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MBA in USA For International Student: Facts and Information

MBA in USA For International Student: Facts and Information

mba in the usa for international students

MBA, one of the most prestigious degree and sought after programs. Worldwide students enrol themselves for MBA to achieve excellence in their careers. MBA gives real-life experience in Marketing, finance, sociology, management, and many other subjects. Since this is a versatile program, it can open many doors of your career whether you choose a job or pursue your own business. 

Usually, after completing a bachelor’s degree, students earn some work experience before starting an MBA. In the USA, an MBA degree can give lots of opportunities to international the USA, Many top organizations look for talented MBA graduates for their companies.

An MBA in the USA for international students offers excellent career prospects. If you are thinking about pursuing an MBA, then the USA can be one of the best options. An MBA in the USA for international students comes with lots of opportunities like easy visa processing, diversified culture, scholarship, and job options.

What is MBA?

Masters of Business Administration, widely known as the MBA is a prestigious professional program. This program equips students with practical knowledge that they can use in their real-life business industry and situation. 

This program is designed to enlighten them about many problems which they might face in their career and possible solutions to those problems. Students of MBA learn everything not only by reading books but also through case study and teamwork.

Benefits of MBA

MBA in USA for international students comes with lots of opportunities and benefits:

Career Development:   

An MBA degree helps in career development. This professional degree not only teaches us many things but also gives us the ability to do something valuable for the organization. A good MBA degree is acknowledged by the top organization of the world. If you earn an MBA degree while working in an organization it will definitely leverage your position into a more prominent role. It will also open new doors in front of you which will take your career into a new level.

To Develop Business:

To develop a business you need something “extra” in addition to your professional experience. An MBA degree can give you that “extra”.  Professional network is a very important business. Another important factor to be successful is a skill. During doing MBA you will come across many opportunities and other MBA students who can help you in many aspects of your career.   This degree will also help you to utilize in a proper way which will work as a step towards success.

Be The Leader

Now, the employer looks for someone who knows how to maneuver in the industry with expertise. These days people know how to work in a specific industry but only a few can lead. Equipped with an MBA you can be that leader who is being sought by the employer. 

Plenty Of Jobs In The USA

There are plenty of jobs in the USA for MBA holders. An MBA holder in the USA earns a handsome amount of money which is more than professionals, without this degree. Here employer always looks for talented business schools’ graduates to hire. After 2 years of course students get the opportunities to do an internship in their preferable field which is a good way to get some international exposure in the industry and also earning some money as a reward of the effort.


Universities of the USA donate more scholarships to talented and deserving international candidates.  Millions of endowment and a generous donation from alumni translate into financial aid and scholarship for deserving candidates.

Diversified Culture

The USA is a melting pot of different cultures and traditions as an international student you will definitely find someone from your own culture. The social interaction with all other students on the campus will make feel at home no matter where ever you are.

Student-friendly visa

If you get admitted to one of the recognized universities of the USA to pursue MBA and fulfill all the requirements including submitting your papers as an international student, visa processing will be very easy for you. You can also extend your stay in the USA after completing MBA without even getting a job.

Work Permit

Unlike other countries, employers in the USA are more willing to recruit international students. If you can prove yourself in the job interview, the employer won’t think about your nationality or culture and will complete the rest of the procedure. Here merit is the first priority. Although some risk remains but getting a work permit is easier here.

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Cost of doing an MBA in the USA

An MBA degree is designed to help individuals to develop his/her abilities, necessary for a career or business. Before starting MBA you should consider some facts like which one you should choose- full time or part-time MBA, whether you will carry your job or not, etc. if you decide to leave your job you should set your goal first.

Costing of MBA is also another important factor. Do not forget this prestigious degree is also expensive. Depending on the institution the tuition fees of an MBA may vary.  On average the tuition fees for two and a half year program is more than $60000. If you get admitted to a top university you have to pay as much as $100,000 or more than this as tuition fees.

When you are deciding to do MBA you should think about other costs also. The general cost of MBA includes tuition fees, book cost, living cost, and cost for different programs like club, global study or immersion program that take place out of US, etc. usually you will get an idea about estimated cost from the university. Depending on your lifestyle it may increase by 10% to 20%.  

Cost of Public and Private Universities

In the USA among numerous MBA programs, there are two categories – public and private. Many people think that public universities are less expensive. But that is not always true. Depending on some factor cost of public or private universities vary like in sate or out of state students, course fee, etc.  Here is the list of least expensive public and private universities

7 Least Expensive Private Universities

Name of the universityTuition fee per year
La Salle University$37,000
Brigham Young University (Marriott)$28,000
Howard University$35,000
Case Western Reserve University (Weatherhead)$43,000
Rochester Institute of Technology (Saunders)$48,000
Baylor University (Hankamer)$48,000
Syracuse University (Whitman)$49,000

6 least expensive public universities

Name of the universityTuition fee per year
University at Buffalo – SUNY$20,000
Clemson University (SC)$22,000
Iowa State University$11,000
University of Houston (Bauer)$24,000
University of Alabama (Manderson)$11,000
CUNY – Baruch College (Zicklin)$15,000

Closing Thoughts

Starting education again is a significant investment. But you can try to reduce costs by managing the scholarship. Many schools offer merit-based scholarships for international students.

There are also some organizations that offer scholarships for international students. Do elaborate research on this matter before taking any decision. Since the MBA is an investment of time and money, it is very important to fix the career goal first.

Maximum universities want work experience for MBA candidates, but there some universities who accept international students for an MBA without any experience (link). If you have that extraordinary quality then you can apply for MBA in the USA.

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