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Complete List of Things to Carry to the USA for Students

Complete List of Things to Carry to the USA for Students

Complete List of Things to Carry to the USA for Students

This article discusses the simplest ways in which the United States is advised to carry and what not to carry.

I still haven’t forgotten when I first came to the United States as an international student, where I packed a lot of extra stuff into three full bags of 33kg. Where most were unnecessary which did not need to be carried. Because of misinformation and poor direction, I took on more things than I needed.

Usually, most of us come to the United States for the first time making such a mistake because of the lack of proper guidelines. When we first think of going to the United States and everything is finalized, we think of how expensive everything is in the United States, the cost of our country is very high according to our country’s currency, so we try to take everything out of our country.

Let’s face it, the US average wage compares to the average wage in India. Prices are relative. You just have to carry those kinds of things that are not available in the US or things are very expensive.

In fact, as a student, you either live with few people anywhere in a shared apartment or you sleep alone in student dorms. When you live in student dorms you don’t need any things related to the kitchen. Care items and clothing are important.

I’ve been working on the list of products to bring from the websites of various Indian Students Organizations, but it’s not updated to say specifically what stuff to purchase in the U.S. and while still planning in India.

List of Items to Pack to the USA:

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Dress & Cloth
Shirt casual6pcsCasual shirts are more commonly worn than formal shirts, so the amount of casual shirts is better than a formal shirt.
Shirt- formal3pcsIt is best to wear formal shirts during official or presentation
T-shirt10pcsI’m more comfortable wearing a t-shirt than a shirt,
Coat and Suit – Formal2pcsIt is also best to wear formal shirts during official or presentation
Shorts/ 3/4ths6pcs 
Jens4pcsI don’t like wearing shoes. I’m going ahead with Jeans
Belt2pcsLeather is expensive in the U.S.
Formal Shoes2pcs 
Sandal1pairIt’s cheap here but when you enter here, you’ll need it.
Wallet1pcsGet a new one before you travel
Winter wears  Don’t buy an Indian winter coat. Sweater, coats, and so on, are inexpensive when on sale.
Leather Jacket  Prefer leather over a winter jacket. Jackets-from $20 to $75
Sports Shoes +  Socks  1pairNike, Nike, Rebook … all inexpensive. I got Nike for $18; they’re cheap socks.
Personal Essential Thing
Soap1pcsFirst a few days you use it.
Wash DetergentpcsYou don’t carry detergents from India. You are wasting your space/weight.
Combs1 or 2pcs
Hair Oil100 to 200mlpcsPack it well, because it is a leak.
Nail cutter1pcsPack in Check-In Bag
Small scissors1pcsPack in Check-In Bag
Tooth Brush1pcsenough
Shaving Kit1pcsBring  is depend on your uses
After Shave1pcsBring  is depend on your uses
Napkin/Hand Kerchiefs6-10pcsDepending on your need.
Safety pins, Sewing kitNopcsNo need
ShampooNopcsThey’re cheap there and saves weight.
Towels2-3pcs1 – Thin towels made from cotton. 2 towels light in weight.
Perfume – Deodorant1pcsSince running out you can get it here for cheap.
Mirror1pcsA small mirror you can carry
Tooth Paste1pcsFor one diminutive. The same brands (Colgate, Close-up, etc.) are available but with varying preferences.
Razor BladesFewpcsThe shaving kit is cheap.
Blanket2pcs1-Spread the bed. Choose American Comforter or Plush Blankets ($20)
PillowAt Walmart, the pillow costs $4 per
Songs CDNoYou can download songs here,
BackPackYesTo carry books and on trips.
Alarm ClockYes/NoNo need
Cell Phone1pcs
Pen, Pencil, Glue, Cello TapeFewUse some ink, pencil, and highlighter but there’s plenty to find them here.
Calculator NoIn the USA, science calculators look different.

Instant Food Packets (Noodles)FewIndiaTakes some ready food
Vegetable Cutting BoardIt’s an additional weight.
Cups and BowlsGet one or 2 small bowls, but not many.
PlatesPlates will be used in a microwave. You can bring 1 plate, but don’t bring more than one.
Pressure Cooker1 (3 to 7 liters)Don’t forget to bring a pressure cooker, also get extra weight, a valve.
Indian Masala/SpicesSeek to get the limit. Masala products are available, but they don’t taste the same as the cooking of your mom.
Rice, Dhal, etc.No need
Frying PansNo need
Serrated Knife1The knife isn’t cheap in the U.S. to Get a small one.
Spoon, ForkNo need
Elachi, Clove, Cinnamon,FewAvailable in Indian grocery stores in the U.S.
Garam MasalaSmall packAvailable in an Indian grocery store in the U.S.
Chilli Powder1-2 kgsAvailable in Indian grocery stores in the U.S.
Medical Files/Medicines
Fever/Cold Tablets20 to 30 tabletsTylenol cost around $4 for a fever. You can shop at any pharmacy or at Walmart.
Eyeglasses/Contact Lens2 PairsHere the eyeglasses are incredibly costly. I’ve paid $225 for one pair of eyeglasses for an Eye Warranty. In India, the same should have cost Rs4,000. And, if you’re wearing contacts, make sure you get 2 more at least

Here the eyeglasses are incredibly costly. I’ve paid $225 for one pair of eyeglasses for an Eye Warranty. In India, the same should have cost Rs4,000. And, if you’re wearing contacts, make sure you get 2 more at least

Generally, as everyone has written, “be a Roman while you are in Rome.” Likewise, ‘acting like an American (at least smart in lifestyle) while in Canada.’ Make sure you don’t have too much substance that’s not desired while you’re packing for the USA. To get along well with the fashion and trend in the US, it is sensible to buy clothes and other things here.

Lastly, I would like to suggest that it is best not to take unnecessary things when going to America. Thank you very much for reading the topics carefully at the end and I would like to inform you that I will come up with more important topics later.

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