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The Biggest Universities in the USA

The Biggest Universities in the USA

The Biggest Universities in the USA

This article mentions the biggest university in the US in many aspects. There is a list of universities with the biggest campus, the biggest number of international students, the biggest number of students, the biggest number of GPA scores, and the biggest rate of employment for graduates. 

When you are looking for a university to study in, there are many things you need to consider. You need to establish what you want to prioritize. What does the biggest university in the US mean to you? It depends on what you prioritize. 

Are you thinking of big campuses? Are you more eager to go to a university with a more international student population or more students in general? You might want to consider the Universities employability rate or GPA scores as well. This article will list all those universities in categories. 

Universities with the Biggest Campus in the US 

Universities all around the world are usually big campuses due to the high number of students and faculties. In the USA Universities, campuses are prioritized as the campus says more or less about a university’s study environment. 

Here are the top biggest University Campuses in the USA. 

1. Berry College

Berry College is located in Rome Georgia and is the largest university in the USA according to acres. The size of the campus is more than 27,000 acres. It includes natural sites like woodlands, meadows, and streams. There are 47 main buildings which include classrooms, residence halls, wildlife sanctuary; plantation house, waterwheel, and film set productions. 

2.The United States Air Force Academy

 The Air Force Academy in the USA is located in Colorado Springs, Colo. It also uses one of the biggest campuses in the USA with a size of 18,455 acres. The campus’s main highlights are the aluminium, glass, and steel chapels. The 27-acre big garden and roads through forests is a site to see. 8 major buildings are; McDermott Library, Harmon Hall, Cadet Chapel, Polaris Hall, Fairchild Hall, and Fairchild Annex, Arnold Hall, Vandenberg and Sijan Halls, and the Mitchell Hall. 

3. United States Military Academy

The Military Academy in the United States, which is located in West Point, New York, is 16,080 acres big. The main areas of attractions are the Hudson River, statues of U.S presidents throughout the campus, and the world’s largest chapel pipe organ. 

4. The University of the South

The University of the South, which is placed in Sewanee, Tennessee, also has a considerably big campus. The size of the campus is 13,000 acres. The campus is between Nashville and Chattanooga. There is a university-owned coffee shop in the on-campus inn.  

 5. Pennsylvania State University

Pennsylvania is situated in University Park, Pa. It is 8,556 acres big and it consists of many beautiful sites. There are 11,000 trees, 25,000 flowers planted annually, and 23 miles of paved walkways. There are more than 900 buildings on this campus.

 6. Stanford University

Stanford University is situated in Stanford, Calif. The land used by the university is 8,180 acres big. Stanford University has a variety of attractions all over the campus. It has 43,000+ trees, 800+ species of plants, 25 fountains, a big shopping centre, a research park, an on-campus post office, bicycle parking spots. 

 7. Liberty University

Liberty University, which is located in Lynchburg, VA, is also known to have a big campus. The campus size is more than 7,000 acres. There is a 1,360 – foot mountain, a Jerry Falwell Library, Montview Mansion, National Civil War Chaplains Museum. 

 8. Michigan State University

Michigan State University that is situated in East Lansing, Michigan has a lot of attractions to give students a good environment. The size of its campus is around 5,239 acres. It is located on the banks of Red Cedar River with a student-run organic farm. There are 545 buildings with long miles of roads, walkways, and bicycle paths.  

University with the highest number of international students in the US 

In the USA there are a lot of international students, some universities welcome more foreigners than others. 

Here is a list of universities that have the highest number of international students enrolled in their educational institutes. 

1. New York University

New York University consists of 19, 000 international students that come from more than 140 different countries. Each intake they get more international students. This University has the highest number of foreign students than any other in the USA. 

As they are responsible for so many international students they make sure a university is a comfortable place for them. They offer resources and separate departments just to focus on international students. Other platforms where international students can connect to other foreigners are also available. Many cultural events and programs take place that makes you aware of everyone’s different ethnicities. 

2. Columbia University

More than 15,000 international students are enrolled at Columbia University. Columbia has sustained its good reputation for providing international students with a good university experience. The students in this institute join from more than 150 different countries. 

They provide services that help out international students from any problems, whether visa, travel, tax, or financial related. Students can join different organizations that are run by international students from specific countries. For example, there is an African Student Association, Polish Club, South East Asian League, Iranian Student Association, and many more. 

3. Arizona State University

Arizona State University has around 10,000 international Students from more than 140 different countries. Their Scholars and faculty members include more than 700 foreigners.

There is an International Students and Scholars Center that assists their students with visas, employment, and other legal issues. Other services provided by this centre are workshops on employment and communication skills. They host events where international students can connect. A good number of International Alumni contribute to their expansive network. 

