Fill the MRP-Reissue form:
(a) One copy of recent photograph (size 55x45mm) [Comment: size is approximate, no attestation needed eventhough mentioned in form]
(b) Photocopy of the current passport with original; [Comment: Just the page with your picture, can include visa page also. NO NEED TO SEND ORIGINAL PASSPORT!!!]
(c) Photo copy of 17-digit Birth Certificate or National ID Card (which mentioned in your
previous MRP);
(d) A money order/bank draft of US$ 110 (for Ordinary Delivery) / US$ 220 (for Express
Delivery) addressed to the ‘Embassy of Bangladesh’; [Comment: Western Union money order can be done from Kroger. Ordinary delivery takes about 30 days]
(e) Proof of Occupation (if applicant is Engineer, Physician, Researcher, Teacher, Student,
Driver or any special occupation). For Private Service, no proof of occupation is
required; [Comment: For student a copy of offer letter can be provided]
(f) Copy of Marriage Certificate (if applicant is married);
(g) Proof of non-US citizen or any foreign national (Photocopy of Green Card/Permanent
Resident Card or Work Permit or I-20 etc). [Comment: Provide copy of I-20]
Mailing :
A self-addressed prepaid envelope for return mail service preferably USPS Certified with tracking number /Express Mail Flat Rate (from US Post Office) / UPS or FedEx Prepaid label by the applicant. [Comment: USPS will give you two envelops, put your documents inside one, write recipient address as Embassy of Bangladesh. For the other one write your own address as receipient address and fold it and put it inside the other one along with the documents]
Mailing address:
The Embassy of Bangladesh in Washington, DC
3510 International Drive NW
Washington, DC 20008
No use calling the embassy. They never pick up the phone. (If they do, they you’re lucky. Buy a lottery ticket). Other ways to track , is the USPS tracking number. Sometimes the Embassy stays closed during Bangladeshi holidays such as Durga puja etc. USPS will fail to delivery, you’ll have to tell them to re-delivery. This can be easily done online. But keep tracking for updates.
Then there is a Western Union money order hotline number where you’ll be able to know whether your money order has been cashed or not. If so, you can be sure that you’re papers are ok and the process has started. Start counting 30 days from then. Sometimes it won’t take that long even for ordinary delivery.

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