doordash, Instacart (Especially for groceries) to order from the local restaurant


Install your banking application and enable multi-factor authentication. Check your balance every day, if you see some unusual activity you can call your bank and dispute the transaction. Another thing lots of people don’t know that you can easily transfer money from one bank to another bank in a minute. Most of the USA big bank is part of Zelle Network. Before transferring make sure your bank is a part of Zelle network. It’s free too. if you have a credit card, install your credit card application too and check your balance at least once a week.




10. Mail Application

you should set up your school mail from your phone. Ask your school how to can you set up your school email from your phone. Mostly they use the SMTP/IMAP server. They will tell you how to connect

Bonus application you should have

Using this application you can upload your photo to their website. Then they will process it according to your need then you will send you a physical copy of your photo. You can get your physical copy either from CVS or you can request for home delivery

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