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How to Get Full Funding Offer in Economics From US Universities?

How to Get Full Funding Offer in Economics From US Universities?

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1. Is it possible to get a full funding offer in Economics from US universities?

Answer: YES! It is true that full funding offer for MS program is limited but almost all PhD programs are fully funded. I hear some people saying that there is no full fund for M.S. in Economics which is not true.
In fact, I am doing my M.S. with full funding. The challenge is how to know which school offers full funding for M.S. Program. The solution is, “SEARCH !”. You will find many MS programs offering full funding.
Prospective students search though, but in the wrong way! They typically ask others about which school to apply to based on their profile. People suggest from their own experience, that many times it doesn’t help get universities that offer full funding for M.S. in Economics.
Another strategy students love to take is to browse seniors who are doing M.S. in Economics and apply. So, the outcome is that if the seniors did not have funding, the followers end up getting no funds as well.
My suggestion would be to follow your seniors but not blindly. You email every university and ask if they offer full funding. You will get at least 5/6 universities that offer full funding (Way more!).
If you are targeting for M.S, do not apply to the universities that offer PhD degrees. In most universities, they keep funding for PhD students, so it is highly likely that you will not get any funding (Exception is possible!). So, focus on the universities that offer only M.S. in Economics.
Now, move on to PhD funding. Almost every PhD program is fully funded. So, you don’t have to worry about funding for PhD program. You need to worry about getting admission and assistantship.

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