4. University of California-Los Angeles

The University of California welcomes more than 12,000 learners from outside of the USA. Its centres and programs have been focused on topics such as international development, global health, and global studies since 60 years ago. 

New learners from different countries can meet international student ambassadors who guide them and introduce them to the community of this university. There are international study halls where international students can work on their assignments and test preparations. 

Trips to exciting areas in Southern California are planned for international students. 

Universities with the biggest number of students in the US 

The United States of America has about 76.4 million students in 4,000 different colleges and universities. Some of the biggest universities according to the number of students are listed down below. 

1. Liberty University 

Liberty University has about 75, 044 students enrolled in their institute. Among this number of students, there are only 846 international students. That is about 1.1% of the total student number.  

2. California State University

The California State University of Fullerton has around 70, 681 students. The total number of international students is 2,105, which is around 3%. 

3. Texas A&M University – College Station 

Texas A&M University has 67,580 learners admitted to their university. Within these learners, there are about 5,478 foreigners. They make up 12% of their whole university population. 

4. University of Central Florida 

The University of Central Florida has a student population of 66,183. The number of international students enrolled is 2,717. That is 4% out of the total number of students. 

5. The Ohio State University 

The Ohio State University in Columbus has a student count of 59,837. This University is currently serving 6,000 international students, which is 10% of the total student count. It has the highest number of international students on this list. 

Universities with the highest average GPA scores in the US 

GPA is a score that is determined from your overall performance on your university subjects. Every semester’s results are put together to give students a final GPA score. Each University has a different but similar grading system. All students in the US are graded with GPA scores. 

Here is a list of universities with the highest GPA scores. This list may change yearly. 

Brown University – 3.71

Brown University takes the top place for the highest average GPA of 3.71. In their grading system, they do not have a grade D or below. The only grades that are given to students of t Brown University are A’s, B’s, and C’s. This encourages their students in various ways. 

Stanford University – 3.66

Stanford University takes the second position with an average GPA of 3.66. Stanford University does not follow the method of ranking students by their class. Their GPA scores are not printed in the transcript. They get a grade according to their GPA score. The grades they give to students differ according to programs. However, generally, some of the grades include:

  • A’s – excellent 
  • B’s – Good 
  • C’s – Satisfactory 
  • D’S – Minimal Pass
  • CR – Satisfactory or better 
  • I – Incomplete Grade 
  • L – Temporary Notation representing creditable completion of course
  • N – Satisfactory progress 
  • N- – unsatisfactory progress 

Harvard University – 3.64

The well-known Harvard University comes in third with an average GPA of 3.64 which is not too far from Stanford University. They distribute grades from A’s to E’s based off on their GPA scores.  

Yale University – 3.62

Yale University, which is also part of the Ivy League like Harvard University and Brown University, announced an average GPA score of 3.62. They follow the grading by letter just like other Universities. The grades used are A’s, B’s, C’s, D’s, E’s, and F’s 

Columbia University – 3.59

Another University part of the Ivy League is Columbia University. The average GPA score of Columbia University students is 3.59. The grading system is the same as mentioned in Yale University. 

Among the top 5, 4 of them are Ivy League Universities. Here are some more Universities and their Average GPA scores. 

  • Vanderbilt University – 3.57
  • Duke University – 3.56
  • Baylor University – 3.56
  • Northeastern University – 3.55
  1. Dartmouth College – 3.54
  1. Barnard College – 3.54


University with the highest Graduate employment Rates in the US


After graduating from a university the first concern is usually getting a job. With no experience, the companies that hire you will value your university reputation. They will look at other factors as well when hiring you for a job however your university degree will be the most important one during your first job applications. 


Even after university, many graduates remain unemployed. This is because there is so much competition out there for each job. It is difficult to find a place of your own. 


The following list mentions Universities with the highest employment rates in the US. 

1.     Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT has the highest employment rate in the year 2020. It has also been the case for many other years. The university provides students with global education and a career development center. This helps students in various ways after graduating from University. The career counselor advises students about working abroad, continuing studies, and further on.


2. Stanford University 

Stanford University comes second in this list based on its highest employment rate. The University has many partnerships with employers and organizes career fairs every year. This helps students to connect to a good network and meet employers. Their Alumni outcomes are also particularly well – known. Some of the famous alumni are Tiger Woods and Elon Musk. 

3.     The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

UCLA falls in third place. Besides the graduate employment rate, they score well for alumni outcomes and employer reputations. They have links to many top employers and also conduct annual career weeks. This allows students to engage themselves with more people and potential employers. Career workshops are also provided. 


More Universities with high employment rates are Harvard University, New York University, Cornell University, Yale University, University of Chicago, Princeton University, and the University of Pennsylvania. 


In the end, everyone has their priority and own concept when they think of the biggest university. The universities that are mentioned in this article change every year but the changes are minimal. It is always the same universities competing for the top spots. 

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