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Higher Education Publication News in America

Higher Education Publication News in America

Higher Education Publication News in America

Higher education is a positive factor for publication. If the admission student’s research paper is published in a peer-reviewed journal, he or she will be in good standing on the list of admissions committees, assuming it has the potential to succeed in research. So many people are very interested in making publications. But many people seem to be quite confused as to where to do this publication, which journal is genuine and which is fake. So in today’s writing, I want to say basically something about this.

#Publication not mandatory #

who is in undergrad to publish a paper, It is not mandatory. So no one can take this matter for granted except a very high university. So there is no need for too much tension as there is no publicization. It doesn’t matter if it is good or not.

# What is “Publication”? #

Publication means holding a peer reviewer conference, workshop, or journal published here, with a student in the author’s list.

Writing in magazines – not important. Something printed in a university journal will not work.

# Number vs value #

In the case of publications, one must take care, not quantity, quality is important. That means instead of having 5 publications in anonymous places, you need to have 3 papers in a good place.

#Conference? Workshop? #

I do not know about other topics, but the importance of conference paper is more than workshop paper in computer science. Other subjects are considered more important in journals, not so much in computer science.

# Original vs. Fake #

There are many journals in the market. They print the paper in Gad. Many people charge a fee before printing. But many of these are fake academic journals, meaning they have nothing to do with academia.

One of the metrics for understanding the quality of a journal is the Impact Factor, which is actually a measure of how many times a journal’s paper has been elsewhere. If it is more than 5, the better. But in many cases, the number two journals are promoting fake impression factors.

How do you understand the real fake? Consider who is the author of articles published in a journal. If you see that almost everyone likes you, or students or teachers from all over the world in Asia, India, Africa, Asia, then you can take that number 2 journal. It sounds bad to say, it is rarely done to publish in the journal at the undergrad level, so if you get journal paper excluded from your undergrad thesis, you will get direct proof of that journal.

I saw the CV of many students, many of which were printed in the International Journal of Tamu. This is a fake journal, but people in academia know. So if anyone thinks that the admissions committee can be fooled by these CVs, then it would be foolish to say that he lives in heaven. These fake journals can be promoted at Bangladesh University, but they will not work for admission to a good university abroad. Printing paper money at a place that charges a fee for publishing it is even more worthless, your money will go, but in exchange for meaningless cheeks will be a “publication”.

This also applies to conferences. There are many fake conferences, where something just sends out. Some MIT students once made a fake paper with an automated paper generator and sent it to such a place. It is better not to stigmatize your CV by sending the paper in such places.

So good journal, how to recognize the conference? As I said before, see who publishes papers in those places. Find out who is on the program committee for the conference. Simply put papers in the journals or conferences of important companies of your subject – such as IEEE, ACM, USENIX, etc. for computer science. Check out the Impact Factor from Scopus or other reputable sites.

Don’t look for shortcuts. No work, guaranteed.

(And yes, I’ve seen many come out of Lambert Publications by giving the status on Facebook to Cayman, CV. This is another number 2 company, whose job is to put someone’s thesis on-demand without a sentence, which everyone knows about.) Don’t even try to buy the name of such a “book”, the admission committee people are not so stupid, they keep track of almost all the waters of the ghats. Kyama whether it can easily be seen).

(Sorry that I can’t answer questions like this in a similar journal or Tumbu conference.)

Reference by Ragib Hasan

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