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Job Opportunities In The USA After an MBA From India

Job Opportunities In The USA After an MBA From India

Job opportunities in the USA after an MBA from India

Graduates from Indian Universities maybe worry about job opportunities in the USA after an MBA from India. It is only natural, as the USA has top companies and therefore has high job requirements. USA’s highest-paid jobs for MBA graduates are; Marketing manager, Medical and Health Services Manager, Finance Manager, Data Administrator, and Business Operations Manager. There are more jobs in different fields with good pay too. 

One might think that job opportunities in the USA after an MBA from India are low. However USA companies including the big ones not just accept MBA graduates from India but also value it. This article goes through the main job scopes and opportunities in the USA for MBA graduates from India. 

What is an MBA?

An MBA is the Masters of Business Administration degree. It is a qualification for business professionals. MBA focuses on teaching organizational behavior, accounting, finance, marketing, entrepreneurship economics, management, and business ethics. There are a lot of things you can achieve through an MBA and after one. 

MBA generally upgrades your profession, so you can get jobs in higher positions with a better salary. This course is recognized worldwide including in the US. 

Reasons to start an MBA

  • One can acquire the skills necessary to start a business/ start-up/ turn into an entrepreneur.
  • Gives a good career start and leads to a wide scope for career development and skills.
  • Experienced professionals can make a career shift. 
  • Gives scope for an innovative outlook.
  • Graduates will have the capability to network with the best in the market.
  • MBA degree offers brand value to you.
  • It enhances professional growth and also personal growth.
  • MBA graduates have enough chances to work outside their native places so that they can gain enough exposure and understand the market conditions in different regions

Top MBA in India

Applying for jobs from Indian MBA courses can be an advantage. There are a lot of recognized business schools in India like the IMMS and FMS. Graduates from these Universities can apply in the US. Here is a list of some of the top Business Schools in India. 

Value of MBA in India

MBAs from India’s top institutes are valid abroad. Especially some of the IIM institutes are among the top 100 institutes for doing MBA. Countries like the USA value such MBA degrees from India. MBAs from random private universities in India will make it difficult to land jobs not just in the USA but in other countries too. Make sure the Indian MBA degree is accredited by “ All India Councils for Technical Education”.

MBA in USA for Indian Students

The MBA degree is one of the most popular degrees in the United States, and Indian students are increasingly interested in pursuing this degree. There are many reasons why an MBA in the USA may be a good choice for Indian students. First, the MBA degree is highly respected and can lead to successful careers in many different fields. Second, the USA has many top-ranked business schools that offer excellent programs. Third, the USA offers a variety of internship and job opportunities for MBA students. Finally, the USA is a great place to live and study, with a diverse culture and many exciting opportunities to explore.

Indian students who are interested in pursuing an MBA in the USA should research different programs and schools to find the best fit for their needs and goals. With careful planning and dedication to their studies, Indian students can obtain an MBA in the USA for Indian student and enjoy all the benefits that this degree has to offer.

Before Taking Up a Job

While you are exploring job opportunities after an MBA you should not forget about other important factors to consider before taking a job abroad.

Organization: You should inspect the organization you are planning to work in. Look for career development opportunities, job environments, and information on the company from different reliable sources. This will help you understand if this job is good for your career or not.

Job Profile: Patiently look for jobs that are suitable for you. Don’t take in any job that comes your way and will end up giving you dissatisfaction. Take in a job that gives you opportunities to improve and get promoted to higher positions. 

Location of Job: Do not forget about the living cost. If you are going to a foreign country, your living cost will not be the same. Analyze the cost of living according to your job’s salary.  

Working Hours: If the pay is high the working hours might be a lot too. Be sure to check, and see if it is within your schedule and does not take up your resting time.  

Job opportunities in the USA after an MBA from India

It has been reported that in the US the average salary for MBA graduates is $106,757 including bonus. There are many job scopes for MBA graduates in the USA. Even with an MBA from another country, you can get a job if the university is recognized. It may not be as easy as it sounds however you can have a good chance depending on your experience and degree.

