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Wes Evaluation Steps

Wes Evaluation Steps

Wes Evaluation steps

Step-1: Complete the application in wes website and pay the application fee at first for course by course evaluation ($212)

(You will get a confirmation mail of payment with WES REFERENCE number which will be used everywhere in evaluation process.)

Step-2: Complete the first part of this form

and go to your university controller office for your certificate and academic transcript attested copy. They will fill up the rest of the part and and attach with the attested documents in a sealed envelope.

(Please inform them to write your WES reference number at the top of the envelope)*

(I have done my attestation urgently in 24 hours and I had to pay 1800 taka in CUET. Please it varies from university to university)

Step-3: Send the envelope to WES authority via DHL or other courier service

. DHL charges 2400 Tk. and gives you the tracking ID. It requires 3 working days to reach.

WES Courier address: WES Reference No. _ _ _ _ _ _ _

World Education Services

Attention: Documentation Center
64 Beaver St. #146
New York, NY 10004

Step-4: Waiting for reviewing the document.

When they receive the documents, they starts to review. Generally it requires 2/3 days to complete the review. In my case, 10 days were required.

Step-5: Review from WES

After reviewing, WES will email you that they have sent the scanned documents to your university for verification and they are waiting for the written response.

* Inform your controller office about that as soon as possible*

(In my case, email verification was done within 2 days from CUET)


After the written response from your university to WES, WES will give you a date when you will receive your final evaluation results. It generally requires 7 working days.

That’s it. All the tasks are done. Now it’s waiting time.

If everything goes well, you will get the evaluation result within the given date.

My Experiences:
It requires at least 1 month to complete the whole process. So, plan according to that.
Generally, CGPA increases. (I am telling from my sight. From 3.78 to 3.87)
You can contact them from their website help center. They give the reply 1/2 days later. ( I even called them :p )
This is totally my latest experience (July 2018). I hope, it will help others.

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