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How to Start WES Evaluation

How to Start WES Evaluation


Today I will talk about WES in this article. Earlier, many people in this group expressed very good writing and opinion on this topic. Then I tried to explain more about WES here as I did.

At the beginning let us know what WES is and why

WES’s full name is World Education Services, which is abbreviated to WES. The task of WES is to make International Credential Evaluation. Only two countries need WES, followed by the United States and Canada. For higher education in the United States and for immigration ** in Canada. The WES’s job is to make Credential Evaluation of Students Applicable to Higher Education in the United States Varsity, and to convert non-American transcripts to American standards. Usually some middle and lower ranking American universities need WES afterwards.

How long does it take to do WES!

If you make all the papers ready and send them to WES without delay, it will take a maximum of 7 days before the end of the evaluation. And it will take 2-5 weeks for the report paper to arrive at your house (official call). Sometimes it can take 3-5 weeks. It took me a total of 20 days.

What documents will you need and where to find them

The WES requires two documents.  Photocopy of Bachelor Certificate (Final or Probabilistic) and Photocopy on the transcript. If someone has a Masters and wants to do a Masters WES, then they should send certificates and transcripts to their Masters as well.

The WES website has official transcripts, which should be taken from the Office of the Registrar / Exam Controller of Varsity. For this, certain fees (4-10 dollar) have to be paid. In case some version does not want to issue a transcript for the second time, photocopy of the original transcript will also work. I also gave a photocopy. And a photocopy of the certificate will be required. Never send the original copy of the certificate. Because the original copy of the certificate is issued from Varsity only once. Each of these documents must be enclosed with a register or Exam Controller.

Now let’s get started on how WES works

STEP-1: First you have to open an account by going to the WES website. Open your account with all the information very carefully and slowly. Because even though I was very careful, my name and home address were wrong in my account. Please check the payment name before the address. Once the payment has been made, you will no longer be able to change your name and address. In that case, you will need to correct the name address by contacting WES. Good to say I couldn’t contact WES by emailing at 9 am and after calling them on the landline, they kept me on hold for an hour and told me ” none of their representatives are available”.. WES’s communication system is the 3rd class. So check the address name repeatedly before making a payment. Otherwise, if the account name does not match with the certificate name, then there may be a problem and the WES report of the wrong address will never come to your home. Do not press the Back / Previous button of the site without reason. In this, the WES overlaps the data. However, after giving all the information you have to pay $ 212 USD with a credit card online. Here you have to select the WES Evaluation Type: Course-by-Course Evaluation (ICAP) while giving information on the account. Confirmation message/mail will be sent to your email from WES immediately after payment is completed and will give a reference number to your account. This reference number is very important. This is the reference number for all subsequent work will need it. WES will identify you with this reference number. Then download and print a pdf form named Academic Records Request Form from the WES website, the first part of the student (you) will have to fill in and leave the following part to fill the varsity. Note that you must enter your reference number at the beginning of this form.

This pdf is on the site called International_Transcript_Request.pdf. I gave the download link below –

STEP-2: It’s the turn to prepare a document. I have already said what the document will require. I worked with photocopies of my BSc and MBA certificates and transcripts. There was no new transcript for just spending it. First, clear the original copies of your BSc and MBA certificates and transcripts, and then photocopy them (as is). Then submit these photocopies with the Academic Records Request Form downloaded on STEP-1 to the Office of the Registrar or Exam Controller of Verity (Certificate + Transcript + Academic Records Request Form). Then attach each certificate and transcript to the Registrar or Controller of Examination and fill it with the bottom of the Academic Records Request Form and sign it.

STEP-3: Now these 5 documents (Certificate + Transcript + Academic Records Request Form) should be sealed together on the official envelope of Varsity. And re-register cuticle should be signed in the sealed area of ​​the envelope. This is shown in the picture below. Now, on the envelope, write your reference number in clear ink (black marker). You can then type in the address of WES on a small paper and apply glue to the bottom/side of the envelope. I gave, but no problem. Varsity will take 3 or 2 days to do this STEP-2 & 3 jobs.

