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Admitted Students stats for PhD programs 2020

Admitted Students stats for PhD programs 2020

PhD admitted student stat

If you are looking for directory/list of recently admitted PhD students stats across different universities in the USA, here you go.

You can always email the program director or grad secretary of the program. Sometimes they’ll be able to provide pretty comprehensive stats. That worked for a few programs that I was interested in but that did not provide the data on their department website. Also check in the FAQ section of admissions parts on department websites. sometimes there they address it by either providing the stats or by saying something like “we do not collect admissions stats of entering students” (which is a BS). But worst comes to worst a quick email is always good.

ALSO, some graduate schools (not departments) do this thing where they publish the stats for admitted students from the grad program, you just have to know how to look. For example, here is the link for the Northwestern Grad School stats. It’ll show all of the average stats for entering students to their grad programs PLUS a whole lot more. Some other schools that I’ve found that do this is Michigan and Penn State. Generally what you’ll have to do is search something like “graduate program PhD at university admissions statistics” or something like that. (taken from reddit)

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