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Best Online Indian grocery

Best Online Indian grocery

Best Indian Grocery Shops in USA

The best online Indian Grocery is listed in this article. The United States of America is an Immigration friendly country. So, a large community of people from different countries stays here to their heart’s content. It is surprising that is the second-largest foreign-born group of immigrants from India in the United States. Indian people love to stay here and love to enjoy their time staying in the US. Survey shows that more than 3.45 million Indians home are in the US. There are also more than 4.12 million mixed Indians home is in the US. India is famous for its many occasion and many types of cuisine. They love their native cuisine and enjoy them having on different occasion.

Sometimes it is very much difficult for the new Indian immigrants to cope with the US food culture. They always prefer to have their native food for on and off occasion. They look for a grocery shop where they can have their native and traditional food. The Indian foreign community opens up the Indian grocery stores to provide them the native food long away from their country. Indian people can get the touch of home through these shops. Indian immigrants can have their get-together through these shops also. Many grocery shops are built in several places in the US. There are many online groceries also. Many of them provide home delivery. The different shop of them provides different preparations, spices, or foods. There is also a grocery shop according to the state of India that provides specific region food. Every shop tries to make a unique selection of foods.


The USA is a wonderful country and people here love to share their culture and tradition with the immigrants. So many immigrants try to share their culture as well as food with the Native Americans through grocery shops. It also helps the new immigrants to get their cultural and traditional food far away from their country. There are many Indian grocery shops in the USA. Considering all of the aspects, we provide you the 10 best Indian Grocery shops details. It will be helpful for you to select quickly your preferable shop. It will help you to find the suitable one and save your time and money.

DesiClik is the largest online Indian Store in the USA for ethnic Indian products. The website is a marketplace that sells mainly Indian products thru a network of desi shops all based in the USA. They have over 20,000 items in 150+  categories like on Indian Groceries, ethnic Indian clothes for men, women and children, Traditional Jewelry, Kitchenware, Utensils, Indian Handicrafts, Fresh Mithai & Snacks, DVD’s/CD’s, Pooja Items, Gifts, Carrom Board and much more.

As a leading online desi supermarket in the USA, is a one-stop online shop that offers Free Shipping option, the best value, most reasonable price and delivers anywhere in the USA.

They have 2000+ authentic imported desi grocery products online like gourmet food, masala, spices & herbs, rice, atta, dals, pickles, ayurvedic health products, instant snacks & meals, dry fruits, and much more; all ready for quick home delivery anywhere in the USA and to help you skip waiting in line at the supermarket. Anything you have In mind to cook, you are sure to find all the ingredients to get your cooking skill going. They also ship fresh-made Indian Mithai all across USA which is rare to find. So if you have a sweet tooth and want to indulge in fresh Kaju katli or motichoor ladoo – ordering online at is just a click away.

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Patel Brothers

Patel Brothers are an ever-growing Indian grocery shop in the USA. It has already spread all over the country. It has stores in 19 states all over the USA. The stores are in 57 locations. It is considered the best Indian grocery shop in the USA. Two brothers named Mafat Patel and Tulsi Patel founded the chain. Mafat’s sons named Swetal and Rakesh Patel now run the chain called ‘Patel Brothers’. They started their journey in Chicago. With the passage of time they successfully spread their stores all around the United States. They   have stores in New Jersey in 8 locations, 4 in New York, 6 in Texas, Florida, and Illinois. The others are in the eastern like California, San Jose. Most of their products are imported from India.

They spread their business with the shortest time with a great customer satisfactory. They have a huge number of product collections. If you are searching for health and beauty products, it will be the best grocery shop. You will find healthy and traditional food of India from this grocery shop. There is also house-made spice mixes that enrich its collection. If you are religious minded, you may need some herbs and spices. It is difficult to find in USA. But ‘Patel brothers’ offers you the spiritual herbs and spices in their grocery shops. The special characteristic is that you will get Indian traditional microwave dinners and snacks only here. Many traditional sweets and desert will be found in these one of the best Indian grocery shop.

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iShopIndian believes in their customs, culture and tradition. iShopIndian is one of the oldest and one of the best Indian grocery shop in USA. It is also one of the largest online Indian grocery shops in USA. iShopIndian are always concern in their quality products. It helps them to grow their business. Now they are shipping their products in 50 states all over the United States. There is a distribution center of iShopIndian at Wauvasota in Wisconsin.

You can choice your carts from their two different offers. They offer standard and frozen foods and other items. Frozen foods are always in special cooled packages. They have more than 3000 items available in their online shops. They guarantee their all order with fresh delivery. They also provide the fastest delivery. They usually provide all the grocery items in their online platform. You can get rice, curry foods, lentils, tea, spices and many more. Indian spices, Indian tea, Indian breads, Basmati rice and many more items makes iShopIndian one of the best Indian grocery shops. There are also beauty products, Indian cuisine, cooking books and many other essential religious materials. iShopIndian always try to provide Indian people the home feelings. For these they also have the greatest Indian recipes collections. For your refreshments and home feelings iShopIndian is always beside you with the most attractive and delicious grocery products.