STEP-4: This envelope will then need to be courier directly to DHL. DHL (student package) will take 20 takas. The parcel takes 5 to 7 days to arrive. Be aware that these documents are the rules for sending WES from your Varsity. Since the Varsity of our country does not accept these rules, you must parcel yourself. That is why you have to give the address of the varsity the parcel sender’s place. And WES address in the recipient’s place.

STEP-5: Now wait until the parcel is reached. You can track your parcel’s location with DHL’s tracking system. WES will show “DOCUMENT RECEIVED” status in your account 2 days after the parcel arrives. The WES will then review your papers. It will take approximately 2-5 days to review. WES will email you when the review is complete and the email will say that they have emailed documents to Verify your documents. Additionally, “PENDING ” and ” RECEIVED DOCUMENT AWAITING VERIFICATION “status will be displayed on your account. Below I have shared screenshots of my email and WES account respectively.

STEP-6: Now it’s up to you, either manually or by phone, to tell the Varsity Registrar or Controller of Examination that they have received an email from WES asking them to declare it “Verified”. “Verified” declaration is done by email response. Once VERSITY has been declared “Verified”, WES will display the status “ACCEPTED “on your account after 3 or 2 days. Below I shared a screenshot of my WES account.

You’re done Now it’s your turn to wait. WES will begin your Credential Evaluation. It took me about 3-5 days. When Credential Evaluation is completed, WES will notify you by email and send a hard copy to your home address. No need to pay WES to send this hard copy. Hard copy takes 2-5 weeks to arrive. Government calls come in so aim. (Very possibly the first 5 VCs can be sent for free. I have no idea about that, you know.) Next, you will make $ 5 to send a WES report/result to each version. Order like GRE Score.



Statutory Warning

WES but often make fatal mistakes. If WES confirms you Evaluation in the email will upload a NOT-Official Report copy to your WES account. You may not download/save or use that copy anywhere. Just give it a go. There you will play grade, GPA and finally (BSc & MSc) CGPA on each of your subjects. Because they added the credits of my Bachelor’s and Masters (1.1 + 1) altogether, they made the Evolution to Total 5.1 credit and showed only 1.3 Credits as Bachelor’s CGPA. That is a fatal mistake. It was mailed out 3 times later. Your Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree will be reported in two different CGPA forms, with two different types of Evaluation.

Even after this Fair and Lovely mask called WES, my tsunami devastated CGPA’s appearance has not changed much. If my writing and experience came to any benefit, please pray for me, so that I can pass the Atlantic in any opinion with this tsunami devastated CGPA.


Declaration: I wrote the entire procedure described above (STEP: 1-6) in my own experience and got positive results. My method and experience with Varsity Veda may not match the method and experience of others. I will correct this in the article.


Q- If someone’s BSc and MSc are in different versions, how do I do that?

A-If BSc and MSc are in different varsity, then the whole process should be done 2 times. Even parcels need to be shipped separately. Try to send both parcels in the same day, then both will arrive on the same day.

Q- Do two degrees BSc, MSc Evaluation together, will the cost double?

A-The answer is – no. You can get all the degrees you have in a WES account at $ 202. No extra costs. But yes, parcels need to be sent separately if the varsity is different. In that case the parcel will cost an extra 20 bucks.

Q-With whom can you be absorbed?

A – Only needs to be done with Registrar or Controller of Examination. Assistant Registrar can also be done if you do not get Registrar.

Q: Does CGPA increase or decrease after doing WES?

A – It will depend on the grading system of your varsity. In almost all government varsity, CGPA increases slightly. In the case of private varsity, CGPA may increase or may not increase.

Can Q-Certificate and Transcript Photocopy be sent?

A-go. You can also scan the original Certificate and Transcript and print it offset paper and then submit it.

Q- How do I make an online payment?

A-EBL’s Aqua Dual Currency Prepaid Credit Card allows you to make payments. No bank account or salary statement is required to make Aqua Card. Anyone who is unemployed, like soccer or me, can get this plastic card for 5 bucks. Once the card is made, you have to endorse the dollar with a passport and insert/load the dollar on the card. This card has a term of 3 years without any annual service charge. You can make payments with this card from anywhere in the country and abroad. DBBL is more accessible and useful than virtual cards. Keep time in hand as it takes 3 working days for the card to be active and 3-5 days to be usable. One hour before the payment, call the EBL Hotline and open the International Payment Gateway.

