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F1 Visa interview question

F1 Visa interview question

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QUESTIONS FOR F 1 Me: Hello, good morning! VO: Hi, give me your I-20 and passport. VO: So, where are you going? VO: So, you are going to X University for Masters/PhD? VO: Why X University? / Why did you choose this university? VO: Which program you are going for? VO: Why this program? VO: what is the major and focus? VO: tell me, what is (your subject)? VO: Why do you want to study (your subject)? VO: how will it help you in your career? VO: Why are you pursuing your MS in the United States? / Why do you want to go to US rather than other countries? / Why did you choose the United States as the destination for your studies? VO: Have you previously made a trip to the United States? VO: Did you apply to any other country apart from USA? VO: Name some of the researchers with whom you will work… VO: From where have you been completed your bachelor degree? VO: Can I see a proof of your educational degrees? VO: Why second MS in the same subject? [If you are going to pursue 2 nd MS, you have to show a legitimate reason] VO: Can you please elaborate again, why same subject MS? VO: Sorry again. Why you want to spend this amount of money (indicating my I-20 money) in the same subject MS? VO: how do your previous MS and upcoming MS differ? VO: What type of new courses you will learn in the upcoming MS program? VO: How many universities did you apply to? VO: What are the names? VO: From how many universities did you get the acceptance letter? VO: All admittance is for MS? [If your answer is „NO‟, next question may come] VO: So why you are not going for a PhD? VO: do you have any plan to do a PhD after completing the MS? VO: Will you go for a job in (your subject related field) in USA? VO: What is your undergraduate GPA/ Percentage? VO: What was your specialization in undergraduation? VO: what is your high school? VO: Have you written any exams like GRE/TOEFL/GMAT? If yes, please provide the score along with the detailed report. VO: Some amount you have to pay/ you have deficiency in the fund. Who is going to pay for it? (If you say that you will pay, next question will definitely arise) VO: what do you do? VO: how much you earn each month? / Your monthly salary? VO: How much do you earn yearly? VO: How did you save this amount? VO: How long are you employed? VO: are you going on a study leave? VO: why do you want to quit this job whereas you are getting a good salary? VO: Can I see your solvency / bank documents? VO: did you visit outside BD? VO: Are you planning to do some part-time job there to support yourself financially? VO: what is the duration of your program? VO: How long do you wish to stay in the US after completing your studies? VO: won‟t you apply for OPT? VO: Why don’t you want to work in the US? VO: What are your plans after coming back to your home country? VO: What are your plans for the long run? VO: who is going with you? VO: Why do you wish to take your husband/wife with you? VO: Where did you two meet? VO: was it an arrange marriage? VO: how long do you know each other? VO: is it a mixed marriage? Is it allowed in your religion? [Applicable only if you had mixed marriage] VO: were both families agreed? VO: Can I see your Nikah Nama / Marriage certificate? VO: Can I see your wedding photos? VO: who is going to fund your spouse? VO: what does your mother/father/uncle/aunt/brother/sister do? [Whoever is your sponsor] VO: How much does she/he earn? VO: Did your parents go outside Bangladesh? VO: do you have any siblings? VO: From where did they graduate? VO: how will you bear the expense of 2nd year? VO: In your I-20, expenses and source of fund mentioned only for 9 months. What is the source of fund for the rest of the year? VO: What do you know about the city in which your college is located? VO: Why should you be given a student visa? VO: How will you manage the cultural and educational differences in the US? VO: Do you have any other relatives in USA? Which state are they in? VO: Do they have green card? QUESTIONS FOR F 2 General questions: Q. What is your name? Q. What Visa are you applying for? Q. What is the name of your spouse? Q. What will your spouse do in USA? Q. When are you planning to go to USA? Have you made any specific travel arrangements? Marriage related questions: Q. When did you get married? Q. Was it arranged marriage? Q. How and when did you both meet? Q. Did you know your spouse before marriage? Q. How long have you known her? Q. How long have you been married? Q. Do you have your marriage album/photos? Q. Can I see your marriage certificate? Q. Have you brought the invitation cards with you? Your spouse’s study/work/finance related questions: Q. What‟s your spouse majoring in? What‟s her/his research area? What‟s the topic of her/his research? Q. When is your spouse planning to finish her/his studies? Q. What would your spouse do after finishing her/his studies? Q. Where did your spouse work in Bangladesh? Q. Why did your spouse leave her/his job? Q. (if you say, your spouse wants to come back to Bangladesh) Why doesn’t your spouse want to work in USA? Would she/he not work there? She/he can continue her research / work there; why does she/he want to come back to Bangladesh? Q. What did your spouse study in Bangladesh? Where (which college/university) did your spouse do her/his undergraduation/graduation in Bangladesh? Q. How would you fund yourself there? Who would bear your expenses there? Is your wife/husband going to bear your expenses there? Q. Do you have financial documents? Have you brought your spouse‟s bank statements or any other supporting documents? Your study and work related questions: Q. What are you studying? Have you finished your studies? Q. Do you plan on studying in USA? If you answer “NO” then the visa office may ask: Why not? Q. Do you want to work there? Q. Did you work in Bangladesh? Q. Why not? You have good education and can get good job there in USA; why do you not want to work? Q. How would you spend your time there? Your parents/in-laws/siblings/relatives related questions: Q. What do your parents-in-law do in Bangladesh? Q: if your parents-in-law are in service, what kind of service? Q. What do your parents do? Q: If your father is retiring soon, the visa office may ask that who would take care of your family if you are the only son/daughter who will go to USA? Q. Does your spouse have any siblings in USA? what do they do? Where do they live/ work in USA? Q: Do they have Green Card? What kind of Visa do they have? if married, what do their spouses do? Q: Do they want to come to Bangladesh? Q. Do you have any of your relative in US? Q. Do you have any brothers/sisters? What do they do? Are they planning to go to US too? VO: why you want to be with your wife/husband by sacrificing your career? VO: how you will pass your time? VO: will you study there? VO: what are you doing now?

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