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Eb-2 Visa -Employment-based, Second Preference Immigrant Visa

Eb-2 Visa -Employment-based, Second Preference Immigrant Visa

Eb-2 Visa

Steps of getting an Eb-2 visa

Once you have determined your category, you have to follow additional three steps:

Perm or labor certification-

The system used to obtain labor certification is known as Program Electronic Review Management (PERM). To get an employment-based permanent visa, foreign nationals use this. For this proof is needed to be shown by your employer that no US worker’s job was being taken away. For example, an ad in a newspaper can show that the employer has hired someone because he could not fill the position by recruiting a local.

I-140 Immigration Petition for Alien worker

The second step of getting an Eb-2 visa is through I-140 Immigration Petition. The employer files this to prove that wages/salary can be paid by them. It also proves that the entire job requirement is met by you.

I-485 Application to Adjust Status

Once the previous two steps are completed the third and last step is to fill I-485 form to become a permanent resident of the United States.

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To process Form I-140 an average of six months is needed. It can take long longer if the US government requires you to go through PERM Labor Certification. A maximum of 2 years can be taken in some cases. With the help of a premium processing fee of US$1,225, you can speed up the process. So instead of six months, it will only take 15 days to process the form I-140.

It’s evident that getting an Eb-2 visa is a very long process. Your eligibility and the country you are applying from are the two things that an Eb-2 visa depends on.

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