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GRE preparation for Bangladeshi candidates

GRE preparation for Bangladeshi candidates

GRE preparation for Bangladeshi candidates

Hello readers, we meet again with a new light on GRE along with an improved version of preparation manual.

The country that I live in, is named Bangladesh. Many of us mention this country as a third world country, which is true. We all know, it is very much evident that sitting for GRE from a third world country and getting a good score in it is much more difficult than doing it from any first world country. One of many reasons is that the people of the first world country happens to be well equipped with the knowledge of English language. However, there is a myth going on that people from the third world countries like Bangladesh, and many others as such, are by born great at mathematics. This is simply not true. Because there are many that I personally know who are not that great at Mathematics despite being from an Indian subcontinental countries. Also I have witnessed that despite being a lecturer in a prominent Engineering university, a person simply fails in the quantitative part of GRE.

I am not saying ill of my country people, I am simply describing the real scenario, specially what is happening or my own experiences regarding this matter. Back in Bangladesh candidates only prepare for GRE the way others tell them to, they usually cannot decide for themselves in most of the cases. The most of the times go to various coaching centers of GRE where there are some professional mentors present. This is not that bad in one sense, also not that good in another. Because a mentor can, most of the times, only focus on solving the problems from various GRE books. However, what a candidate actually requires is development of verbal as well as quantitative skills. Many of the times, commercial mentors cannot (or even will not) focus on fundamental things like functional vocabulary or some relevant skill development of students. This thing a candidate has to develop all by himself and that being said, any candidate with an intention to sit for GRE must not depend on other commercial mentors or coaching centers and prepare for GRE by himself.

It has been quite evident that there are a lot of candidates who are doing great in GRE and many other standardized tests as such. However, a lot of candidates, despite having potentials to do great, they don’t do well. The reason being lack of preparation and proper guidance. Therefore, there should be some pointers regarding how to properly prepare for GRE, specially for candidates back in Bangladesh.

  • There are several ways a candidate may prepare, for instance, for growth of reading habit, a candidate may study newspapers like: Financial Express or Fin-tech or many others as such that are only available in Bangladesh.
  • There are a certain categories of candidates who try for tests like MBA (in institutions like IBA or as such) or study for Bank recruitment tests (both Government run and privately own) and for that they have to study intensely for Quantitative and Verbal reasoning. For those candidates preparing for GRE happens to be comparatively easier.
  • Many candidates start preparing for GRE at an early stage of undergraduate study; for instance, many starts from third or fourth semester of their undergraduate degree. That is sometimes a great way to start preparation. However, if a student at third or fourth semester does not focus on skill development instead of studying on contents of GRE, that may be bad for that student on a long run.
  • However, there are many coaching centers such as: GRE Center, Pi International and many others as such. These may be very useful in case of those candidates who are not confident enough to prepare for themselves. Also they are important in case candidates want to sit for mock tests.
  • Candidates who are job-holders stay in a huge load of pressures, specially due to transportation problem (traffic congestion) and thus they do not have much time to prepare. They should take the ancillary preparation where ever possible, for instances, reading online materials in office during breaks and others as such.
  • A lot of cooperation can be obtained from places like the American Alumni Association (AAA) or EMK Center or i many places as such.

What candidates back in Bangladesh require is that proper utilization of time. Because life back in Bangladesh is very hectic to begin with, not only for students but also for job-holders, even for unemployed people. It is difficult not only to develop skills back here in Bangladesh, but also to study the contents in a straight-forward way. Therefore, the candidates have to be very cautious about time management in this country.

For more briefing on time management and some useful suggestions, please contact me in this email ID:

That’s it for today, in my next article I will start discussing about contents and their solving process.

Till then, happy reading!!!

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