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Find the strongest colleges for computer engineering in the top universities in the USA by this topic data.

Learning computer science is a good investment in today’s environment as every year the job prospects for tech-savvy students grow.

There is also a broad variety of colleges to select where to research computer science, too.

Nearly one-sixth of the universities highlighted are American colleges, and nearly one-third are European based. Any 230 of the universities are based in Asia.

Courses in computer science differ in emphasis and specialisms. Many classes are strongly abstract and many are more programmatic.

It can be overwhelming to think about learning in the US since there are so many choices.

Within the United States, the QS University Subject Rankings 2020 features 104 top computer engineering schools, meaning you have more than enough options if you want to study computer science in the US. Among such 104, 27 are included in the top 100 in the country.

The QS University Rankings by Topic are based on four indicators: scholarly credibility, employer prestige, paper-related study references, and the H-index (a measure of calculating a scientist’s or scholar ‘s output and published work). Further info on the methods behind the classification of topics can be found here.

Topic’s QS University Rankings are based on four factors: scientific reputation, company integrity, paper-related research references, and the H-index (a metric of measuring the performance and published work of a scientist or scholar). You can find even more info on the techniques behind the topic’s classifier here.

The U.S Top Computer Science University

Based on the 2020 rankings of US universities

Ranking of U. SRanking of World UniversityName of UniversityPlace of USA
11Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)Massachusetts
22Stanford UniversityCalifornia
33Carnegie Mellon UniversityPittsburgh
44University of California, Berkeley (UCB)California
57Harvard UniversityMassachusetts
611Princeton UniversityNew Jersey
715University of Los Angeles, California (UCLA)Los Angeles
818University of WashingtonWashington
912Johns Hopkins UniversityMaryland
1019Columbia UniversityNew York

The following is a brief description of the top ten universities in the USA


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is best in the world for computer engineering, winning almost perfect marks in all metrics. Innovation is at the core of MIT ‘s teaching, particularly in its course on computer engineering. MIT’s engineering team aims to enhance the reliability and protection of computers and communications networks and seeks to make breakthroughs that make it simpler for people to interact and lead more integrated lives

A lively community of the arts also permeates life at the campus. There are 12 museums and galleries on the site, with about 125,000 tourists drawn from the MIT Museum each year. Students who participated in more than 60 groups of music, theatre, writing and dance, and MIT faculty members include those Pulitzer award winners and fellows from Guggenheim.

MIT also cultivates a deep startup tradition that has seen many prominent businesses such as Intel and Dropbox amongst many alumni.

Uncommonly, MIT’s undergraduate and postgraduate programs are not completely separate; certain classes may be taken at either point.

The undergraduate study is among the most competitive in the world, with just 8 percent of students being accepted. Engineering and computer science courses, among university students, are the most common.

Of the 11,000 graduates, 33% are foreign, hailing from 154 nations.


Once this year again, Stanford university performs incredibly well, holding the second position, both nationally and in the US. In both the research citations per paper indicator and the H-index signifier the college earns perfect scores. Stanford University is based in Silicon Valley, Northern California, where several tech firms, including Yahoo, Google, and Hewlett-Packard, were established.

Stanford, located in Palo Alto, right next to Silicon Valley, has played a prominent role in fostering the growth of the tech industry in the area.

Many faculty leaders, graduates, and alumni, including Facebook, Snapchat, and Hewlett-Packard, have formed popular technology firms and start-ups.


Carnegie Mellon University is generally acknowledged as one of the world’s best computer science programs, earning a perfect score for academic reputation in the subject rankings this year. The institution places third in both the US and internationally this year. Carnegie Mellon University is renowned for its creative methodology and works actively with students to build approaches to real-world issues.

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The University of California, Berkeley (UCB), has maintained its fourth position both in the global ranking and in the US rankings. UCB scores well across all four indicators as anticipated, scoring especially high in the research quotes per paper and the H index indicators representing the high quality of the work generated.


Harvard University, the longest U.S. higher education college, wins a perfect score of prestige among jobs, with its alumni strongly searched for by top professional jobs. Holding its seventh place globally, this year the university ranks fifth in the US and earns a good grade in the employer’s credibility indicator.


Princeton University was established in 1746, one of the oldest and most prominent colleges in the U.S., and is noted for its green campus, architecture splendor, and high academic performance. Climbing two positions in the Computer Science overall rankings this year, Princeton University ranks 11th in the world and 6th in the US. Amazon’s CEO and CEO Jeff Bezos, and Google’s executives Eric Schmidt, as well as Alan Turing, are prominent alumni.


The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), which wins the best ranking of work citations per document metric, is slipping two positions to 15th this year. The university is considered to be the website’s birthplace and provides a course in computer science that will allow students to ‘plan, execute and use modern machine and information technology hardware and software components.’


The University of Washington provides many outstanding computer science courses in 18th rank globally (fallen one spot this year) and eighth in the US. As part of the International Technology Exchange program, the university has collaborations with organizations such as Microsoft as a way to foster creativity in training, learning, and science. The university now houses the Paul G. Allen University of the department of computer science-a a state-of-the-art, 85,000 square-foot building worth US$ 72 million.


Johns Hopkins University (JHU) was established in 1876 and is a private institution located in Baltimore, Maryland. It derives its name from its first beneficiary, Johns Hopkins, the American abolitionist, venture capitalist, and capitalist.

JHU represents more than 21,000 learners in nine college divisions: the Zanvyl Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, the Whiting college of engineering, the Carey Management School, the School of Education, the university hospital, the Nursing School, the Peabody Academy (for music), the Bloomberg national institutes of health and the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced global studies.


The top 10 participant based in New York is Columbia University, jointly 10th in the US and joint 19th globally, according to Topic 2020’s QS world universities. Established in 1754, the University of California has generated a large number of distinguished alumni including Oscar winners, Nobel prize winners, US senators and judges of the Supreme Court

“I ‘d discovered an organization where everyone would take guidance in every research,” is Cornell University’s slogan, first uttered by its co-founder Ezra Cornell. Cornell was established in 1865 with the then-revolutionary aim of teaching and creating contributions in all fields of education.

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