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National science foundation grants

National science foundation grants


How to Find Professors with National Science Foundation (NSF) GRANTS: The
Contest of Finding or Application of Professors for Fall 20 has begun. According to a professor who has the funds, it is very difficult to email him. Then it is very easy to find out whether he really has the funds?
Here is a list of all the NSF grants I have been giving in the past month:
Find out who got the grant here and email it to him before his fund can be viewed. How long is the period?
Clicking on the number in the picture will get the full details of the grant.
Full process: Click the link> Choose any of the list> then it will appear like the picture> click the number.
One of the common questions: Who has the funds, how can I take a student?
The answer is: Professors usually do their project work with the students, as there is a lot of academic/official work beside these. Moreover, the person with whom he has to do it must do so with salutary. Therefore, without any delay, anyone who has a job match will have to email.
I hope everyone comes in handy. I do not expect to be an expert in this matter, if there is any suggestion, you must inform me at the comment.

There are good ways. One of the following can be seen:

  • There are many posts posted on the professor’s webpage that he will take the student this fall.
  • Look at the list of the current project of the professor to see if a project has started recently.
  • Many times the professor e-mails whether he has a funded project in hand or has submitted a project proposal and is waiting for the fund.
  • nsf.govalso shows how much active awards are in your research area. For example, my research area is about networking. So I saw from this link how the money is in Varsity: #
  • The faculty member who has joined the department is very likely to have funds. Usually, a freshman completes his Ph.D. as an Assistant Professor.
  • From the Bangladeshi Students Association group, I used to write a message in the inbox of a few senior brothers/sisters from the member’s FB group member list. The same message would have given 1/4 of them in the hope that at least one would respond to me. It’s like this:

“AsSalamualaikum Brother
I am going to apply to your university. Would you please kindly help me with Prof selecting issue?
I have seen these Profs’ work matches with my research interest Songqing Chen, Fei Li, Parth H. Pathak, Sanjeev Setia, Dr. Xinyuan (Frank) Wang, Angelos Stavrou, Robert Simon, Dr. Bijan Jabbari.
Can you please tell me which Prof is going to take students in Fall 17?”

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Senior Brother / Sister is usually very busy, I knew that. So the expectation of response would not have been very early. But I was very lucky. Almost everyone used to help with information.

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