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Differences between IELTS and TOEFL

Differences between IELTS and TOEFL

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 This article is compiled by Saifur RahmanTOEFL is more preferable, If you want to complete higher study in USA. And for UK and other European countries IELTS is quite okay.And point to be noted that, some US Universities already started to allow IELTS scores.Almost 90% USA university accepts IELTS.And some other important issues.

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Are you more comfortable with North American or British / UK accents?

-If you have more experience with British English (or Australian English), take the IELTS as vocabulary and accents tend more towards British English. If you watch a lot of Hollywood movies and like US idiomatic language, choose the TOEFL as it reflects American English.

(*Although, New Native-speaker English Accents Added to theTOEFL iBT® Test

Beginning in March 2013, the Listening and Speaking sections of the TOEFL iBT® test will include other native-speaker English accents in addition to accents from North America. Test takers may hear accents from the United Kingdom, New Zealand or Australia. Source: ETS)


-Do you type relatively fast? As you will read below in the section on key differences between the IELTS or TOEFL, the TOEFL requires that you type your essays in the written section of the test. If you type very slowly, I would strongly recommend taking the IELTS as you handwrite your essay responses.


-Do you want to finish the test as quickly as possible? If you become extremely nervous during a test and want the experience to end as quickly as possible, the choice between IELTS or TOEFL is easier. The TOEFL lasts approximately four hours, whereas the IELTS is significantly shorter – about 2 hours 45 minutes. Remember, however, that shorter does not necessarily mean easier!


-Do you feel comfortable with a wide range of question types?The TOEFL exam is made up of almost entirely multiple choice questions. The IELTS, on the other hand, has a much wider range of question types including multiple choice, gap fill, matching exercises, etc. If you do NOT feel comfortable with multiple choice questions, the TOEFL is not the test for you.


-Are you proficient at taking notes? Note taking is important on both the IELTS and the TOEFL. However, it is much more critical on the TOEFL exam. As you will read below, the listening section in particular depends on note taking skills in the TOEFL as you answer questions after you have listened to a longer selection. The IELTS asks you to answer questions as you listen to the exam.


Major Differences between the IELTS and the TOEFL



TOEFL – You will have 3 – 5 reading selections of twenty minutes each. Reading materials are academic in nature. Questions are multiple choice.

IELTS – 3 reading selections of twenty minutes each.

Materials are, as in the case of the TOEFL, related to an academic setting. There are multiple type questions (gap fill, matching, etc.)



TOEFL – The listening selection very different from the IELTS. In the TOEFL, you will have 40 – 60 minutes worth of listening selections from lectures or campus conversations. Take notes and respond to multiple choice questions.

IELTS – The largest difference between the two exams is in listening. In the IELTS exam there are a wider variety of question types, as well as exercises of differing lengths. You will answer questions as you move through the listening selection of the test.



TOEFL – Two written tasks are required on the TOEFL and all writing is done on the computer. Task one involves writing a five paragraph essay of 300 to 350 words. Note taking is important as the second task asks you to take notes from a reading selection in a text book and then a lecture on the same topic. You are then asked to respond using notes by writing a 150 – 225 word selection integrating both the reading and listening selection.

IELTS – The IELTS also has two tasks: the first a short essay of 200 – 250 words. The second IELTS writing task asks you to look at an infograhic such as a graph or chart and summarize the information presented.



TOEFL – Once again the speaking section differs greatly between the TOEFL and the IELTS exams. On the TOEFL you are asked to record responses on the computer of 45 – 60 seconds to six different questions based on short descriptions / conversations. The speaking section of the test lasts 20 minutes.

IELTS – The IELTS speaking section lasts from 12 to 14 minutes and takes place with an examiner, rather than a computer as on the TOEFL. There is a short warm up exercise consisting mainly of small talk, followed by a response to some sort of visual stimulus and, finally, a more extended discussion on a related topic. Hope, These will benefit you. Written By: Anisul Islam Shovon

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