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Introduction to Statement of Purpose (SOP) or Admission Essay

Introduction to Statement of Purpose (SOP) or Admission Essay



Hello readers, here I am with another new flavor of article regarding one of the most demanded and asked topics of the admission world; Statement of Purpose (SOP).

The statement of purpose happens to be one of the most important elements of admissions that the admission committee gives special attention to. This statement is considered as the reflection of who the candidate really is, what actually made the candidate to go for the career or possible career choice, what kind of professional interests does the candidate have as well as where does the candidate intend to see himself in the near future as well as utilize the degree. It needs to be exposed fact, as it also should be something that requires sheer level of honesty. Nevertheless, no matter what a candidate writes about himself, the statement requires to be well written to be successful.

It is mandatory to write a successful SOP to become successful in the battle of admission. Because SOP happens to be an integral part of any admission requirement, not only in English speaking countries but also in any first world as well as developing countries. Let us watch the following flow:

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Therefore, it is very much important to compose a successful SOP for several reasons. Let me shed some light on the importance of SOP.





  • SOP happens to be one of the most important parts of the admission packages, apart from GRE/GMAT/TOEFL/IELTS score(s), also the letter of recommendation that is because this very documentation is the only thing that the candidate has control over. The standardized tests as well as the letter of recommendation has to be very much carefully composed as well as faced, however, a candidate cannot exert any control over these elements of admission. Here in the statement of purpose, the candidate has the actual control to express his outlook as well as his speech.
  • Through this SOP, a candidate can have a chance to talk to the admission board directly, which is a very good chance to convince them so that they consider or even re-consider the candidate’s case. It is a chance to stand out from a vast number of similarly qualified candidates for the same admission opportunity.
  • SOP happens to be a tool of psychological profiling of a candidate by the admission council. A candidate and his psychology is very important for several reasons such as: is he going to be good enough for the Institution, is the subject the candidate applied compatible to the candidate’s psychology, does the candidate have the right mind-set to do something with the degree in the near future, is the candidate mentally stable enough to go through the rigorous level of toil that comes with the course and so on. Therefore, a well written SOP is very much important to exhibit that the psychology of a candidate is right where it should belong.
  • A good SOP creates a viable chance to compensate for low CGPA or any other low test scores such as GRE/GMAT – and sometimes an SOP can be the sole purpose for getting not only an admission but also a full-funded facility in the institution. A bad SOP on the other hand has been noticed before to drag an applicant down, even after a perfect grade as well as a competitive test score in GRE/GMAT/SAT. Therefore, an SOP happens to mean a lot when it comes to admission council or decision making committee.



It is a very much common practice almost everywhere in the world that when it comes to admission in a good institution, we focus on GRE/GMAT or any other standardized tests at our heart’s content. We simply try our best to score the perfect score or at least the score we expect to achieve for ourselves; in most of the cases that does not happen. Then we accumulate all the paper-works for the application, go through the necessary processes to make these papers legalized and then, right before the submission, we tend to bother about the Statement of Purpose or Admission Essay or whatever it is called anywhere or everywhere around the globe. We simply go through the website, accumulate the best version of SOP that worked for the candidate who wrote it and submitted it (and you don’t even know whether it will work for you or not) and then edit the information as our own, and then after a basic grammatical check-ups, we simply submit the essay to the admission board with your fingers crossed, because we have achieved a good score in GRE/GMAT and all, so we are kind of relieved that our application is going to impress the admission board. But that is not going to happen. Because SOP is kind of the “window of our soul” and our written identity. This will show the admission board how unique we are and what makes us different from other candidate. And if our soul is nothing but “copy-paste-edit”, then there is no point in admitting us, don’t you agree!!!

Trust me when I say that there are many other candidates who have the exact same scores and grades just like we do, even better that us. Therefore, SOP is the only way to make the admission board convinced about the uniqueness and potentialities that we have. Those who are so hell-bent on plagiarizing the contents of SOP, must remember that-

  • Only because it worked for him. doesn’t mean that it will work for you!!!
  • There is a thing called plagiarism checker, so be careful!!!
  • If you take other person’s content, it automatically proves that you are not unique and capable; which automatically disqualifies you from admission!!!

Just remember one thing, writing a good SOP is a bit difficult at an extent, but not impossible. If one make an effort, even 10% of what he gives towards GRE/GMAT, one will be able to crate a very standard and unique SOP, which also may impress the admission board the way it is supposed to. Therefore, the candidates must make an effort towards composing a standard admission essay or SOP.

That’s it for today, in my next article, I will take an analytical look towards the admission essay a little bit more and make an autopsy of the contents presented there. Till then, happy reading!!!



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