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How a Typical Day For A Nursing Student Looks Like?

How a Typical Day For A Nursing Student Looks Like?

How a Typical Day for a Nursing Student Looks Like

Being a nursing student requires excellent multi-tasking skills. Besides studying, you may have to juggle recreational time, tending to your family members and work. You have only 24 hours to do everything, which may sometimes be overwhelming. If you do not plan your time well, chances are you could develop stress.

Since dropping out of school or getting low grades is the last thing you want as a healthcare learner, ensuring you program your activities well would be best. So, whether you just joined a nursing institution or are looking to further your education, here is an example of what your typical day may look like:

Day For A Nursing Student

6-7 am

Assuming your average sleep time ranges between six and eight hours, waking up a few minutes before six can help your mind program itself for the day’s activities. Most classes start around 7 am, so you have at least an hour to freshen up, take breakfast, arrange all the materials you need, walk, take a bus, or drive to school. It is also advisable to settle in your class fifteen minutes ahead of your lectures.

7-10 am

Depending on your level of study, part of your routine may involve reporting to a healthcare facility. At the station, you will be required to change into a uniform. At present, your duties may include knowing how many patients have been discharged or are still at the hospital and their medication requirements.

Your job is to care for the patients so that they can recover fully. As you execute your duties, think of how many lives you will save at the end of the day.

Day For A Nursing Student

10-10:30 am

A busy morning should pave the way for a break, even if it is for just 30 minutes. You can use this time to take coffee or join your friends to discuss what you have learned. Remember, nursing is an ongoing process.

So even if you are out there mingling with your friends, form the habit of discussing your knowledge with others. Taking a break also applies if you are in a clinic or healthcare institution.

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Back in class, your lecturer may take you through a theory class, which teaches you various course subjects discussed the previous week. It is a perfect session to ask your tutor about anything you do not understand. Your teacher may offer assignments or recommend nurse practitioner review courses to keep you busy during your free time.

At the hospital, the in-charge nurse or doctor may prescribe drugs for in-patients. Your role is to know which patients should receive the medications at this time. If a client’s condition is worsening, ensure you inform their respective doctor about it.

1-2 pm

Lunch break is here, which is a perfect opportunity to compare notes with your colleagues. You will still have time after classes to get your reading done. In some institutions, they may call it a day and release you for home. The same may apply when you are at the hospital.

2:10-4 pm

Once again, you get to review your patient’s needs, analyze their meds, and tend to their needs. Please expect some patients may get cranky depending on their conditions or the side effects of the drugs they are taking. Finally, you can inform the nurse-in-charge to dismiss you once you are through.

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4:30-6 pm

As the sun sets, your body warms up for non-class-related activities like grabbing a bite, traveling back home, or to the hostels. If you have assignments, use this time to complete them.

If you have to run an errand for your friends or go to the library, do it during this time. Whatever you do, make sure how you spend your free time will not interfere with your next day’s program of activities.

9-11 pm

Now is the right time to activate your body’s most important hormone: melatonin. You will need it to have a goodnight’s rest and prepare your mind for tomorrow’s sessions.

It doesn’t get easier than that

Planning your time and preparing your mind and body for the day’s obligations can assist you in overcoming the hurdles of school. This is a typical day for nursing students, but yours can be different. As long as you focus on internalizing what you have learned and perform your duties to the set expectations, you will have easier navigating your career.

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