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20+ Productivity Tools for International Graduate Student

20+ Productivity Tools for International Graduate Student

20+ Productivity Tools for International Graduate Student

Here is a list of tools that will help you be more productive in being an efficient student. These tools will help you with your career when you move to a foreign country for your education. The list below consists of mobile applications, online tools, chrome browser extension, and many other types of software that will come in handy for a student who is planning to apply abroad for their education. These tools will help you in communication, documentation processing, storage, and also educate you about how to access more tools online when you need them. The list below will tell you the name of the tool along with a short description about what is its purpose and how it can come in handy.


– Splitwise is a mobile application that helps you keeping track of your expenses available in both Google play store as well as Apple store. Using splitwise mobile application you can see your shares of the expenses of different things that you pay for when you are with your friends or family or even roommates. Let’s say that you have a group of friends and you guys hang out together all the time in different restaurants. So when it comes to the splitting the bill you guys can find out each of your share of the bill using splitwise. And if sometimes you are short of cash and your friend covers it up for you, you can keep track of how much you owe your friends or your friends owe you if you cover up for them. A student who goes abroad uses this mobile application for keeping track of their room rent and other shared expenses like utilities etc.


– This is a platform where you can work collaboratively with your client or co-worker. Using Trello, you can keep records of your own work and also the work of others with whom you are working collaboratively. You can see the progress of the work and keep records as well.


Uber is a convenient taxi service. You can use their apps and book a car almost immediately.



online food ordering web application / mobile apps. You can order almost everything from your local restaurant using this application

Alternative : waiterapp, Uber eats, Favor


Groupon is an American worldwide e-commerce marketplace connecting subscribers with local merchants by offering activities, travel, goods and services in 15 countries.


Slack is a collaborating chat application. It comes in three version desktop, web and apps. It is a very good tool for collaborating research related chat. you can install different apps inside the slack. You can install different bot or you can make your own bot to automate staff.

Tutorial :

Google Docs

– Google Doc is an online and tool used for authoring documents and many other things. Using Google doc you can edit create or edit any word document. Not only word documents, using this powerful online tool you can do other official things like creating slides for a presentation, surveys or questionnaires, spreadsheets for accounts and keeping records of inventory and other purposes. A very good feature of Google Docs is that it allows real-time collaboration between multiple users, meaning many people can edit a document at the same time. As a student, you will find this to be a real useful tool that comes in handy while working for group projects.

Google Sheet

– Google sheet is a free online Google tool used to make spreadsheets just like one does in Microsoft excel. Using Google sheet you can make salary sheet, inventory list and many other documents that requires numbers.


Cam Scanner

– Cam Scanner is a mobile application that is used to scan documents. Using the phone camera, you can scan any document, store it, and edit if needed. Cam Scanner has lots of features in it such as smart cropping which allows you to take right margined picture. It also has auto image enhancing feature, which enhances the quality of the image making the image more clear. Cam Scanner also helps maintain the real graphics that makes the scanned image more realistic. As a student, you will need it in many ways while sending any scanned files to someone or any organization.



– WorldRemit is an online money transfer service that helps you send money overseas. Using this you can send money or receive money from overseas from anyone. Transactions can be done online through a computer, Smartphone or any other device such as tablet. This makes the process of sending money more easy and quick. The best part about World Remit is that you can send money overseas without paying a high transfer fee. Thus this method of oversea transaction has a good popularity.

Alternatives : ,,,

Sleep cycle

– Sleep cycle alarm clock helps track your sleep. It means using this sleep cycle alarm clock you can find out the stages of sleep and what stage you are when you are sleeping using your pattern. The motion detectors in this device detect your movements, body temperature, and also your heart rate and determines which stage are you in your sleep. This device also detects brain waves. You can control your sleeping cycle with this device.


This is a content management website which uses the language of PHP, MySQL and many others. This is very important website for those who are working with web development or building websites for other companies. You can buy themes from here according to your favourite choice. Using this themes of website you can build a website and also customize the themes according to your own design. If you want to create your own portfolio for free, you can use this Word Press website to create a website for free and create your own portfolio and your own blog site.

Tutorial :

Alternative :,

Google sites

– This is another product that is offered by Google. Using Google sites, you can create a simple website that you can use for your personal purpose. If you are planning to create a website then you can simply use Google sites to build and design that website. Google sites is an online tool of Google that serves the simple website building needs.


EndNote is a reference management software package, used to manage bibliographies and references when writing essays and articles.


