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How to Plan Studies in the USA for Bangladeshi Student

How to Plan Studies in the USA for Bangladeshi Student

How to Plan Studies in the USA for Bangladeshi Student

This article goes through the procedure on how to plan studies in the USA for Bangladeshi Student. When you are applying overseas you must do things in a specific order and plan accordingly. The first important thing to do is to research the university and course you want to do in the US. After that, you will need to sit for the entrance exam which can be GRE/GMAT/SAT depending on your degree and university.

For everyone whose first language is not English, must take an English test. The test options include IELTS or TOEFL. Other English tests are also accepted by universities in the US. After you get your score you may apply to your desired Universities. The visa processing comes after the university accepts you.

When you are planning to study in a foreign country it may be difficult and confusing as there are many steps to follow. There are many international students in the USA from Bangladesh. This article is a guide on how to plan studies in the USA for Bangladeshi Students. All the important steps from start to until you get your visa is noted in this article. The steps are not complicated or difficult to follow through.

What is a study plan to study in the USA?

A study plan is a plan which summarizes the steps needed for a certain procedure related to studies. The study plan could be on improving grades or completing a syllabus. This article’s study plan explains how to plan studies in the USA for Bangladeshi Students. A study plan to study abroad mainly focuses on how to apply for university, visas, and meeting requirements.

How to plan studies in the USA for Bangladeshi Student

Here is a step-by-step guide on things you will need to take into consideration when applying to the USA as a Bangladeshi student.

Academic Records

Academic records are official records of your education. In the USA you will need to show your academic records, in other words, your high school diploma, bachelor’s degree, or anything that’s equivalent. These requirements vary from university to university and course to course.

Undergraduate Degree

An undergraduate student from Bangladesh will be applying for a bachelor’s degree or degree equivalent. Universities in the USA will accept scores from SSC, HSC, O –levels, and A – levels. O – level and A – level are international examinations that are also held in Bangladesh. SSC (Secondary School Certificate) and HSC (Higher Secondary School Certificate) are exam boards in Bangladesh Public education institutes. However, the scores must meet the required score of your desired University.

The average GPA score in the USA is 3.0. If not then, instead of directly starting your bachelor’s, you have the option to join a pre-university course. After the completion of the pre-university course with a GPA that meets the requirements, you can enter the bachelor’s course.

Masters Degree

A student from Bangladesh who wants to complete their Master’s program in the USA has separate requirements. To join a Master’s program the student must have academic records of a bachelor’s degree or something of that equivalence. The bachelor’s degree usually has to be of the same field, especially for science courses. Universities may ask for high – school diplomas as well and at least a 16-year education. 

Shortlist Universities

This is a general step for a study plan to study in the US. Choose your desired Universities and shortlist them. Things to consider when you are choosing your University:


 If you are already sure about your major that is great. However, if you are still indecisive about it you can still apply to the university. The first year of University is quite general. You should still check if the university has all the possible majors you will end up choosing.


Check tuition fees and available scholarships in the universities. Some universities offer financial aid depending on your circumstances.


Look for the climate you prefer. If you are not in an on-campus accommodation you should consider the transportation around your university.

Popular degrees in the US

US University has a variety of degrees. Here is a list of the most popular degrees in the US.

  • MBA degrees
  • Masters in Engineering
  • Masters in Computer Science
  • Masters in Psychology

Universities for Masters

The following list includes US universities you can consider when completing your master’s degree.

  • Harvard Kennedy School
  • Columbia University
  • University at Buffalo
  • California State University Northridge

Admission Tests

Besides your academic records, you will need to attend admission tests. All universities in the USA require you to sit for admission exams. The scores from these admission tests can highly influence your university entrance. There are different exam boards for different levels of education. As the average GPA score of the USA is 3.0, you will need a GPA score equivalent or higher to attend your desired University. There are universities with specific courses, which accept lower GPA scores as well.

Undergraduate Degree

To apply for an undergraduate degree in the USA you will have to sit for SAT exams. The SAT exam is available in Bangladesh with a valid passport. There are 7 chances to sit for SAT exams annually. SAT stands for Standard Assessment Tests owned by USA College Board. SAT exam is 3 hours long. The scores of SAT exams range rim 400 – 1600. The sections of this examination include; Mathematics, Language, Critical Reading, and Writing with an optional section for essay writing. SAT exams test the students analyzing and problem-solving skills that will be needed in college. An alternative to SATs is the ACTs; Universities in the USA accept both. If you are applying for a science course you may be required to sit for SAT science subject exams as well.

