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Cheapest MBA in the USA for International Students

Cheapest MBA in the USA for International Students

Cheapest MBA in the USA for International Students

In this article, we mention a few MBA programs from among the Cheapest MBA in the USA for International Students. Many good private universities in the US cost a lot. You can get a quality education in public universities at an affordable price.

Public research universities are recognized all over the USA and all around the globe. Out of state universities that are public will have a low tuition fee. Some of the universities offering the cheapest MBA courses are the University of North Caroline, the University of Houston, and the University of Houston.

Education has become very pricey over the past few decades. The tuition fees rise with the value of education. In the current world, education is very important for a stable future. MBA courses in top business schools in the US have high tuition fees so not everyone can afford them. This article names a few of the Cheapest MBA in the USA for International Students. Public universities, which are out of state usually, have a low tuition fee. 

What is an MBA?

MBA is a Master of Business Administration. It is a professional degree in Business and Management. This course usually takes 1 – 2 years to complete. It is recognized worldwide and is considered a stepping-stone in one’s carrier. MBAs usually consist of finance, economics, management, and entrepreneurship. There are different kinds of MBAs including executive, part-time and online MBAs, which may take a shorter time. You will usually need working experience to meet the requirements to start an MBA.  

The annual tuition fees for an MBA in the top business schools exceed $60,000, however public schools offer a more affordable price. 

Here is a list of reasons to do an MBA program

  • You will develop advanced management skills
  • Specialized MBAs for your career are available
  • Opportunity to network
  • Salaries after completing an MBA are quite high
  • You will have enough knowledge to start your own company from a scratch
  • Business opportunities
  • MBAs are available, online, part-time, and full – time
  • Older students are accepted

MBA in the USA 

A lot of international students come to US universities to complete their MBA program. The US has a lot of institutes that provide quality education. 

General MBA entry requirements in the US 

  • A four – year Bachelors degree from an accredited U.S institute or its equivalent 
  • Work Experience of two to three years
  • Resume 
  • Personal Statement 
  • Two letters of recommendation 
  • Proof of English Proficiency 
  • GMAT score (over 600)

Cheapest MBA in the USA for International Students

University of North Carolina

Estimated Tuition Fees: $ 20,000  

Scholarship and financial aid available

The University of North Carolina is located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and is one of the oldest universities in the US. It is a public research university. This university is considered to give an education, which can compete with the Ivy League universities.

North Carolina offers several MBA programs. There is an executive MBA, online MBA, and Dual degrees.

The requirements for international students are not much different from the usual requirements.

  • Academic transcript
  • Test scores 
  • Language exams
  • Resume 
  • Essays
  • Recommendation 
  • Work experience

MBA programs at the University of North Carolina

  • Full-time MBA – You will require 5 years of work experience in the related field to enter this course. This course is 21 months with regular classes on weekdays. 
  • Online MBA – To enter this course you must have at least 10 years of working experience in a related field. This MBA course takes up to 18 – 36 months to complete. 
  • Evening MBA – Just as it says, the classes are help on evenings for the student’s convenience. Some classes will be online. This program will require you to have 11 years of working experience and is completed in 24 months. 
  • Weekend Executive MBA – This MBA program will allow you to complete the MBA degree during weekends. The course takes up to 20 months to complete and a work experience of 12 years is needed t enter this course. 
  • Dual Degree – Students choose a dual degree when they want to combine business education with another graduate program. It allows one to complete two degrees in a shorter time compared to attending the degrees separately.
  • Some dual degrees offered at the University of North Caroline 
  • School of Law – MBA/JD (4 years)
  • School Of Pharmacy – MBA/Pharm.D. (5 years)
  • School of Medicine – MBA/MEM ( 3 years)
  • School of Public Policy – MBA/MPP ( 3 years)

University of Houston

Estimated Tuition Fees – $26,839

Scholarship and financial aid available

The University of Houston founded in 1972 is located in Houston Texas. This public research university has an enormous campus with over 46,000 students. They are known to be very high in research activities. This institution runs 40 research centers and provides the finest education in architecture, law, optometry, and pharmacy. The research centers are very much involved with biomedical sciences, energy and resources, artificial intelligence, superconductivity, and many more. The university is also a host to many kinds of theatric performances, concerts, lectures, and events. 