Marketing Manager 

Marketing services are in demand not just in the US but also worldwide. It is because every business has products or services they need to sell. A marketing manager’s job is to be responsible for marketing campaigns and the company’s marketing employees. They also have helped figure out the demands of a product or service to find people who might be interested to purchase. They also have to submit their approval for the price of the product or service and to business ideas. Skills of strategizing to you catch consumers and increase sales are necessary for this job.

Employment Growth

Employment Growth for marketing managers in the US is growing as the year’s pass. The number of jobs for this profession is only increasing as job growth is faster compared to other occupations in the USA.


The salary received by marketing managers is usually a six-figure salary. This is in the case where you completed an MBA and also have experience in the related field. According to the records, the average annual salary is $ 104,000.

Medical and Health Services Manager

The demand for the health care service department is speedily increasing in the US and globally. Medical and healthcare services managers are taking care of many healthcare faculties. Their job mostly focuses on minimizing the cost while the quality of the health services improves. They must meticulously record and analyze data and follow many regulations. 

Employment Growth

The job growth of medical and health services managers has been increasing over the past 6 years and is predicted to keep increasing further. 


The recorded average annual salary is $99,000. You get a job with less than 5 years of experience in the related field and a completed MBA degree. 

Financial Manager

All businesses require employees to handle money well. A company that does not strategize on one’s finance, can easily end. This is why financial managers have high demand in the US. A financial manager will help monitor a company’s budget and decide where to make financial investments. People who pursue a career in the financial management field are rarely unemployed.

Employment Growth

The unemployment rate becomes lower by the year. New businesses are starting everywhere, especially after the success of online stores. With more businesses forming, the demand for financial managers is increasing. A 16% job growth is to be expected by the time year 2028 comes. 


The recorded average annual salary of a financial manager is $127,000. With an MBA and more experience in the related field, the salary can increase. 

Database Administrator

As online businesses are growing in number every day and as more Entrepreneurs realize the importance of digital information, they have to worry about data violations. Digital information is about consumer behavior but as there are privacy issues and data breaches, which can be overwhelming. Therefore a database administrator is necessary for business. They make sure the data collected remains secured and that it is organized logically. 

Job Growth

The unemployment rate of database administrators was as low as 0.5%. Handling data in a business is crucial. In a business, you need to strategize to sell a product or service. To come up with a plan information is essential like knowing about consumer preferences and problems. Job growth of 8% is expected by the year 2028.


An information system MBA graduate usually takes up jobs like a data administrator. The median annual salary is $90,000 for this field. 

Business Operations Manager

When companies have international supply chains and difficult manufacturing systems it is overwhelming to handle the different sectors. The job of a business operation manager is to ensure each sector of the system is working properly and use methods to maximize their efficiency. 

Job Growth

The Job growth for Business Operation Managers is also very high. It is predicted to grow by 6.9%. The unemployment rate is 1.8%.


The recorded median annual salary is $100, 000. 

Some other jobs are 

Banking & Finance: You can apply for jobs in Banking and Financing. Meaning in banks, insurance companies, and other financial organizations including security firms as financial managers.  

Investment Banking: Jobs in Investment banking are considered to provide high pay. Some of the top companies in the USA will accept MBA graduates for this position. 

Management Consulting: This job is suitable for people who excel in problem-solving. The employee will be expected to embrace fresh ideas and find new problem-solving methods. 


When you are applying to the US, you are worrying about a visa, as you have to ask the company to give you a visa. If it is difficult to get a visa you can always get a short-term job in the US. The experience in the short term job, and physically being there in the US will make it easier for you to land a job in a big company. Do good research on the types of visas as each visa comes with different advantages and disadvantages. 

In the end, you have to check with the company you are applying to. US companies recognize and appreciate MBAs from well – known Universities in India. Experience in the related field is also very important; it will determine your salary. Job opportunities in the USA after an MBA from India are quite good. Finding a job may not be so easy but it is worth it. 

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