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100 Days Study Plan for GRE Exam

100 Days Study Plan for GRE Exam

100 Days Study Plan for GRE Exam

For many college students the end is finally in sight. After four years of hard work, you will finally have your degree in your hands. But, now that you have achieved your goal, the question is what next?

After all, you spent a lot of time and money on your degree so it would be a shame if you couldn’t find a job in the field you wanted. That’s where the question of taking the GRE comes in.
Every graduate school has their own application process but most of them will require you to take standardized entrance exams like the GRE for your application to be considered.

It is more effective to split your days in minutes and the whole plan in days rather than months. It will give you more mental strength if you divide your days in minutes because a day contains 1440 minutes but the number of hours is 24. It’s a psychological point that more numbers help our brain to make the plan proper, convenient and achievable.

Another thing to ace the GRE is regularity; probably it is the key point to success in GRE. All of us start GRE with great enthusiasm and vigor but over time it becomes abated due to proper plan, True Guide and obviously lack of regularity.

Another big enemy is Procrastination, we make plans but never finish it properly. The unfinished tasks create pressure; mental pressure creates frustration and frustration kills our dream & enthusiasm. Try to follow 80/20 rules to avoid procrastination, which means try to finish the most important and tough one first: at the opening of the day. It will give you mental serenity.

And try to find a True Guide who is a mentor, motivator, planner, austere to plan and homework and obviously the best wisher of your journey and struggle. Without a mentor your journey will be like a ship without a captain. So find him or her wisely.


1. Manhattan 1-6 (4th Ed.)

2. Khan academy math basic videos

3. Magoosh video lessons only for concepts and strategies (both for verbal and quant)

4. Magoosh 1000 vocabulary+ Barrons HF 333 (Altogether 1050)

5. Word Power Made easy by Norman Lewis (for Core Vocabulary Build up with context)

6. Elements of Style by Willium Strunk for Grammar & AWA.

7. ETS official revised GRE Quantitative reasoning V.1 ( all Qs with answer explanations)

8. ETS official revised GRE Verbal reasoning V.1 ( all Qs with answer explanations)

9. ETS official Guide to GRE (3rd Ed.) ( all Qs with answer explanations)

10. GRE Big Book (for RC, CR, TC and DI)

11. Manhattan 5lb (only for Quant)

12. Official GMAT Quantitative review (only problem solving)

13. Official GMAT Verbal review (only RC & CR)

14. Official GMAT (quant problem solving, RC & CR)

15. GMAT (700-800) level problem (only for quant)

16. Official LSAT (Test no. 60-80) (only RC & CR)

17. (for core build of RC)

18. (for typing speed)

19. (for AWA pool solution)

20. ETS AWA Pool solution by Vibrant publishers v.1 & V.2

21. Magoosh Hard problem for both Quant & Verbal

22. Power prep 1 & 2, Power prep plus (1, 2 & 3), Manhattan paid Mocks (1,2,3,4,5 and 6)

Time management:

Daily you need to study 7-8 hours and 700-800 hours in total for GRE preparation (it’s only my suggestion, it may vary from person to person)

Verbal: 180-240 minutes (in two intervals): Word 60 minutes, Reading habit 60-90 minutes, problem solving 60 minutes

Quant: 180-240 minutes (in two intervals): Basic build up & Strategies 60-90 minutes, practice 60-90 minutes, Error log analysis 30 minutes.

AWA: 30-60 minutes (after basic build up practice 1 Issue task or 1 Argument task).

100 Days Study Plan for GRE Exam

First 1-10 days plan

1. Deactivate all your social media account for God sake for these 100 days. Nothing will happen if you are not present in social media. Stop thinking yourself special.

2. If you want to make a noticeable difference, you need to hibernate yourself for these 100 days. So hibernate yourself from all distractions (if possible from your BF or GF 

😛 )

3. Go to website. Peruse all things like topics, question pattern, exam pattern etc. Make yourself very familiar with the website and topic as well.

4. Watch my 3 videos named (A) Introduction to GRE Quantitative Reasoning (B) Introduction to GRE Verbal (C) All about GRE Scoring on my Stalin’s GRE YouTube Channel.

5. Make familiar with ETS books and peruse the Qs.

6.  Familiar yourself with Algebra from Manhanttan 1-6, Magoosh video lessons.

7. You can use khan academy for basics.

8. Practice Algebra from Official Quant guide.

9. Practice Algebra from Manhattan 5lb

10. Read First 100 vocabulary from Magoosh 1000

11. Last day, revise all things properly.

Days 11-20

1. Practice typing in Try to make it 40 WPM (word per minute) because in GRE exam you have to face Analytical writing section at the very beginning, where you need to write at least 400-600 words for each section. That means you have to write 800-1200 words in 1 hour for better score. That is why typing speed is very crucial for AWA.

2. Familiar yourself with Arithmetic and do practice from ETS quant guide.

3. Familiar yourself with Arithmetic from Manhanttan 1-6 & Magoosh video lessons.

4. Practice Arithmetic from Official Quant guide.

5. Practice Arithmetic from Manhattan 5lb

6. Read 101-200 vocabulary from Magoosh Basic words

7. Read “The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho”, then make a review of it and note unknown words.

8. Make familiar with Verbal reasoning topics from ETS Verbal reasoning guide book.

Days 21-30

1. Doing well in Reading comprehension section you need to build your reading skill with time. Go to readtheory and try to go up to 12 level.

2.  Start reading “Elements of Style by Willium Stunk jr.” for grammar. You know, without strong command in Grammar section you never do well in verbal section as well as in AWA section. One thing, this book is the best book as per my recommendation for verbal and AWA.

3. Start reading “Word power made easy by Norman Lewis” for contextual vocabulary. This is the most powerful book for vocabulary.

4. Familiar yourself with Triangle and Quadrilateral from Manhattan 1-6 and magoosh lessons. You can follow khan academy for basics also.

5. Practice Triangle and Quadrilateral problem from ETS quant guide and 5lb. You can also practice Geometry from NOVA GRE math bible. This book is particularly good for geometry section.

6. Read 201-300 vocabulary from magoosh basic.

7. Practice first 10 TC and SE from Official Verbal guide.

8. Read “The kite runner by Khaled Hosseini” and make a review & note unknown words.

9. Read two article from scientific American and History today and follow my format of reading article. You can find it from my Stalin’s GRE group post.

You can make it complete by yourself or to reveal the full plan (Days 01 to 100) you can join with me. Thank you.


Mentor at Stalin’s GRE

Taken from : HigherStudyAbroad

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