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Best Mobile Plans For International Students in USA

Best Mobile Plans For International Students in USA

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Welcome to 2019 like last year in this article we are going over the absolute best cellphone plans these cell phone plans will save you money on service work with the phone.

You currently have and provide identical coverage to what you’re used to new this year are timestamps. You can now jump to the exact section of the article you’re looking for covering plans perfect to fit your needs. You can find the timestamps along with everything else. This article going over the best one-three five and ten gig plans as well as the best-unlimited plans. So, you are requested to check those out for many more plans and options for those different data amounts.

We have a lot of great plans to cover in this article so let’s get started, first a quick introduction.

Our goal is to help you save money on cell service. We do this by testing out different plans and carriers reviewing them and letting you know all the information. You need to make an informed decision and article like this one where we provide recommendations on which plans are the best and worth signing up. If you’re new to cell phone plans the way it works basically in the United States. There are four main networks there’s

  1. The Verizon network
  2. The AT network
  3. The Sprint network and
  4. TheT-Mobile network

There’s also the USA cellular network but don’t think they’re very good.

So, we don’t talk about them. These four networks are owned by their corresponding carriers Verizon network, AT network, Sprint network, and T-mobile. These carriers market themselves as being more premium. It is surprising that they offer more expensive plans typically with more features but not everyone can afford these prices. As a result, the four big networks never operate at full capacity. To make up for this, the big carriers sell access to their networks to small carriers at wholesale prices. These smaller carriers are then able to pass on the more affordable prices to the consumers. The networks also offer significantly more affordable plans with identical coverage because they’re using the same networks as the big four. In this article, there will be coverage of all the best cell phone plans on the four major networks.

Verizon, AT, Sprint and t-mobile and many of these plans will be from these smaller carriers. It is because the plans are a better more affordable offer. There will be the same coverage and will oftentimes. It will save you a lot of money in the long run. Anyway, we have a lot to cover so let’s jump right into it. With one of the best one gig plans on the Verizon network, we have red pocket $15 for one thousand minutes with unlimited texts and one gig of data remains the best on the Verizon network. There is also information that us mobile also offers one gig for $15 although it is with fewer minutes and texts. The red pocket actually operates on all four networks. So, the $15 plan remains the cheapest on the AT network &T mobile network. They are not Apple-approved either. Wireless carrier features like picture and group messaging, visual voicemail and FaceTime over cellular that isn’t supported on iPhone. Thankfully iMessage does allow for picture and group messaging. It looks like this particularly affordable price does require a few compromises on the Sprint network. Tello has a red pocket beat just $10 per month. It will provide you 100 minutes, unlimited texts and one gig of data. By gathering some personal review information, most of the users enjoyed their service. They support Wi-Fi calling through their unique applications. Additionally, they also support visual voicemail and personal hotspot. Telo also includes calls to Canada, Mexico, and China for free and offers affordable rates for making international calls to other countries as well.

And finally, on the t-mobile network, the cost is $15 in a month. You will get unlimited talk, unlimited text. There are three gigs of LTE data from the legendary mint mobile. Mint just increases its data amounts with all their plans. So they are now an even better deal and they also support visual voicemail, Wi-Fi calling voice over LTE FaceTime over cellular and the personal hotspot. For the first time, you may be skeptical but it will provide a better experience for you. More interesting is that you will be impressed by their service. Mint is able to offer such affordable prices by selling their plans in bulk. You can either buy a three-six or twelve-month package. The more you buy, the more you will save. There are a lot of articles detailing mint and how to sign up. It is highly recommended to you check them out because their rates are some of the best in the industry now on two-three gig plans.

The Verizon network has a few good options here. Red pocket offers $30 for three gigs. You can also go with us mobile. For $30 you will get five gigs of data at fast speeds which are five megabits per second. It is recommended to experience us mobile for their beautiful account dashboard and responsive customer service. It will really impress you when you will test them out. Pix Wireless has a new $30 plan with four gigs of data. This plan includes all taxes and fees so it is $30 flat. So, while their pricing is good, it is ensuring that there will be no service is like on the AT network &T mobile network. The recommend is going to favor Cricket Wireless also. Their plan is $35 flat for five gigs. There is LTE data and supports Wi-Fi calling, voice over LTE group and picture messaging and visual voicemail. Many people use them as their personal provider for three years and really enjoying their services. Data speeds are capped at eight megabits per second. Interestingly it is found that this to be plenty fast at the time of using them. There is also an honorable mention to h2o Wireless. Their new $30 plan includes six gigs of data. There is a great customer review of it. Some iPhone users are having issues with group and picture messaging in it. But their $30 plan does seem like a good value at this data amount and price point. It is sure that most people would prefer the features and experience Cricut offers. So, there is a recommendation to use them overreach. Surprisingly h2o was worth mentioning on the Sprint network.