Q- Canada, but the same procedure for the WES?

Although I didn’t do WES for Canada myself. A friend of mine did. So according to his experience, the procedure for WES in Canada is very similar to that of US VES. Evaluation Type for American Varsity: Course by Course Evaluation (ICAP) takes place and Immigration Canada requires Evaluation Type: Document-by-Document. Your degree in Canada’s WES will only be written on whether or not your immigration status is appropriate in the report, no matter how many grades / CGPA will be written in the course. But you can also apply to immigrate to Canada with a WES for the USA.

Q- Do I have to carry the A4 size envelope home?

A- Don’t take anything. There is no profit. WES papers will not be accepted without the official envelope of Varsity. Because Varsity will hand over the envelopes to you with the official logo of Varsity. You will even be given a free envelope from DHL.

Q- Do I photocopy the transcript or do I photocopy it on two separate pages?

A- As the official is on both pages, you can photocopy the paper by reading it at 3 pm. If the single page is to be signed on each page, the register will have to be signed.

Can I bring the envelope papers from Q-Varsity home or open them later?

A- Can’t. Because most Varsity papers take 5 days to sign and seal and seal themselves. You cannot open sealed packets later. My varsity had also prepared the package by signing and sealing itself. So I haven’t had a chance to open after that. Note that ” WITHOUT SEAL OPEN ” or ” PROPER SIGN ” papers will not accept WES.

Cannot any other company be evaluated without Q-WES?

A- Of course it goes and in my opinion probably costs a little less. But I do not remember the names of the companies. Google does. One more thing, you will not get the same text /article/feedback/ youtube video you get about WES in Bangladesh with other companies. We don’t want the Bengalis to go out of the WES despite the poor service of WES. WES is doing a lot of business like an East India company. Many Varsity mentions whom to evaluate with. You can see that on the site they are applying to Varsity. Not all companies are Evaluation Certified and acceptable.

Q- Can the papers be sent to a courier other than DHL?

A-go. FedEx 25 Taka, TNT 25 Taka, Bengal Express 3 Taka. You can also send government postage to ESM (including tracking). But the minister himself cannot guarantee when the mail will arrive or not at all. It takes 4 bucks to send a post to ESM. Rated as country and document mass. Typically the posts are below 25 grams. In America, if the rate is below 25 grams, the rate is 1 Taka. If it is below 1 gram, its rate is 1 taka. Europe is less than 5 bucks. Check out the link below. Link:

(Source: HigherStudyAbroad ™ Europe File section. Article name “Various means of sending documents to the University”)

Q- Does anyone have any problem if they have more than one WES account?

A- Of course. Do not create multiple accounts on WES like Facebook. Because Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t mind, but WES does. In my first account of 20, due to some informational mistakes, I made a new one in my account. But WES has not forgotten me even after an account with a long email and 2 separate email IDs. The WES traces me exactly by address and name matching and didn’t bother me to open a new account. Later, however, after 3 weeks of trying 4 weeks later, he gave me a new account. And in that new account will automatically add all the information (reference number] / order number etc) of my old account separately. So quit mischief and open an account carefully.

Q- Do I type the name of the “sender” on the courier’s envelope?

In A-Courier, you will send the name of your Varsity to the sender. Because you are giving your papers to WES, you are not. So here in the sender’s place, Varsity’s name will be the address (think logically). If your BSc, MSc is in a different version then there will be two separate courier packets. And there will be the sender’s name address to those two versions of you. Examples: Courier packet of X Varsity contains the address name of X Varsity and Y Varsity name address in Courier packet of Y Varsity. I have confirmed this by mailing to WES, talking to many, on the internet and various Facebook posts. Even DHL agents are very experienced in this regard. That’s what they said.

Many disagree on this issue. Many have also said that they have sent and sent 2 Varsity papers in the same courier packet and in their name to WES. may be. Many have had problems again. So if you want to experiment with your papers, do it yourself.

But I personally advise in the name of Varsity and for sending BSc, MSc papers in separate courier packets. Be sure I don’t have any problems with your paperwork in this way.


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