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Life in America is Dream, What’s your concept? It’s challenging or Not?

Life in America is Dream, What’s your concept? It’s challenging or Not?

Life in America is Dream Whats your concept Its challenging or Not

Life in America is Dream, What’s your concept?  It challenging  or Not?

It may seem different to your thinking but it is real that every International student & person thinking dream to live in America but living in America will be challenging, difficult & complicated.

You need to learn this article well because you have to be prepared mentally & physically for various surroundings situations while you study far distant from your country &   family.

Practical life experience – About International Student:-

I feel cordial- When guys or girls decide that study prosecute master’s in the U.S.A then must be insured to consider their psychological Intelligence previous leaving their home country.

Given a story from a reader –  Life is difficult for a student, I’m Returning to India:-

Here are some of the students who mentioned the real feelings and pain of their minds. I am currently doing a CS Masters at USA University. I wanted to come to India after graduation I have at least a four-month internship experience in the United States.

Besides, I have applied to many companies and given seven phone interviews but have never given me any single call for an internship. Many are currently applying for internships, especially international students.

At present most of the companies have reduced the scope of internship for local candidates, and even now it is very difficult to find part-time jobs in USA universities. Forget the scholarship; If you have to be very lucky and shine, there is currently no job guarantee in the USA.

I am thinking every day of returning to India. Also the life of the students here is more difficult, the need to starve for public transportation, groceries, etc.

What is Your Concept about Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence means thinking capability to use and manage your whole positive & negative feeling sues as self-awareness, self- management, relationship management, social awareness. You observe your own emotions and how they affect your behavior and thought. Emotional intelligence helps you to improve your stronger relationship, succeed at school and work. Emotional intelligence gives a clear concept to maintenance communication, inspire and influence to others. 

Here, you are surrounded by trouble as you are surrounded by opportunities at the same time:

I give some examples of my experience of how people handled their emotions with some problems.  She is very gentle, she is away from home for the first time in a girl’s life. She feels lonely and is eager to warm her mother and one day a man shows up, you know that with care and advice, anyone around her will feel very comfortable.  He is very clear in his work – he is helping others.

Now he has a soft angle, or even appreciates it but is very proud to accept it. He acknowledged his feelings towards her and said that she would not misunderstand her support for others in any other way.

Luck and Fellowship:

She feels very lonely now, the man she loves misses so much, she cries in silence and feels so sorry because she couldn’t bring them along, she breaks down mentally, this loneliness is hard for her to cope with. She cries in silence, her colleagues realize it and try to comfort her but she is upset when they do it regularly. It seems to happen only when he is experiencing a sensitive event.

Maturity in mind:

After reviewing the above issues, it is seen that people are facing different problems and they must be mature enough to deal with different situations. They must be mature enough to deal with different situations.

Whether you are experiencing any problem or wanting to grow up, I ask myself this question when I face a difficult problem. Many of those who cannot cope with big problems have to burn a lot of wood. For an international student. Whether or not you believe American student life is like a not relaxation and a walk in the park.

How do you remain motivated?

Normally I derive my inspiration from people in real life. Therefore I love to watch and hear about people who have been through tough times and have been on doing something great with their lives!

What is the best advice in your life:

My father’s valuable advice, When you try to do something you will try it at 100% capacity and after completing the work you will honestly feel that you have tried your best and can do better.

I’ve returned to America:

It’s too late in response to the above post I’m reading this for the first time.

I am now reminiscent of some of my longtime memories.

Immediately after my graduation in India, I had a dream to go to America. That’s why I finished all my preparation. The truth is that I pay low tuition fees I have selected a remote university. Where I only saw one Indian student when I went out on the road and saw no public transport.

Even before I returned to India to face several challenges, I thought and was disappointed that I missed a great opportunity in my life. With the support of a professor, I’m going back to the United States again next semester, but, sadly, the fact that I’m back in a week doesn’t survive well for any student of a kind of minded country.

Share the experiences you had in the United States too.

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