The best plan comes again from Teló. It offers $20 a month for 100 minutes, unlimited texts and three gigs of LTE data. You can, of course, customize Telos plans to include however many minutes, texts and data you need. Their rates are extremely affordable. On the t-mobile network, the best plan comes for you. It is like same comparing others. There is a $15 a month plan with unlimited talk-time, text and three gigs of data. Comparing the pricing of all four plans here, you can see how mint is just an unbelievable value for your dollar. Moving on to five gig plans on the Verizon Network, it is recommended to experience both total Wireless and our mobile. Total Wireless is $35 a month for five gigs of LTE data. Their plan supports Wi-Fi calling, voice over LTE and visual voicemail.

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However, there is also recommended to use our mobile because their five gig plan starts at just $25 a month. There is also an offer like $30 gets you five gigs at fast data speeds. You can also bump up to ten gigs for the same $35 a month as total wireless. The important to note is, total Wireless offers uncap data speeds while our mobile is capped at one megabit per second. You have to pay extra to bump up the speeds to five megabits per second or fully uncapped LTE speeds on the AT network. Compering others crickets a five gig plan for $35 a month remains the best option here. Their pricing and service are great and they are one of my preferred carriers on the AT network &T mobile network. On the Sprint network, the best plan comes from twig B. Twig B is a great alternative. They offer very similar pricing in this case. Twig B’s 5 gig plan is slightly more affordable. At $30, a month for 300 minutes, unlimited texts and five gigs of LTE data what’s unique about twig B. They fall back on the Verizon network for coverage. If you’re ever in an area with a weak sprint signal, your phone will switch to the Verizon network for making and receiving calls. On the t-mobile network, mint continues to be the best option. Their 5 big plans increased to 8 gigs and still remains just $20 a month if you go with the 1-year package on to the best 10 gig plans.

To be honest many people look for the 10 gig plans and prices. It worth recommending 10 gig plans when you can get an unlimited plan for about the same price or a little bit more. Actually going with an unlimited option is the better idea here. However, there are some people still interested in 10 gig plans. So, we quickly go through them. The best tanking plans are from total Wireless straight talk, Telo and mint. You can take a good look at these and now moving on to unlimited plans. On the Verizon Network, the recommendation is us mobile. Their unlimited plan starts at just $40 per month and it is one of the most affordable on the Verizon Network. You can increase the data speed to ludicrous speed which offers fully uncapped LTE data speeds for fifty-five dollars a month. This still remains one of the best-unlimited plans on the Verizon Network. The biggest caveat is that after 20 gigs the plan is throttled to do G speeds are this really an unlimited plan. It is always a good value and definitely something worth considering. Verizon’s owned unlimited plans actually reprioritize you after 22 gigs of usage. This is their prepaid plan. So, the experience would be somewhat similar also. Verizon’s prepaid unlimited plan doesn’t offer the hotspot option. Whereas us mobile you can add a hotspot feature to one of their unlimited plans for just $10 a month extra on the AT&T network. Straight-talks unlimited plan is the best option. There is an offer of $55 a month for unlimited data at uncapped LTE speeds. It is better than cricket which caps their $55 unlimited plan at 8 megabits per second. One thing to note is that after 60 gigs of usage straight-talk will look into your account to see if you violated their terms and conditions. So, this is unlimited honestly probably not like us mobile.

However, it is a good value and something worth considering now on the Sprint network. Nation pcs came out of nowhere with an unlimited plan for $35 a month with no set cap but that looks super new. Their website isn’t secure and they reserve the right to suspend your account for quote-unquote on reasonable usage. So, there are some red flags here. It is not thinkable that they’re worth signing up for let me test them out. First providing you with a review of the experience and then maybe we’ll see in the meantime. Considering all the best-unlimited plan comes from Boost Mobile. $50 a month for unlimited LTE data and 12 gigs of hotspot data included. However, the users, who use over 35 gigs of data, will be deprioritized during times of network congestion. Lastly, on the t-mobile network, the best-unlimited plan technically comes from Tel tech $40 for unlimited data. However, Tel-tech is for businesses. So, for everyone else who is not a business, the recommendation is Metro by t-mobile.

So, there you have it those are what the consideration is to be the best cell phone plans as of January 2019. If you’re interested to know how we came up with these plans, it is needed to make a spreadsheet with sixty-three columns and one hundred two rows. The work is done by comparing all the different plans from the different carriers.

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