– Zotero is a software that is going work as your personal research assistant. Zotero is used for the purpose of research in Google. If you are doing any research in the internet, zotero is the tool that you need to get this job done. Using this tool, you can research, organize, cite and do many other things. Whenever you are researching, you can save your data in Zotero and later use those data to continue your research. Zotero will also help you out in your research by finding out related data and website and information for you that you are doing research on.


– This is graphical illustration that helps you manage your bibliographical database. Using this tool you can simply store and record all the bibliographical data that you have collect and need in your future purpose.

Screencastify chrome extension

– This is a Google chrome extension that is used for recording your screen. This is a very light weighted extension that you can use to record the screen. Screencastify chrome extension is a live tool and is 100% free. You don’t need to download heavy paid software for your screen recording from now on. screencastify chrome extension will do that job for you.

Click here to see more


Instant meeting, group meeting or group chat video recording tools.


– Ever note is a mobile application that is used for taking notes of any sorts during class or lectures. Notes don’t necessarily have to be of your studies. It can also be about noting down important information that you want to remember or you might need in the near future. Not only is it used for taking notes, ever note can also help you write down your task and organize your job and act like a task management system. This is very much helpful and makes you stay organized without missing anything. So it’s better to keep the mobile app downloaded in your mobile for a quick use whenever you need to note down something and you find yourself in short of notepad and pen.


-OneDrive is a file hosting service that belongs to Microsoft. Using OneDrive, you can store your data online and keep it safe. This is a good way to store data so that even if your computer or any device crashes down, you wont be losing any of your data. As a student, OneDrive will come in handy because you can save and store your notes, lectures, assignments, and books in the OneDrive that will help you keep it safe. OneDrive is password protected. So only you can access your drive anytime you want.


– Drop box is also an online file hosting service. Among other online file hosting service, drop box has gained a lot of popularity and has a lot of users. Using Drop Box you can store your most important files and can also do a file sync with your device so that it can automatically save your documents or data in its storage system.


– This is an online tool used to edit PDF files. Students use this tool very much as they have lots of PDF files to deal with in their student life. You can edit the PDF files in this tool. Also, you can use this tool as a PDF file reader. Sometimes there are forms that need filling up. In those times, this tool come in handy as a PDF form filler.


– Amazon is the world’s largest online shopping mall that mainly focuses on e-commerce. It is renowned around the entire world in all countries. You will find various types of products starting from books, electronic gadgets, cosmetics, dresses, clothes, etc many things. All you need to do is login, select your desired product, and wait for the shipment. They will send the product directly at your house. Home delivery is available in Amazon. In USA, most people do their shopping from Amazon. Their varieties in products attract all the customers out there. This online shopping will come in handy once you are in the US.

Alternative :


Everyone knows about Skype. It’s a video, audio even screen sharing application.

Alternative : Google hangout


– Whatsapp is a social media used for communication. This is under the company Facebook. In Whatsapp, you can make free calls to anyone around the world who also has whatsapp. All you need is a good internet connection and you can call and talk to anyone around the world free of cost as long as you want. Students use this social media to talk to their parents or relatives when they are in different countries. Many other people who have their businesses and other foreign clients for communication also use not only students, this social media.

Tutorial :


– Viber is also another social media mobile application used for the purpose of communication overseas. Just like Whatsapp, you can use it to call others overseas for free by the help internet. You can make audio calls and video calls in Viber. It really comes in handy and makes communication easier.



Meetup brings people together in thousands of cities to do more of what they want to do in life. Find local events and make  friends.

alternative : eventbrite, facebook events


Want to  learn about computer programming with free training , food  and travel expense then mlh is for you.

alternative :


canva is a simplified graphic designing tools. you can easily create facebook cover photo, post etc using this application. It is fully web based, no download required.

Education Material-


– This is an online platform that helps you to learn. If you need any help from online and looking for materials to make your study easy, then this is the place to visit.



– This is the world’s largest online learning platform for both adults and children. Professionals uses this site for research and also helps to develop a proper education material.

Alternative: ,,

Bonus Section:

Milanote is a tool for organizing your creative projects into beautiful visual boards. Created to replicate the feeling of working on a wall in a creative studio – visual, tactile and sometimes a bit messy – Milanote is a great fit for freelancers in both the marketing and design spaces. Milanote has heaps of built-in templates to help you get started with a variety of different projects, from creating a mood board to set out the visual direction for a project, to writing that perfect creative brief. Its sharing features make it a great option for those who regularly provide work to clients for feedback.

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