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Vedic Pro

Vedic Pro is one of the most famous Indian grocery shops in USA. It has gained its name and fame through its great services. It has become one of the top brands in USA from India as well as the south-east region and it becomes the one of the best Indian grocery shops in USA. It is not doing business for so long. They started their journey in 2006. It is operated from New York. It is an online shop. There are two sections of selling department. One deals with retail selling and the other deals with the wholesales. They have their own mission. The mission is to provide the customers the best ingredients in the world. And they provide the services to the customer’s doorsteps. They love to provide the native Indian the flavor of India. For this reason, they keep in mind about the huge varieties of the different regional ingredients.

Vedic Pro is providing their service with great passion. Their warehouse is abounding with many products. Their main products are mainly grocery products. Apart them they sell foods, spices, health items, snacks, herbs. They always ensure the highest quality of their products. They try their best to provide their customers the best services with the commitment of highest quality products. Vedic Pro also provides highest quality food items to the retailers. It has the modern technology and equipment that ensures the highest quality. Vedic Pro has also the capabilities of packaging. In case of any large scale snack supply order, they can handle it with perfection.

Vedic Pro is most popular for the low price and best qualities. Many of their products are imported from India. So if you want to have the original Indian foods and products, the Vedic Pro is the best Indian grocery shop for you. With low prices they ensure the highest qualities. All these things will helps you to make decisions about visiting the website and buying the best products.

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Grocery Babu

Grocery Babu is an online platform for buying grocery items. Grocery Babu is one of the best grocery shops in USA for their variety of grocery items. The business is operated from New Jersey. There are not only Indian products but also the Pakistani as well as Indian subcontinent products available in this grocery shop. Grocery Babu decorates the website with more than 700 grocery and other necessary items. Grocery Baby provides the service only in United States. In some special occasions, like other online shops Grocery Babu gives special offers to their customers.

They sell dry foods along with the refrigerated as well as frozen items. Grocery Babu is most famous for its deserts. There are varieties of deserts available here. There are also a lot of Indian snacks. You can also have Indian tea, coffee, spices, and many more grocery products. You can also find all of your Indian Brands here. They enrich their warehouse with the newest products. Grocery Babu also sells health and beauty products. The most important part is that Grocery Babu provides the complete homemade video of making any foods. It will help the customers to learn new recipes. It will also help them to make an Indian traditional dish item sitting at home. So, Grocery Babu will be your best option to have the traditional Indian foods, products and learn new recipes. It can be the best Indian grocery shop in USA if you love sweets, deserts and other native Indian foods.

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Zifiti is one of the best Indian grocery shops in USA for its different and unique items. There is also a wide range of unique items available here. Zifiti usually sells a huge number and variety of grocery items. Apart from grocery items Zifiti sells necessary utensils, appeals, jewelry, handicraft and many more. There are also a wide number of Indian ready food items and snacks. There are also candies, curries available here. You know that there are many states and regions in India. The different state people have different tastes of food. So Zifiti categorizes their food items according their regions and states. It will help you to have the actual home food feelings. There is category section to find out the target products easily. There is also top rated brand products that will enrich the shopping.

Zifiti is very much health conscious. They avoid the harmful materials in their foods thinking about their customers. They also listed many health supplements and nutritional products in their website so that their customers can be benefited by it. This website provides the Indian Vendors to do their registration. It will help the registered people to reach the Indian community in US. Zifiti also provide the special offers for their registered customers on special occasions. They always try to add the newest product in their list. There are more than 8000 products and other things in their lists. If you visit this online grocery shop, you will have the feeling of native Indian grocery shops with native grocery items. It is one of the best Indian grocery shops in USA because this shop gives the priority of their customers about their tastes and choices. So you can easily find out your most favorite food item easily here.

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Instagolocal is one of the best Indian grocery shops for its new idea and different selling systems. It is totally different from any other Indian grocery shop in USA. It does not store any products for its own. Rather it is an online platform to have your preferable grocery or food items. You have to find the location that you belong to in United States by using zip code. It will let you go through the nearby ethnic stores. So, as an Indian immigrant if you look for Indian grocery products and foods, Instagolocal will search your preferable products and foods. You can only buy your searching products and foods only when their search engine finds out the products in your nearby stores. Then you will choice the products from the local store.

