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You may need to interview at your country’s U.S. consulate or embassy before applying for your F1 student visa. We’ve prepared a student visa interview guide for you so you can go super prepared for your interview and not worry about faking it or being nervous about it. Preparing for your interview is critical in advance because you can join smooth sailing no matter what your F4 to F1 visa interviewer throws at you.

Be sure to study for the interview, as several students miss this interview simply as they didn’t get ready for it in the study. Many ended up being asked unexpected questions that they weren’t ready to answer and couldn’t give the right or clear answers to what can be very difficult questions.

H4 to F1 Visa Interview Experience

Since the day I agreed to attend the interview with the H4 to F1 Visa Consulate, I began to hear several tales of H4 Visa to F1 Visa rejection that left me anxious.

We didn’t even allow me to loosen up despite listening to other success stories.

After carefully examining my resume, social research, my classes, colleges, and my presenting abilities, I thought the chances of rejection of H4 to F1 Visa were very small, and if and only if I let the visa officer deny me due to lack of standard responses.

I’ve done several mock H4 Visa interviews with my wife on F1. I focused on improving the quality of replies. I wanted to stay, look confident, and talk my mind. But the saying is easier than done. I’ve got to make sure my answer sounds genuine and proves my intention. And truly they were.

The interview on F1 Visa Day:

I was all cool and ready for an interview on the day of the H4 to F1 Visa stamping. On the outside I was cool but not on the inside.

My interview was at 10.15 AM, but by 9.15 AM I arrived at the US Consulate. I wanted to see if they would allow earlier than my allotted time inside the US Consulate.

When I reached the spot, I saw a few guys holding a blue sheet and coming across me, I finally stopped after letting a few people walk past me and inquired a guy what they’re holding? And need I to carry that one?

Sarcastically the guy said it’s Administrative Processing form 221(g) so you don’t need to bring it. If the investigator thinks you weren’t eligible to have the visa, you would get one. Now this blue page has been introduced to my imagination with my inner voice of “Your Visa Is Denied”

They let me into the Consulate around 12.15 pm after waiting in the line for two hours. Even then, my visa interview was scheduled at 10.15 AM!

Inside the US Consulate

There are some screens, upon accessing the interview area, where the visa officers confronted the applicants with different queries.

In the middle of this chaos, one window caught my consideration, the questioner was addressing the candidate, “What API’s did you utilize in your code?”

My god, I’m starving now. I agreed to obtain the type 221(g), or 241(b).

I prayed that I would not let myself go to that window. And I was allocated the same slot, to my delight!

H4 to F1 Visa Interview Question

VO: Hey Sir, how are you?

Me: Good morning, thank you very much

VO: And you’re on H4 Visa?

Me: Yes

VO: How did you finish your undergraduate education?


VO: After this what did you do?

Me: I’ve been employed for an MNC for several years and I’ve clarified the firms I’ve been dealing with, and the role duties. I had to be sure, I was telling them I had the technological skills.

VO: How many schools did you apply to?

Me: I submitted my application to two colleges, Governor State University, and Trine University. I have always studied at Bradley University.

VO: Where will the courses take place?

Me: The main campus of Trine University is in Angola, Indiana. However, in the south curve, they have another campus which is 1.30hr drive away from my house. I ‘m attending the Indiana South Bend college.

VO: How many lessons do you take every week?

Me: Weekly 2

VO: How many courses do you take every semester?

Me: 30 per semester

VO: What major of course and subject are you involved in studying?

ME: Digital Information Systems and Big Data Science I’ve made clear that I’m involved in this course          

        and how it can help me accomplish my ultimate objective.

VO: I think you should finish your H4 test, why would you like to move to F1 visa?

Me: I clarified my purpose to him and clarified specifically how obtaining an F1 visa would help me  

        accomplish my ultimate target.

Vo: Who supports the studies?

Me: My spouse.

VO: Well, it seems perfect. Your Visa has been approved. Have a healthy ride through the United States.

Me: Thanks for that.

After the Interview

Only listening to the interviewer authorizing the H4 to F1 visa, all my nervousness completely vanished. Ultimately, I stepped out with the acceptance of an F1 Visa.

I came to call my wife out of the Consulate who was just as eager to find out the results of the conversation.

In the first ring she raised my request and when she mentioned that my visa had been accepted, she was only leaping and screaming in joy, our gamble was well paid off.


It’s not going to be incorrect to claim that the F4 to F-1 Visa interview is essentially for the convert F1 visa in the USA. When you fulfill the criteria and identifications, you may even be eligible to follow your studies in the USA and take up part-time campus work!

Everything that you need to do is a plan for the H4 to F1 visa interview properly. We hope that this article helped you crack the interview.

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