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How to Renew Drivers License During OPT Cap-Gap

How to Renew Drivers License During OPT Cap-Gap

Renew driving license on opt


Post Completion OPT (Initial 1 year of OPT ) ends on Jan 25,2016. Current driving license(paper copy) expires on Dec12, 2015. DMV refused to extend my license or to issue a new license because the gap between those dates is less than 60 days. I had applied for the OPT STEM Extension so I talked with DMV supervisor, explained about the 180 days automatic extension we get (still, we do not have any documented proof for that fact apart from the government website which says the information is old and may be expired because of the court ruling out OPT Extension matter) while OPT Extension application is pending even after Post completion OPT ends. I showed my OPT Extension case acceptance Notice as well but they wanted some documented proof for my immigration status.


I asked DMV the S.A.V.E. form. (“The SAVE Program will provide timely customer-focused immigration status information to authorized agencies in order to assist them in maintaining the integrity of their programs”. ). I emailed the filled form and required documents to S.A.V.E. program coordinator. Once they verified all the documents, within 7 business days, they emailed me a verification letter which contains information on my official immigration status. More specifically, they mentioned a date by which my immigration status is valid ( they did consider that 180 days automatic extension) so that DMV can put the same date as expire date on my license. This letter is particularly written in attention to DMV. I visited my DMV with this letter and the other documents needed for the driving license and they issued me a new license.


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