Houston is a very welcoming city to internationals. The benefits the university provides are very pleasing. The MBA programs are accredited, team teaching, hybrid classrooms, diverse concentration as there are many MBA programs. GMAT waivers and career services are other benefits received by students of the University of Houston. 


  • Test Scores
  • Academic History 
  • Resume
  • Goal Statement
  • Letter of recommendation 
  • English Exams
  • Work Experience

MBA programs at the University of Houston

Full–time MBA – This course requires 5 years of experience in the related field. Flexible scheduling options and curriculum choices are available for students. This program is expected to be completed in 22 months duration. 

  • Professional MBA – You can this program as a part-time degree. The length of this program is 22 – 36 months. 
  • Executive MBA – You will need a higher number of experience to attend this program. This program provides tuition – paid study abroad for exposure to multinational corporations firsthand. 
  • MBA Specialized Programs – This University offers many specialized MBA programs such as:
  • MS Accountancy 
  • MS Business Analytics
  • MS Finance
  • MS Global Energy Management 
  • MS Management Information System 
  • MS Marketing 
  • Online MS Management and Leadership 
  • MS Supply Chain Management 
  • MS Ambassador 
  • Joint Degrees – Joint Degrees are also available which means master’s degrees and MBAs can be combined. Some of the joint degrees are:
  • Doctor of Pharmacy 
  • Master of Science in Hospitality Management 
  • Master of Industrial Engineering 
  • Master of Social Work 

University of Alabama

Estimated Tuition Fees – $24,230

Scholarship and financial aid available

The University of Alabama is also a public research university. It is located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. It is the largest University in Alabama. Many courses are offered including MBAs. This University provides programs, which are not available in other institutes in Alabama like anthropology, music, metallurgic engineering, romance languages, and social work.

It is well known for its high research activities in the doctoral field. This University receives a lot of research contracts and grants. It is considered to be a good medical school and provides a comprehensive doctoral. They also offer engineering classes and other subjects from the STEM fields. The campus of the University of Alabama has high volumes and has six separate libraries. 

MBA programs at the University of Alabama prepare high achieving students for successful business careers. Learning in a diverse and collaborative environment makes the University of Alabama a good choice to complete an MBA. The curriculum focus on business concepts, teamwork, leadership, and other business skills.

Admission Requirements 

  • GPA results (overall 3.0)
  • Entrance exam score (GMT/GRE)

MBA programs at the University of Alabama

Just like the other Universities, the University of Alabama has different MBA programs to offer. 

  • Traditional MBA – This MBA is a full-time course of 2 years and consists of topics like, accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing, operating, strategy, communications, information system, and statistics. Teaching methods used in this program are lectures/discussions and projects. 
  • STEM path to the MBA – This course is a 5-year program and designed for freshmen majoring in areas of STEM. STEM business honors are included in this program. Each semester will have STEM business honor courses that focus on leadership and communication. Students work in teams to develop all these skills and have a basic understanding. Internship off-campus is also included in this course. 
  • CREATE Path to the MBA – It is also a 5-year program like STEM Path to the MBA. Unlike MBA it is involved with creative disciplines like; art, music, arts, literature, fashion, advertising, interior design, theatre, and dances. This program revolves around innovative solutions to real-world problems. 
  • Dual Degrees – There are a few dual degrees offered by the University of Alabama. 
  • JD/MBA program in Law and Business 
  • MBA Dual Degrees in Engineering
  • MBA/MFA Dual Degree

In conclusion, Public Universalities will expectedly have a lower tuition fee compared to private universities. Out of state universities are also more affordable. The universities mentioned in this article are well-known universities but may not be able to compete with the facilities offered by private universities. However, education matters the most and these Cheapest MBAs in the USA for International students provide that at affordable fees. 

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