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Best Insurance Plans for International Students in the USA

Best Insurance Plans for International Students in the USA

Best Insurance Plans for International Students in the USA

This article walks you through some discussions about the best insurance plans for international students in the USA. There are top health insurance companies that offer beneficial plans at affordable prices for students.

To apply for an insurance plan and understand the policies you must know some terms like co-payment, co-insurance, deductibility, etc. There are different requirements for insurance depending on your pass. The two main passes for international students have been an F1 visa a J1 visa. 

When a student comes abroad to study they are faced with several overwhelming situations. One of them is finding the right insurance plan. In the USA there are multiple of health insurance companies providing different benefits at different prices.

You must meet the requirements of your enrolled education institute for the health insurance plan. In this article, we discuss a few important things about insurance and the best insurance plans for international students in the USA.

What is a health insurance plan?

Health insurance is responsible to cover the full or partial cost of medical expenses. The amount of medical coverage by the insurance company depends on the health insurance plan selected by the consumer. The consumer agrees to make monthly payments according to the selected health insurance plan. 

Why do you need a health insurance plan?

There are health risks even if one is healthy and taking all the necessary precautions. In the USA the medical expenses are considerably high therefore having health insurance is vital. If in any emergency case you have to visit the hospital, paying out of your pocket will be the only way. 

If you are an international student in the USA it is mandatory to have a health insurance plan. You can get your health insurance before your arrival or right after you reach the United States. Most companies can provide you with an insurance plan within a day or two. 

Can you use travel Insurance?

You can’t use travel insurance because as a student you require to have insurance that covers you throughout the whole year. Travel Insurance however is short-term and is not able to cover much of your medical expenses. 


When you are reading an insurance company’s policy, terms, and conditions or contact you will find quite unfamiliar terms, which are important. 

Here is a list of some general terms that you should understand before using an insurance plan. 

  • Claim

This term is used when an accident takes place. You can request a claim with all the proper proofs and get your money back. 

  • Premium

 The amount of paid for every month. Factors affecting this amount are:

  1. Age
  2. Company 
  3. Insurance plan 
  • Deductible

The total amount you must pay in a year before actually using the insurance to cover your expenses. You only have to make this payment if you have any medical needs. This amount usually depends on your premium

  • Co-Insurance

When you exceed your deductible amount you can settle with a coinsurance payment. This process is not available in every insurance plan.  

  • Co-payment or co-pay

A fixed amount which you pay to the doctor for their service. 


Fulfill the health insurance requirements necessary for your visa.

Health insurance requirements will depend on the type of visa you have.  

You are a J1 visa holder if you are:

  • A research scholar
  • A professor
  • In an exchange program 

Visa requirements for J1 visa holders 

  • Medical benefits of at least $100,000 per accident or illness
  • Repatriation of remains coverage amounting to $25,000
  • Expenses associated with the emergency medical evacuation of the exchange visitor to his or her home country for $50,000
  • A deductible of no more than $500 per accident or illness

You are an F1 visa holder if you are:

  • Enrolled in an educational institute like
  • College
    • University 
    • High – school 

F1 visa holders do not have to meet the government-mandated requirements like J1 visa holders. They have to follow through with the education institutes’ health insurance requirements. 

Things typically covered by international student insurance plan

Most education institute will require your insurance to cover medical expenses such as :

  • New illness
  • Injuries
  • Emergency visits
  • Emergency surgery 
  • Lab orders

Wellness care or routine checkups are not usually covered in international student insurance plans.  

Best Insurance Plans for International Students in the USA

USA insurance companies have great affordable health insurance plans for international students. Due to the increasing number of international students in the USA, health insurance companies include student plans. Some of the most reputable companies are:

1. Compass Student Insurance 

Compass Student Insurance

Compass Student Insurance has several different insurance plans, which come at affordable prices. They provide international students with a lot of options. 

They understand the troubles of students coming to a foreign country, therefore, providing proper service and helping them out in each step. They have plans for both J1 and F1 visa holders. 

The coverage offered by compass student insurance meets most universities’ Insurance requirements. 

You can process the insurance plan and payments online through their website. Due to current circumstances they also cover medical treatment costs for COVID – 19. 

Who is eligible for our insurance plans?

International students must meet the criteria to receive insurance coverage from this company. 

