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A to Z review of Apartment rental tips in the USA for International Student

A to Z review of Apartment rental tips in the USA for International Student

A to Z review of Apartment rental tips in the USA for International Student

It is exciting to moving to a new apartment  When you don’t have your house or dwelling. To find out a good quality apartment for rent could be an intimidating job.

For this reason, you need detailed information regarding total apartment rental procedures. There is some way to find this :

  • Asking friends or relatives 
  • Search for an apartment  rental in a desirable place
  • Meet with a real state authority/broker service
  • Newspaper/ billboard
  • By a single click…..

When you are going to take rent in an apartment, the property owner gives you to fill an application form that may want your details, Social security number, working place or income source, residence status(green card or visa), etc.

You need to show an authorization letter from your work station if you don’t have a social security number.

Types of the apartment

There are two types of apartments

One is Furnished which is included a bed, sofa, dining table, kitchen utensils television, refrigerator, etc. The other is unfurnished which is not included the mentioned living items.

Fix up the living place: You will fix up your living place based on some quarries. If you have your car you may stay at any place. If you don’t have your transportation you may need to stay close to your university or working station. If it also not possible then you need to stay close to public transportation which is easier to move your desirable place. To fix up living space you may consider the following things:

  • City or Urban area: Living in the city center is much more costly than an urban area. If you want to save money you may take rent in the urban area with convenient distance to your work station.
  • Transport cost: If you consider an urban area, you will need the public or your private transport facilities which means extra cost. You must have to consider which one is better for you urban or the city center!
  • Sharing room or apartment: you may share your room or apartment with someone if your landlord approves it. This will reduce your room rent. You must have written agreement with your roommate to avoid unnecessary hassle.
  • Studio apartment: Try to look for a studio apartment which means a one-bedroom apartment. Generally, it is a low cost.

Safety zone: To find a safe and secure stay, you need to check out some signs of the neighbor’s home before taking the rent. If spray-painted on neighbors house or iron bars on windows is noticed means is not a good sign. On the other hand, if the common area like stairs, elevators, lobby, parking area are dirty, it proves that neighbors are not taken care of this and it also represents the status of neighbors.

Budget: Rent can depend on cities, area, locality and workplace. Set up a sensible budget that you can pay rent each month. It is recommended to maintain your rent by 25% according to your total monthly income. You also beware of extra costs like the internet, cable, utilities, and newspaper are not generally included in the monthly rental amount.

About broker service: If you want to save money, no need to go to any broker house as they charge an extra amount for their service. But if you don’t have time for searching and want to be free from hassle, you may take broker service.

Fix an apartment: It may difficult to find an apartment from abroad. In this situation, you may take help from online to find out your desirable one.

Including or excluding: You need to be clear about cable or internet connection, electricity, water, gas, and laundry facilities, and other utilities,which are included or excluded with rent. If not clear ask your landowner about these types of bills.

Select the space area: You need to decide first how much space you will need to stay according to your family members. You may need extra space to store your winter garments and other things. For this, you should make sure to your prospective apartments on the proper amount of storage room.

Parking area: If you have your car, you just need a parking area. Generally, parking space is limited near the apartment house. Although you may notice a parking area near your apartment, you may not be allowed to access theirs. That is why you need to ask your landowner about parking policy.

Look at your water pressure: If you rent an apartment in highrise building, you need to check up your water pressure to avoid an annoying situation that may happen in the time of taking shower or water-related tasks.

Apartment society policy: You should know  Apartment society policy first. Means does the main door 24 hours open or not. Fixed time for entry or exit etc.get yourself free from trouble think about the rules. Does it suitable for you or not?

Insurance: Some people like renters insurance. It mainly deepens on the landlord. It covers the losses too if you undergo a break-in simultaneously it also covers your landlords if any damage occurred by you. Generally, it is pretty affordable. Rates depend on geological location, amount of coverage and rent amount.

 Advance deposits: Many landlords want to advance deposit. Generally, it includes two months’ rent together with a safety deposit which is equal to one month’s rent. Certainly first and last month rent kept by the landlord but the security deposit is normally returnable if property condition remains unchanged according to starting position or else the deposited amount is used for maintenance and repair. After signing the lease you need the landlord in security deposit.

Credit history: Landlord or leasing company will verify your credit history such as loan credit card bills etc when applying rent in the United States.

Brand new apartments:: You may try to get a chance for a free couple of months’ rent.

HOW? Sometimes brand new apartments offer a free month of rent for fresh tenants. Some times it included in additional parking spaces and other facilities.

Don’t be late: Generally, rent prices frequently change and most of the people do not know about it. When you will find your desirable place fix it immediately. Inform your landlord or leasing agent and fill up the application instantly.

Check the apartment physically before rent: Check everything in the apartment physically. Tenant should make convinced for utensils like a stove, refrigerator, etc work properly. Also, text any scratches on the floor or holes in the wall. It helps that landlord cannot deduct money from your deposited amount at a time when you move out.

Final documentation: Read everything carefully before sign the contract. Usually, people make a mistake not to read properly and will suffer in the future.It also important to keep a copy of any rules and regulation for avoiding any miss interpretation.,

Try to see the following in the contract paper.

  • Starting and ending date
  • Security deposit and rental amount
  • Policy about guest visitors
  • About renters insurance
  • About subletting. Is it permitted or not
  • Which right reserved by the landlord to cancel the lease contract.
  • What happens if you want to cancel your lease contract before due time
  • Policy about pet animal
  • Tenancy lengths such as four-month, six months twelve months, etc.
  • Variety deposit for something like a door, gate, lock mailbox, parking area, etc
  • Apartment living rules
  • Utilities, which is included and which is excluded

Contravention Lease: You must understand the terms and conditions for termination or breaking lease very clearly before sign in. You maybe lose your deposit or you will receive one or two months advance notice.

Discrimination: the landlord is bound to maintain some rules which are abiding by the law.

  • Religion
  • Race or color
  • Country of origin
  • Physical disability
  • Sex
  • Marital status

If you find to violate any of this by your landlord, you may directly communicate with the US DEPARTMENT OF Housing and Urban development.

Furniture and utilities: You must have to think about the furniture and utilities that already in your apartment. Your expenses will reduce when you will find more of these items because you need not purchase it.

Normally there two types of cooking is gas and the other is need to be sure about the type of cooking in your apartment.

Your landlord must submit the total list of furniture and utilities.

Another considerable thing: You must keep your apartment clean and superior position. You will be penalized if any damage occurred by you.

Washer and dryer generally use in common laundry areas. But some apartment has its own washer and dryer. So consider it before taking rent.

Arrangement your new dwelling: After signed the lease you will design your apartment according to your desirable way.

Start your new home: You’ve signed the lease, now it’s time to add personal touches that make this space according to your desirable dwelling place. You may take rent furniture if you want or purchase them depend upon you. Genarally rental correspondence begins from  $50 per month and the cost can easily be split if you share your apartment.

So anything else?

Any queries if you have…don’t be hesitate to comment.

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