Masters Degree

If you are planning to do a master’s degree from a business school you must take part in the GMAT exams. GMAT is the Graduate Management Admission Test. It tests your analytic, writing, quantitative, verbal, and reading skills. GMAT scores are accepted in all US business schools. The duration of this test is around 3 hours. It is also offered multiple times a year.

Besides GMAT exams there is a GRE, which is more general. GRE stands for Graduate Record Examinations. It is similar to the GMAT but focuses more on algebra, geometry, arithmetic, and vocabulary sections. GRE has 6 subject tests that include; Biology, Chemistry, Literature in English, Mathematics, Physics, and Psychology.

English Tests

English requirements are usually the same for both Master’s degrees and Undergraduate degrees.  You must sit for an English Language Test if your first language is not English. The English exams have four parts in total that include reading, listening, writing, and speaking. Both exams are offered multiple times throughout the year worldwide.


International English Language Testing System is one of the major English Language Tests in the world. All USA universities recognize it. There are two types of IELTS. One is for higher education and the other is for workplaces. The test is 2 hours and 45 minutes long. It is under the British council. The minimum score required by US universities is 6.3.


Test of English as a Foreign Language is a test that measures your English proficiency. Many education institutes also accept it. The TOEFL test can be taken as an Internet-based test or a Paper-based test. The test may take 4 hours to complete. The USA University may find the TOEFL tests a better fit for their Universities as it is a test developed by an American Company. The minimum requirement to enter a US university with TOEFL is 78.

While humans only grade IELTS tests, TOEFL exams are graded by humans and automated scoring systems. If you prefer multiple-choice questions and talking through a microphone during the speaking test you should go for TOEFL.


Now after you have your results, you can prepare to apply to the Universities that were shortlisted. It is encouraged to apply to multiple Universities, as there is a higher chance of acceptance.

When you are applying to the USA from Bangladesh there are many documents to prepare. An international student, in general, has to provide many documents to get accepted and have a smooth process. When you are applying the University will need your


You will need your passport for your entrance exam and also when you are applying to your chosen University. You will have to send a passport copy over to the institute as well. Copies of the first and last page should be attested or the copy will not be valid.


A resume will include your education, work experience, and any other qualifications that will help you get accepted into the University of your choice. Mentions your extracurricular activities too.


A transcript is given by the education institute you were in or transferring from. It has a record of your performance in all the subjects and exams. The US University will need this official paper. All the copies of the transcript need to be attested from the institute itself.


Certificates of Olympiads and other extracurricular activities can be crucial when you are applying for University in the USA and want a scholarship as well. Some common certificates can be for volunteering work, published papers, awards, and participation. The copies may be required to be attested as well.

Letter of Recommendation

Generally, you will need to prepare 3 recommendation letters from 3 different recommenders. Master’s programs request hard copies with an official envelope with stamps, a seal, and a signature to prove that the applicant has not viewed it. Any other programs will accept online letters.

Entrance Exam Official Scores

GRE/GMAT/SAT and TOEFL/IELTS must be sent to the university online through the ETS ( Educational Test Service) website.

Personal Statement

This writing should mention your strengths and what challenges shaped the person you are. You should write this confidently, briefly, and comprehensively as well. You can submit it online or through courier. If you sent it by courier make sure to send it in good quality paper.

Bank Statement

Not all universities as for bank statements. This letter will show that you have enough savings for living expenses and tuition fees. The same bank must attest to the copies of the bank statements.


After applying and getting accepted you will need to process your visa. Getting a Visa may be the most troublesome for Bangladeshi international students in the USA. If the documents are incomplete or not valid the visa gets rejected.

There are 3 types of student visas:

F – 1: visa for students who are to study at a US college, university, or English language Institute.

J exchange visa: Visa for students who are part of an exchange program from high school or university.

M student visa: for students under training in the USA.

Once you are accepted into the university they will send you a form from the international student department.  This form is a database called Student and Exchange Visa Information System. You can contact your university’s international student department for further inquiries.

The documents you will need are :

  • A passport, which is valid for at least 6 months after the period of your stay in the US starts.
  • The form and acceptance at SEVP( school is certified and authorized by Department of Homeland Security to take in and enroll F visa international students) approved school.
  • Application fee – which varies from university to university.
  • Non – immigrant visa application with a copy of your Form 1 – 20 
  • Passport size photograph

Each type of student visa may have different requirements however the list above mentions the general documents required.

There are a lot of procedures and documents, however, this article mentions the steps descriptively. The university in the USA can also be contacted and they will surely guide you through the steps as well. The steps mentioned in this article can be a good guide for Bangladeshi students on how to plan studies in the USA.

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