Issue: Incorrect most recent date of entry in the latest I94

Steps I took:1) Contacted Local Airport Immigration Office (also CBP office) (Austin for me)
2)They gave me an email id to contact. They told all I-94 errors are solved via email now and there is no need to visit in person. (This is the Houston’s field office id for i94 errors)
3) Sent an email to the given id explaining the probem.
4) Got a response the next day asking for the following details:
i. Copy of the Passport biographical page
ii. Copy of the United States Visa, if applicable
iii. Copy of the Admission stamp in your passport
iv. Boarding pass or flight information
v. Address in the United States
vi. Copy of your I-20s, I-129s or all of your I-797s if applicable.
5)Sent the requested info. Issue solved within 2 hours.