This online platform is quite different and earns most appreciation from their customers. Although with the new idea it is tough to grow business quickly, they are successful and famous to their customers. They have crossed the boundary of limited listed product. They offer you all the possible Indian grocery store that is nearby of you. These things make the online platform as one of the best Indian grocery stores in USA. It is also offering the fastest delivery facilities as it will search the nearest store of you. This new idea will attract you to buy Indian products and have in the shortest possible time.

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Indian Grocery

Indian Grocery is one of the best Indian grocery shops in USA with its organic collection of foods. This online grocery shop gives the importance of organic foods item. There is a whole organic section in their website. They also give emphasize on the brands. You can search your grocery items through the brands. This online grocery shop is special due to its collection of the most renowned Indian brands. If any Indian immigrants want to have their Indian brand products it will be the best choice. ‘Indian Grocery’ will provide almost all the segment of products. They have almost 4000 grocery and food items. There are more than 200 brands items here. The most attractive side is that they care the special events of the customers. They have the ethnic Indian gift products. It is for the special occasions and festivals. They also sell gourmet, religious necessities and many more.

There is also a mobile ordering system. They have the special Indian organic food according their customs and regions/ frozen foods, tea, coffee and various deserts are available here. Although this online grocery shop does not provide the recipes to their customers, the ‘Indian Grocery’ is still one of the best Indian grocery shops in United States for its brand products. From this online grocery shop you can find your organic food items easily. It will give you the taste of your home food taste thousands miles far from India.


KhanaPakana started their journey not so long time ago but they make themselves as one of the best Indian grocery shops in USA. They started their journey in 20006. At present there is 2.5 million users use their online platform for buying their products. This online store is operated from New York. A food lover’s team usually operates this online platform. It is one of the top ranked Indian grocery shops in USA. There is special opportunity that one can buy Asian countries products from this website. Many of their products are directly imported from India. So, Indian immigrants can taste the Indian food items with the help of this website.

KhanaPakana has a long list of product items. They usually sell health and beauty products, beverages, spices, snacks, aromatherapy, skin care, soaps, condiments, etc. You can search your desirable item from their website. There is also top categories option. You can find the top products from the top categories options. They have more than 4500 products in their stocks. They have also more than 6000 square feet warehouse. There is enough space to store more products. So, customer will hardly find the scarcity of any kind of products. They also provide the best quality products to their customers. They have their own packaging system. Their mission is to provide the best products to their customers. So they always make the research on their customer choices. It makes them special and made them one of the best Indian grocery shops in USA. They made their product list simple. So the customers can be familiar with all attributes of the products.

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Pragathi started their online store in 2013. But it is surprising that there is more than 1.3 million unique visitors visit their website every year. This makes it one of the best Indian grocery shops in USA. They have more than 2000 products decorating in more than 30 categories. They provide the best product with the best services to their customers. The interesting pat is that they provide the free shipping facilities. Wrong delivery is rarely happened. In case of wrong delivery, there is worry free returns. They have not only grocery products but also the garments products. They provide the free customized stitching facilities. They always guarantee the price matching. In different occaision or festivals they provide the special offers.

They have the garments products for men, kids, and women. Progati is the leading portal for Indians in USA. They provide their services in US, UK, Canada, Australia and many more countries. Pragati always thinks about the customers need and choice. Their products are always in high quality. Pragati’s mission is to customer’s satisfaction. That’s make them top ranked Indian shop in united stated.

India Bazaar

In 2004 India Bazar started its journey. Kishore Pabari and his family started this business for the welfare of the Indian immigrants. It becomes one of the popular online grocery shops amongst the Indian immigrants and it is the one of the best Indian grocery shops in USA. India Bazar is operated from Texas. India Bazar usually imports their products from India and India subcontinents. If you love Asian products, you will get some of the Asian top brands products here.

They also think about the different regional people in India. So they have the collection of different regional products in their lists. They provide the different grocery items, beauty items, foods items and many more. They have a good relation of Asian country. So in different occasions or festivals you can have different Asian countries product with special offers. India Bazar always thinks about the customer satisfactory. So, they always try to improve their product and services on regular basis. That makes it as top ranked Indian grocery shops in USA. As you can shop by category and your choice, you will find the best product with ease.

Indian people love their customs, festivals, occasions. They love to enjoy these special events with special foods and so on. But for Indian immigrants it becomes toilsome to get their regional as well as traditional foods, products, religious resources in United States. So the list of the best Indian grocery shop will help a lot to get the home taste and feelings. Some of them provide recipes also. That will also help to make the food in own hands. Sometimes it cost more in USA for tax and many other factors. But it makes the Indian community together far away from India. Sweets, pickles and spice are manufactured by some Indian manufactured in US. It also attracts the US people and spreads the culture among them. Indian immigrants also feel very comfortable when they find their favorite Indian products, foods, grocery items in US. So, the best Indian grocery shop in USA will provide you the best buying guide and the best products.

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