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EBL aqua card

EBL aqua card

EBL Prepaid Lifestyle Visa Card
EBL aqua card.I’m writing this post to help someone who is trying to purchase GRE/TOEFL exam or want to pay in USD using “EBL Lifestyle Card or Aqua Card”. You will find any other posts related to this but I think this is easier. If you follow this process, you don’t need to call customer service or email them. You can do it manually. Just follow the procedure below:
Step 1: How to get EBL Prepaid Lifestyle Visa card or Aqua card? (Please avoid who already have this card).
  1. Go to your nearest EBL branch and apply for Lifestyle visa card or Aqua card (As far as I know, ebl doesn’t provide any aqua card now).
  2. Documents you need: Photocopy of your passport, NID, other photo ID (student or job) for safety, NID photocopy of your nominee (Father, Mother or elder brother/sister) and most importantly 570 BDT 1f61b
  3. Then you will know the necessary steps.
  4. EBL will inform you when your prepaid card is ready.
Step 2: Most Important, most hard and most easy part.
  1. Foreign Part Activate: After collect your prepaid card, download ebl skybanking app from playstore (for android). Please don’t get hurt there is also availability of this app in apple app store (for iPhone user) 1f61b 1f61b . After completing app installation, sign up and add your prepaid card in this app (just like you add your dbbl nexus card in dbbl nexuspay app).
After that, you can enable your foreing part from this app.
  1. Passport Endorsement: This is the easiest part in the whole process. Go to nearest EBL branch along with your prepaid card and passport, they will take care of everything after that.
  2. Input Dollar: This the most complicated part everyone think. But after reading my entire process, it will be most easier. I heard many of us has sufficient balance in his/her prepaid card but he/she was unable to pay the payment, and they got worried. In my case, I also got worried. But by the help of almighty allah, I completed my payment procedure. Someone will say call the customer care, someone will say mail them. Before now, I will say the same. But now I’ll say calling customer service is a waste of money also emil card section is a waste of time (if you read my described process). In both cases, it will take 3 or 4 working days.
Before the solutions, just one simple questions; if you don’t have sufficient balance, are you able to purchase your product. The answer is no, you can’t. So first make sure you have sufficient balance for the products. You want to buy something from amazon then you need USD, not BDT, they don’t accept BDT. As, lifestyle or aqua card holder does not have any account against the card. So, you can’t pay USD, as you input BDT in your card.
So, go to the bank, fillup the form, and mark USD section. Also, told them to input BDT in USD. It will take just 2 or 3 minutes. You will get message that you credited USD in your card. Also, you can check your balance in Skybanking app. After that, you can purchase anything or paid any bill in USD using this card.
N:B: I just show you the path, you have to go through this path alone. Always, their will be ups and downs and you have to face it alone. No one will be there for you, because they are busy with their own ups and downs.
Reference : NexTop-USA
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