  • Enrolled and active in the educational program
  • Attends classes with 12 credits or more
  • Has a valid J1, H1B, F1, M1 or OPT status

Insurance plans for the students’ spouses are also available. 

Value to Students

  • No issue with pre-existing conditions 
  • Consultation for conditions that are often excluded in student health insurance 
  • Many services are available 24/7/365 
  • No long wait times 
  • Privacy Maintained 


A. Savings

Maximum Benefit $ 150,000 per injury 

  • Age 12 – 24 – $ 33.44 per month 
  • Age 25 – 29 – $51. 36 per month 
  • Age 30 – 40 – $96.78 per month

B. Care

Maximum Benefit $ 500,000 per injury 

  • Age 12 – 24 – $ 62.14 per month 
  • Age 25 – 29 – $101.69 per month 
  • Age 30 – 40 – $234.56 per month

C. Benchmark 

Maximum Benefit Unlimited $ 


Age 12 – 24 – $ 96.44 per month 

Age 25 – 29 – $ 141.25 per month 

Age 30 – 40 – $412.86 per month


Aetna - Health Insurance Plans & Dental Coverage

AETNA insurance company is known to be an excellent insurance company and one of the largest health insurers in the US. It provides for all the necessary health care services like

  • Medical 
  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Dental 
  • Behavior health 
  • Long term care
  • Disability plans

Provides coverage for 

  • Mental health
  • Organized sports
  • Pre-existing conditions


To be eligible to apply to the Student Health Insurance Plan, you must :

  • Be a full-time student or scholar
  • the spouse of the full-time student or scholar
  • Reside outside the country of residence for educational activities Be physically and legally residing in the USA 
  • Must be residing in the USA for at least 30 days
  • Not be hospitalized, disabled, or HIV+ on the initial effective date.


1. Standard Plan 

Maximum Limit Student: $500,000

  • Age 18 and below – $64
  • Age 19 – 23 – $ 84
  • Age 24 – 30 – $ 98
  • Age 31 – 40 – $ 176 
  • Age 41 – 50 – 286 

2. Platinum Plan

Maximum Limit Student: $1,000,000

  • Age 18 and below – $108
  • Age 19 – 23 – $ 142
  • Age 24 – 30 – $ 164
  • Age 31 – 40  – $ 294 
  • Age 41 – 50 – 481 
  • Age 51 – 63 – $ 642

3. ISO Insurance 


The ISO insurance company consists of former international students staff therefore they can provide you with excellent service using their own experience and evaluations. They offer good and affordable plans for students.

Their plans are unique compared to other insurance company plans and also provide a lot of options. They offer their service in different languages, which are English, Korean, Chinese, Hindi, and Spanish. 


To apply for an insurance plan is an ISO company you have to match these criteria :

  • Non-US citizen 
  • F1/M1 valid Visa holder
  • Undergraduate student – Registered for and attending classes on a full – time 
  • Graduate Student 
  • Scholar or researcher – invited by an education organization 

ISO insurance company offers a different plan for J1 visa holders. 

Inpatient Coverage includes 

Hospital Services – hospital room expenses 

  • Nursing care 
  • Intensive care 
  • Physiotherapy

Surgery Services 

  • Surgeon 
  • Assistant Surgeon 
  • Anesthetist
  • Testings
  • Psychotherapy 
  • Nurses (medically necessary )

Outpatient Coverage Include 

  • Radiotherapy 
  • X-ray Services 
  • Laboratory Procedures 
  • Injections 
  • Tests and Procedures 


A. Silver Plan

Annual Limit – $ 400, 000

  • Age 18 – 24  – $31
  • Age 25 – 29 – $ 48
  • Age 30 – 64 – $ 95

B. Iso Secure Plan

Annual Limit – $ Unlimited

  • Age 18 – 24  – $ 59
  • Age 25 – 29 – $ 98
  • Age 30 – 64 – $ 249

C. Compass Pro Plan

Annual Limit – $ Unlimited

  • Age 18 – 24  – $ 45
  • Age 25 – 29 – $ 83
  • Age 30 – 64 – $ 199

In the end, you have to choose an insurance plan according to your advantages. If you are a person who needs to visit a doctor often, it is suggested to take a plan, which gives higher medical coverage. All the best insurance plans for International Students in the USA mentioned in this article hold a great reputation in the USA insurance community. It is best to get your insurance plan as fast as possible. 

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