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IELTS preparation for full-time/part-time service holders

IELTS preparation for full-time/part-time service holders

IELTS preparation for full-time/part-time service holders

Dear readers, here goes another article on IELTS where the preparation aspect of this test has been discussed with a new light.

IELTS happens to be a language test. The skill development of IELTS happens to be different than that of GRE or any other standardized aptitude test. Language test happens to be based on skills which are contemporary and sometimes colloquial. Keeping up with these skills take regular approach, where a versatile preparation approach should be executed for a better band score. However, being a full-time or part-time professional, it is difficult to keep up with the preparation as well as any sort of language skill development. Today I am going to shed some light on that particular area.

It is a basic concept that there are four skills of any language such as: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Now these skill development should be based on practice based preparation. Here are some pointers which would be useful in case a candidate is in either a full-time or a part-time job.

Now, let us focus on all those four individual skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening), and how exactly a job-holder may enhance their skills in these four individual sectors.

Enhancing Reading Skills

Reading comprehension happens to be one of those sections of IELTS where scoring a higher score is comparatively easier. If someone has a regular habit of reading English Newspaper as well as any other resources, that person would be very much apt to face the reading part. Keeping that in mind, there are certain pointers that I would like to mention which would help a full-time/part-time job holder could enhance his/her reading skills:

  • Reading newspaper on a regular basis will help a lot to every job-holder. Every office in the world has a supply of newspaper in premises. So, every officials can take advantage of it.
  • Reading official documents can also help them a lot. This can be extra beneficial because every official documentation comes with questions and explanations that the official has to do on a regular basis. This trend of explaining makes him apt to understand any comprehension and them find answer from withing the passages that they read.
  • Also, it is very much important for them to understand what they read. Otherwise it is never going to work.

Enhancing Writing Skills

Writing section in IELTS can be very tricky. Because in writing section of IELTS, a lot of variables are examined. Apart from spelling and grammatical accuracy, it is also seen or observed that how clear a concept is expressed. Therefore, whenever any official report is being submitted by any IELTS contender with a full-time job, it is important for him to follow through and maintain all these in those reports. He has to consider every report as a writing section of IELTS.

While we are talking about writing a perfect official report, we also have to remember that it is not easy for many of the professionals to write a perfect report. For them, it is very much important to learn how to write a perfect report. For that, he has to take any measures necessary, including going to a mentor.

Enhancing Listening Skills

In this regard, a job-holder must make a listening habit and enhance the ability to  not only listen but also to pick information out of what he listened. In that regard, listening to BBC news in order to pick information out of it may be helpful. Apart form that, there are a lot of online and other materials from where picking information can be very useful.

Enhancing Speaking Skills

This is difficult for a job-holder to grow up a speaking skills in English, specially if he does not have an environment of English speaking. However, growing that habit should be a very contemporary practice, which means, speaking habit should be based on the current usage of English. It is also wise to emphasis on British English.


It may be clear enough that it is not difficult for a professional to enhance IELTS skills, whether academic or general. however, there no matter how great the skills are, it should always be in practice. No matter how busy a professional may be, he should always find time to practice the four essential skills of IELTS. He should use the times of weekend as well as sit for mocks as much as possible. This way, he will be able to score a higher band in each section.

That’s all for today. In my next article I will discuss how someone from a particular third-world country should prepare for IELTS. 

Till then, happy reading !!!

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