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Do you want to study abroad? Make a 5-year plan

Do you want to study abroad? Make a 5-year plan

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Make a plan and stay ahead of the game. Our childhood started with a small paragraph about our “Aim in life”. Most of our parents helped us to write that paragraph when we were little. We wrote a paragraph writing about what our parents want us to be. If you want to study abroad, ask yourself about your future goals. What you want to be and, where you see yourself in 5 years time.

When you were a child your aim in life may have been influenced by your favorite TV character or your favorite person in your family. Now when someone ask what you want to be, you think about social and economical relations with you future plan. That is the difference.

Why should you make a plan?              

Nobody plans to do poorly in their life. So, when you make a plan you focus on seeing yourself in better position in the future. It took me 5 years to achieve my goal of studying abroad. I had to believe that I wanted to study abroad and how it would be beneficial to my future. I stayed focused and I waited for the right opportunity. My father set the dream in my heart and I worked to achieve that dream. One of my uncles told me once “If you walk to the left you will find people who will walk on that road. If you walk to the right, you will find people who will walk on that road too”. This means you will never be alone. I just had to find the people who were walking on the same path as I was. We worked in a group and believed in opportunities. With time, we came to the platform to catch our dream train. We boarded and we are taking the journey to our future that we believed in our hearts. Thus, set a plan to have a better future.

Set a 5 year plan

Some people are visionaries who can plan for the next 20 years. If you are one of them then hats off to you but if you are not then let’s focus on setting a 5 year plan. When you set a plan you start to see the possibilities and any obstacles you will need to overcome in order to fulfill your plan. You will know who and what will be helpful to you to achieve your goal. Life will feel more meaningful and you will learn not to waste your time and use your time more productively.

If you want to study abroad, first find the subject which interests you. Then, take the required tests for admission (GRE, TOFFEL, IELTS). Research different universities and find which one is best for you and then apply. Don’t hesitate to ask anyone for help.

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