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IELTS preparation for students

IELTS preparation for students

IELTS preparation for students

Hello readers, I hope you enjoyed the week at least more than I did.

Last times in our articles, we discussed several strategies which would explain some general traits for the four essential parts of IELTS or any language learning process namely: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Those are some simple strategic view points of view with a light analysis on them, which will be elaborated later on my future articles. Today I am solely dedicating my article on some prospects of getting prepared for IELTS, specially for students who are about to sit for the test.

IELTS – happens to be solely a test of language. The more a students knows of and about the language, the better hold he is going to have over the four skills of English language, hence a better band score in this particular test. One fact regarding these kinds of tests is that they are quite different form standardized aptitude tests such as: GRE, GMAT or anything else as such. The difference is: in tests like GRE or GMAT, there is no speaking or listening tests. Plus those tests are fully based on Analytical Abilities of any candidate. However, tests like IELTS is solely base on language abilities. Therefore, the preparation of these two tests would also be very much different.

Now let us discuss about the preparation of a student and how would he or she should take preparation for IELTS. Before taking any preparation, every student should remember some facts:

  • IELTS validity if for only two (02) years, which is way less than that of five (05) years such as GRE or GMAT or other standardized tests. If anyone wants to prepare or sit for the test, he must do it almost immediately before the necessary program or applied program. Because sometimes it takes more than two years for the program to mature and wheels to move on.
  • IELTS is a language skill. Therefore, learning language should be the priority here. Learning language is different from person to person. One should define his own style of learning language.
  • A student should always focus on the real curriculum first. Because, the program that requires only IELTS for admission, requires a good result to get into, with or without scholarships.
  • Those students who are seeking General IELTS should know that these are different from Academic module.
  • A student gets a lot of free times which should be utilized properly in case of practicing.
  • There are a lot of online materials that may be used by the students, specially those which are free of cost.
  • Proper analysis should be done to analyze IELTS – properly by the students as the strategy of preparation should vary from person to person. I have seen people getting 8 even 9 in speaking and listening just by watching English movie and TV series.
  • Collecting the right material should be a priority for the preparation. Only a student should be able to research into it so that he can find the right materials.


Let us discuss some of the individual strategies of for the four skills which a student should work on.


  • A student has more than ample scores to improve reading. Simply by reading his text curriculum properly, he can improve his reading to a certain level.
  • Reading Newspapers regularly works wonders every time.
  • Reading newspaper may enhance reading skills, however, news articles never includes question solving. To practice that, there must be some text books regarding IELTS. Cambridge test guides are proper in this regard, not to mention various online resources.


  • Improvement of writing skill takes time. I would like to refer to my previous article (IELTS STRATEGIC ANALYSIS: WRITING) – as there are some techniques explained in that article.
  • A student should also follow and apply the pattern of sentence structure used in the materials that is used in the materials that they read.
  • Writing part is different for AT and GT. Any student who are going for AT should keep that in mind while preparing for IELTS.


  • Preparing for speaking is a whole different ball game. In the test, the speaking contains short speeches regarding several issues. So it is imperative that students should work-out the ways to talk about some issues for at least five minutes.
  • Joining debate team or even English drama club has worked well for some students during IELTS test.
  • It is also beneficial to talk in English in the familiar environment. A student must remember that the more familiar the language is the better it is going to be while speaking.


  • Listening for a student is one of the most vital part. Because listening requires focus and students, most of them, lack in focus.
  • Listening to BBC or CNN can help a lot in this regard.
  • However, listening also contains question solving. Therefore, solving problems both online and offline can be really beneficial.

Every student should remember that it takes time to develop skills. However, scoring good band scores in IELTS requires regular preparation for at least two (02) months. Therefore, regular practice for at least two months can work wonder for anyone.

And also, there are a lot of local centers who take mock tests. Selecting a good center and going for the mocks there would be a good idea in this regard, the more the merrier. 

Those who would like a sample routine to follow, please contact me in this address ( and I will help them make a routine for IELTS preparation.

That’s it for today. In my next article, I am going to explain more about preparation of IELTS for full-time/part-time job holders.


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