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10 Reasons, why America is, Sought After Country For Bachelor’s Degree

10 Reasons, why America is, Sought After Country For Bachelor’s Degree

The University of Central Florida in America

For higher studies, the countries that are popular these days are the United States of America, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, etc. Have you ever wondered why?

It’s because these countries invest lots of money in university education. Despite the higher popularity of these countries, among them, the United States receives the highest revenue from international students.

It is one of the top destinations for study abroad. Due to this many students consider America to be better for bachelors’ degrees than other countries.

Studying in American universities will prepare you for life challenges, help you to develop your skills for personal growth and will open doors for you for countess career opportunities.

Let’s check out the 10 reasons why the USA attracts so many students for its bachelor’s degree and generally for higher education:

1. Renowned for higher education

Some of the top world-class universities are present in the United States. The country already has more than 4000 universities at present. The reason why students like to study there is because of vast range of courses and degrees that are offered by the college and universities in all academic fields.

Such privileged international students might not get in their own country even. The universities also provide customization of your courses as per your need so you don’t need to study unnecessary subjects and waste your money.

For their quality education and excellence, US degrees are renowned all over the world. Among the top 20 universities in the world, 16 universities are already from the USA.

2. Degrees offered in any subject –

Some of the popular programs all over the world are engineering, business, computer science, etc. but American universities cater to the needs of all students. Have you ever heard of a bachelor’s degree in auctioneering, bakery science, comic art, family enterprise, floral management, wildlife, etc?

Yes you read that right. Such degrees are too provided if you have your passion and don’t want to go for the popular ones. Having said that,  not all universities provide every one of these degrees. For course details, you have checked the universities’ website.

3. Flexibility in academics

According to the needs and interests of students, the American higher education system offers flexibility in its programs. Before choosing their major course at the end of the second year, students at the undergraduate level can choose from a wide range of courses. This not only gives them time but also helps them to explore their interest.

So if you are not sure about your area of study still it is ok. Universities in the US offer career counseling to students if they are undecided. In case if you have decided your major, you can still take another subject and graduate will double degree with the time span of 4 years. In that case, you will only be choosing subjects that are relevant to you or the university may tailor fit it according to needs.

4. Ample opportunities in career after graduation

Studying in the US opens the door to a wide range of career opportunities and will offer a competitive edge once you enter the job market. In case if you are an international student the scope of getting a job back in your home country and also in America is even more prospectus as employers demand someone who can adapt to any professional environment.

US degrees are recognized everywhere and the scope is more widened if it’s a degree from reputed universities. Whatever career path the student chooses to study the scope gets broadened as US universities provide varied insights into a different field of study. Multinational companies will also be most interested to hire students if they are able to offer them a product perspective.

5. Opportunities in training-

Once after the student has completed his/her undergraduate program and then on international students are provided opportunities in research and training by the universities.

They can get the job of Teaching Assistant which basically is to assist the professor. In this way, they can broaden their skills and knowledge if they aim to be a professor in the future and it also helps them to fund their studies as degrees are expensive in the USA.

6. Optimized classroom experience with the use of technology-

Universities in the US ensure that its students receive the best quality education so they don’t compromise with their technology and offer them the latest and well-equipped technology.

As a result data access and other advanced technology become much simpler for students.  So when it comes to technology the U.S. takes pride in it as for them it is one of the most important parts in the development of learning and education.

7. Engaging campus life-

Campus life in America is full of enthusiasm, fun, and freedom. Once international students come to study in America they can’t help but enjoy life beyond class, studies, and assignments.

Students can have a chilled, relaxing and entertaining life outside the classroom as lots of facilities are offered by the universities. In case if you do not live on campus then you may be missing out all the joy of campus life.

8. Overcome Cultural shock in America

If you are a newcomer initially you may have a cultural shock but later you will get to adapt very easily. Students here are extremely friendly and will depict their jolly nature instantly irrespective of where you come from. Also, we know Americans to be known as extremely friendly people.

In other cultures, we get to see that if a stranger approaches talking to us we generally ignore but Americans are one of the kinds that they will even stop by and talk to strangers very friendly.

Also once you are in America you start acquiring the American culture. You get to mix up and socialize with a lot of international friends from other backgrounds and have the opportunities to learn more about them and their culture.

9.     Help and support rendered to International Students-

For international students who will be stepping in America for the undergraduate program may initially find it challenging to get habituated to the student life in American universities.  

American universities ensure that they provide good direction and support to all the international students, as a result, they have international student offices where university staff are always ready to help you with accommodation, visa status, career opportunities or anything else.

10.  Learn the true meaning of independence from self-reliant people-

If it’s your first time that you have traveled abroad for your higher studies, don’t worry you are not alone. There are several students like you. But one thing that you can learn from them is how to be truly independent.

Gradually you too will soon be flexible, motivated and self-reliant. American education has always affected students in being more outgoing, challenging and communication. Not only that your time in America will definitely make you an excellent English speaker.


Despite being expensive, the United States will always remain a student’s ideal choice for higher education. This is why due to the above reasons students think America is still better for bachelors’ degrees. 

Having said that, there is no hard and fast rule that you should overlook other countries and blindly follow American’s education. It is important that you measure the pros and cons, introspect carefully and then make a careful decision before opting abroad for higher education.

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