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MIS or Masters in Computer Science, which is the better option?

MIS or Masters in Computer Science, which is the better option?


Many students who can not understand which is a better degree for him or her, Mis or Ms in CS? They have no better knowledge about it for this reason they can not choose properly. When they start their studies, they loss their interest day by day. If Student have good knowledge about “which is better, MIS or MS in CS?”, student will get success in study and career.

Which is better, MIS or Ms in CS?

Management Information Systems (MIS) and Masters in Computer Science may be similar courses, but there is a thin line that divides them. This line leaves students’ in a dilemma on which one to go for.  Choosing a degree might be a tough decision for many, but once you find something that peaks your interest, it is actually pretty easy.

Management Information Systems (MIS)

MIS is used to analyze and collect data of a company or organization and use the information for the betterment of it. It is useful for making business decisions to maximize profit.

  • MIS is a combination of business and technology.
  • Used to operate and manage IT in an industrial level.
  • Focuses more on practical jobs and interactive work.
  • Main goal is to increase the profit, value and efficiency of a workplace with the help of technology.
  • Targets organizing data and input, management, economics, accounting.
  • Teaches programming to a small degree.

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Computer Science

Masters in Computer Science is focused on mainly programming and algorithms.

  • Course teaches more math and science compared to MIS.
  • Software focused.
  • Used for programming and developing systems to be used in MIS.
  • Goes to a greater depth on programming.
  • A greater knowledge on coding, database is given.

Many companies have stated that in most cases, masters in computer science can substitute MIS with enough work experience. However, computer science has become a very common choice for many students resulting in a concentrated number of people in this field.

At the end of the day, what matters is whether someone enjoys doing it. If you like business and want to get your hands on IT, MIS is for you. If you like computers; programming and coding is what you enjoy, masters in CS will be the right choice.

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