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How to Find Indian Grocery Store

How to Find Indian Grocery Store

How to Find Indian Store Grocery 1

It is known to all that the US is a nation of immigrants. Each of the immigrant community has its own cultural restaurants, stores, and institutions. New immigrants always love to find out their own community. So the new immigrants in the US badly seek out these cultural touch-points. So, they get used to living in the US. There are quite many Indian grocery stores. There are specific places where Indian immigrants can get find brands from home. There are a large number of Indian grocery store chains in the US.

I Shop Indian

It is the online based shop. iShopIndian is the largest and oldest online grocery store in the US. The online shop ships their products to all 50 states. IShopIndian’s have the great experience in the market and good selection. It makes them the go-to for many Indian immigrants in the mighty US. They usually sell Indian groceries, teas, spices, lentils, basmati rice, and curry foods. Most of the items are imported from India. You can also buy the frozen foods. These are shipped in special cooled packages, Indian-inspired cooking utensils and Indian cookbooks. It can be added that iShopIndian has an excellent collection of Indian recipes on their website. It is for the quick inspiration about their foods.

Patel Brothers

Patel Brother is very popular among the Indian community as well as others. It is a fast-growing Indian grocery chain with stores all over the country. They not only sell wide range foods but also spiritual herbs and spices, health and beauty products, house-made spice mixes, and more. They import many of their products from India. They have nice selection of Indian microwave dinners with snacks that you will hardly find in many other places.


Vedic Pro

Vedic Pro is also the online shop. It is one of the most prominent online shops by the Indian grocers. It is also known in particular for their low prices. The low price attracts the more Indians in the shop. Vedic Pro will surely match the prices of any other online Indian grocery store if you can find the same product. They sell the grocery items with a large number of food, beauty, health, and lifestyle products. This shop also imports their most of the products from India. They usually sell the most common items that you would find in a regular grocery store.

Grocery Babu

Grocery Babu is an online grocer in general. This shop is also very popular in the Indian community. This shop offers a selection of dry, refrigerated, and frozen Indian goods. The name of the shop comes from the name of the owner. The owner has a particularly large selection of Indian-brand snacks, food and desserts. You can easily get spices, tea, coffee, ghee, and many more. Grocery Babu also you see the newest products. They always add new foods and brands. Grocery Babu does also sells the health and beauty products. They do not have the selection of a store like iShopIndian or Vedic Pro. But there is one area that Grocery Babu excels in is recipes.


Zifiti is another online Indian store. It is with a different focus than the others. Zifiti usually sells groceries. They also sell Indian spices, snacks, candies, curries, and other dishes. The most important thing is that they categorize their foods by the region of India that they come from. Zifiti also sells a large range of Indian goods, art, including jewelry, handicrafts, and apparel. Here you can choose from over 8000 pieces of Indian jewelry. There are also artifacts like Ganesh sculptures. All these things make Zifiti an excellent place to find more than just groceries.

There are many other grocery stores from where you can find your preferable things. If you want the find out the location of these places you simply search the location of the store then you will get the specific location.

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