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How To Send Money to Bangladesh By bKash From The USA

How To Send Money to Bangladesh By bKash From The USA

How to send money to Bangladesh by bKash from the USA

Transferring money from abroad to Bangladesh may be a hassle if the recipient doesn’t have a bank account. However, you can easily send money to bKash from the USA instantly. This article will answer any possible questions you may have regarding the money transaction and provide you with detailed steps

A trusted website called WorldRedit can be used to transfer money to bKash. It also has an app where you can track your transfer.





What is bKash?

bKash is a mobile service in Bangladesh which is under Bangladesh Bank as a part of BRAC Bank Limited. This mobile service lets you transfer and receive money with your registered mobile number, without a bank account. Now you can also send money to bKash from the USA. 


List of companies that allows bkash from the USA. If you know any other website please comment;


  1. Remitly
  2. Click Here to enjoy wise no fee till 500 euro



About World remit

WorldRemit has a global money transfer system. It is mainly used for mobile money transactions. They provide a great service to easily send money to any registered mobile account.

They provide this service in more than 50 countries and every month over 180000 mobile money transfer takes place on WorldRemit. There are around 3 million users worldwide. 

How long does it take to transfer?

Normally if you are using WorldRemit to transfer money it should be sent in minutes. The expected time will be usually be displayed while you are making the transaction. 

However, transfers can take longer if the wrong details are given. Therefore be sure to enter the correct details. 

Transfer Limits

The minimum amount you can send to bKash is usually BDT 100. It may depend on the country you are sending money from or the payment method you are using. 

Some payment methods accepted by WorldRemit  

Card Bank account transfer Poli iDeal Apple pay Trustly ACH

Details required 

Full name. 

  • Recipients name should match the name registered on the mobile phone. To avoid any delays enter the full name


  • Recipients City 

Mobile Money account number:

  • Fully registered mobile money accounts only.
  • 10 digits in total (excluding country code).

Contact mobile number. 

  • This number will be used to send notifications when the funds are transferred. 
  • It does not necessarily have to be the same mobile number as the mobile money account.

Sending reason. 

  • family or friend support
  • purchase of services
  • property payment,
  • sending fund to self

It is difficult for us to amend or stop the transfer, although we will always try our best to do so.

It is going to be difficult to amend or stop a transfer so please enter the double-check the details. 

Transfer fees 

WorldRemit does not charge any additional fees from your recipient. However, some operators may charge them a fee if the funds are withdrawn as cash. 

Why you may need to transfer?

You will need to have a valid reason for transferring money which could be :

  • Purchasing goods
  • Paying for fees ( tuition fees, medical fees, etc.)
  • For Investment 
  • Supporting family member 
  • Mortgage payment 
  • Paying for bills

How To Send Money to Bangladesh By bKash From The USA Steps with pictures 

  1. (referral link)
  2. Choose a country to send to (Choose Bangladesh for bKash transfer)
How To Send Money to Bangladesh By bKash From The USA
  1. Click on “Get started “
    • You should see this page at first
    • You will need to scroll down for the next step
image 1

4. Click on  Mobile Money ( You can also see the exchange rate ) 

5. Click on Continue 

image 2
  1. Choose the option bKash
  2. Enter the amount needed to send 
image 3
  1. Fill in your recipients details 
image 4
  1. Start the payment
image 5

In conclusion, this is the most convenient way to send money to Bangladesh by bKash from the USA. There are other sites available to provide this service however Worldredit is the most reliable and fastest way. The steps are also very easy to follow. You could do this all from your device without any hassles.



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