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How To Get An SSN As An International Student

How To Get An SSN As An International Student

How to get an SSN as an international student

What is an SSN?

International students often have a question about: How to get an SSN as an international student?”. Well if you are looking to find out the answer, you came to the right place.

A Social Security Number (SSN) is a 9-digit representative ID number, given by the U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA). Qualification for a Social Security Number depends on an individual’s qualification to work in the United States. Those qualified for a Social Security Number incorporate U.S. residents, lasting occupants, and qualified unfamiliar nationals – including, in specific conditions, understudies in F-1 or J-1 understudy status. Getting an SSN can be tricky for newcomers, but with some help, it is a piece of cake!

The Purpose of an SSN

A Social Security Number (SSN) is needed by the U.S. government for expense and business revealing purposes. It is utilized, for instance, for how to get an SSN as an international student, also, to report a representative’s income or a student’s available grant benefits. Be that as it may, it is frequently utilized as an issue of accommodation for an assortment of different purposes inconsequential to its authority reason, like opening phone, utility, or financial balances. While having a Social Security Number is helpful hence, SSNs are given distinctly to those people who are utilized or potentially have charge revealing necessities.

How To Get An SSN As An International Student

The Eligibility

To give a Social Security number, the Social Security Administration requires proof that you:

  • Are qualified to work in the U.S.
  • Are a full-time understudy
  • Have gotten a conventional proposal of nearby work, OR
  • Have been approved for off-grounds work through Curricular Practical Training, Optional Practical Training, or Academic Training.

However, firstly, to know how to get an SSN as an international student isn’t needed to get a driver’s permit, cell, Mastercard, protection, admission to a scholastic foundation, or other “non-work” reasons. The Social Security Administration should likewise check your movement records and status with Immigration prior to giving the Social Security number.

Application Procedure

Get proof of business and legitimate F1 work approval. To apply for an SSN, you should initially acquire substantial work approval. Approval can be founded on one of the accompanying. Ensure that you meet the qualification necessities for F-1 business.

  • On-Campus Employment: get a letter from a TC or Columbia office affirming that you have been extended to a nearby employment opportunity. Snap the connection (Sample Department Letter for nearby Employment) to download an example division letter. The business letter should be imprinted on division letterhead, endorsed in the first by your recruiting office, and incorporate the accompanying data:
    • Your work title (e.g., research partner, library right hand, editor, and so forth)
    • Your assessed or genuine beginning date
    • Assessed or real number of hours out of every week you are required to work
    • Your supervisor’s title and telephone number
  • Curricular Practical Training: acquire a refreshed Form I-20 from TC showing that you have been approved to take part in F-1 Curricular Practical Training (business situated in a scholastic entry level position/hand on work/practicum)
  • Optional Practical Training or other off-grounds employment: acquire a legitimate, unexpired Employment Authorization (EAD) card from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services approving you to work under F-1 discretionary reasonable preparing, global association work, or extreme financial difficulty work.
  • Present a Request to the OIS for an SSN Letter. On the off chance that you are mentioning Social Security Number dependent on nearby business, you should bring your TC or CU division letter to the OISS. The OISS will give a subsequent letter to affirm that you have gotten nearby business and that you are a full-time understudy on favorable terms.
    • An OISS letter isn’t needed if your work depends on curricular down to earth preparing, discretionary useful preparing, worldwide association business, or extreme monetary difficulty business.
  • Visit a Social Security Office (see underneath) to apply for a SSN. Government backed retirement structures are accessible at SSA workplaces. No expense is required. Bring your:
    • Structure I-20
    • Legitimate, unexpired identification
    • I-94 card or electronic I-94
    • In the event that you are dealing with grounds: business letters from your nearby manager and the OIS
    • In the event that you are occupied with CPT: your I-20 should have an approval for CPT imprinted on page 3 of the structure
  • On the off chance that you are occupied with OPT: you should likewise bring your unexpired Employment Authorization (EAD) card.

Also, on the topic of, how to get an SSN as an international student, The OISS right now suggests that you don’t make a difference for a Social Security Number over 30 days preceding the beginning of your nearby work, CPT approval, or the starting date of your EAD card. The Social Security Administration has dismissed applications submitted over 30 days before the beginning of work as too soon.

At the point when you present your application, your reports will be evaluated by an SSA analyst. When your application is acknowledged, request an application receipt so you can show your boss that you have applied for an SSN. You can hope to understand and learn how to get an SSN as an international student inside 4 a month and a half, in spite of the fact that preparing times differ.

If your card gets lost

After you have learned how to get an SSN as an international student, you should know that you can exchange your card for free, if it is lost or taken. Be that as it may, you are restricted to three substitution cards in a year and 10 during your lifetime. Legitimate name changes and different exemptions don’t check toward these cutoff points. For instance, changes in a nonimmigrant status that require card updates may not check toward these cutoff points.

• To demand a substitution card:
• Complete an Application for A Social Security Card (Form SS-5)
• Present as of late gave photograph ID to show your character (visa, Washington state ID card)
• Show proof of your present legal nonimmigrant status (visa, I-20/DS-2019, I-94)
• Complete another Social Security Verification structure (on the off chance that you are utilized nearby)
• Your substitution card will have a similar name and number as your past card.

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