GRE Score Reporting: As you will be having an option of sending your GRE scores for free to 4
universities immediately after your GRE exam, you should think and select those 4 Universities
before sitting for GRE exam. For sending scores after GRE exams, first, go to your ETS GRE Account
and log in.
-> Under the Scores heading, click on ͞Send my Scores͟
-> Your details must have been pre-filled already. If not, fill them and click on ͞Submit͟
-> Select the Country as ͞United States of America͟
-> Select the State in which the University is located. For example, Texas for TAMU or Indiana for
Purdue -> You will be looking at many universities in the state as a list. This is where you have to be
careful. Try to search the University Code for sending GRE scores on the university website. The
website will give the detailed info about GRE and TOEFL codes. So in the list of universities in the
state, try searching your university and check if the code against your university matches to the one
they gave on their website. Now click on the ͞Select͟ option beside the Code.
-> Now it may ask you to enter your department Code. From what I know, department code isn’t
necessary. But it doesn’t hurt to enter. Once I entered a wrong department code, and when I mailed
the university’s graduate office, they replied that department code won’t be much of an issue since
the GRE scores sent by ETS directly go to the graduate office database. And when during your
application, when you fill your name and details, the department graduate office will search your
name in the university’s graduate office database and they match your name against your score. You
can even skip the Dept. Code page.
-> Now, it will ask you to select the score which you want to send and asks you to confirm it. You will
be charged 27$ for sending your GRE score to one university.
-> Click on ͞Proceed to Checkout͟ after clicking the terms and conditions thing. Now you will be redirected to the payment page where you need to pay the 27$. (Fee may change, I needed to 27$ in
TOEFL Score Reporting: You may select four Universities for sending TOEFL scores before attending
TOEFL exams. For sending scores after TOEFL exams again log in to your TOEFL ETS account.
-> Click on the ͞Order Score Reports͟ under ͞My Tests͟
-> Click on the ͞Toefl Services͟ if you want to send TOEFL scores to a university.
-> Click on the ͞Send Additional Score Report(s) to Institutions͟
-> Click on the test date you have taken your TOEFL and which you want to send.
-> Now enter your details and follow the same process followed like in GRE Scores sending by
entering the Country name, State name and College code. For TOEFL fee is 19$.
–Ahnaf Shahriar Rifat
North Carolina State University