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Scholarship around the world for Students in Different Universities

Scholarship around the world for Students in Different Universities


There are many scholarships for Bangladeshis in America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania.

The scholarship is available in Short courses, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D.

An estimated three-lakh HSC student in our country get no seats in higher education every year, and one report says there are more than fifteen million unemployed in the country! Since we do not have that opportunity in the country, there is no option for the younger generation to enhance the skill from outside the country. I hope this small effort will benefit thousands of students.

Most of the scholarships listed below can apply for a bachelor’s (IELTS only) and masters’ scholarship only with IELTS for a different approach to PHD. USA and Canada have to learn their language in SAT, GRE, GMAT and in some countries. Short course does not require IELTS but the job must be compulsory. So enter the link to find out about the paper will look like, the application time, and the process.

One thing about education scholarship is that no Scholarship agency, person can provide scholarship to a different person or professor. From the admission process to the university admission to scholarship, the university’s admissions board, scholarship grant commission, undertakes a smooth process. Therefore, you always have to prove your eligibility to get scholarships, visas, stipends.

Let’s start:


America is always at the top of the list for bachelors, masters, or research. Because most of the stipends, advanced education, permanent living, good research opportunities, and the best universities in the world are located in the country, students put America at the top of their choice. Even books written by their professors are read as textbooks from different countries of the world, including Europe.

But not all can get a chance at Harvard or MIT. And if you want to apply for self-funded study visa complexity should be kept in mind. Besides, part-time job is not allowed in this country.

Fulbright Scholarship:

AAW International Fellowship For Women:


Canada is a dream country for many to do migration or  go for higher education. In order to make dreams come true, IELTS scores must be good for masters and research students. You need to work a little bit to manage the professor.

Vanier CGS:

**One of the most important things that our students should keep in mind is that higher education should come out of the notion that education is not just in the US, Canada or Europe. So it is only a small effort to highlight the benefits of scholarship and where in the world you want it.


America is a beautiful country with some small islands along Florida. However, it is heard that there was no such response from the email from the university. Around 20 students went but no updates available. Since Bangladeshi does not say here, it is necessary to collect information from blogs and Google. Masters students will try if you get subject and university response.

The education consultants of our country do not know much about this country, so they do not see their outrageous ads. Going to study in this country is not an option. However, only the master’s students will apply.


One of the most famous Mexican government circles is AMEXCID. There are some good universities for research. With the AMEXCID scholarship, Mexico can be placed on your list.



The Brazilian government is pursuing a scholarship for a bachelor’s. The government pays even the airfare. Therefore, there are some good opportunities for us. Brazil’s free education is not yet known in our country for masters or research. All we can say is that it is sensible to get free education or training somewhere in the country if you do not have access to higher education or to finish unemployed and remain unemployed. On the other hand, your skills will increase. So think.


Getting a Japan MEXT scholarship is a little bit Competitive, but a respectable scholarship that everyone knows less. Bachelors, Master’s or Ph.D. Everyone can apply.


For undergraduate:

South Korea

A bit like Japan because the number of scholarships is limited. Whichever is more, he will be on the list. In this country, you can apply for a Bachelor’s, Masters or Research.


Some firms in our country advertise mind-blowing ads in Korea. Never go to them for advice.


Many universities, many opportunities. The stipend is given to bachelors and lots of students are going for this purpose. Medical students are going to study medicine in china because the government of Bangladesh has a different policy in this regard. There is a problem while applying. Some Universities do not offer Response without their Representatives. However, there are thousands of universities that will operate without any agents. So you can find a few groups in China.


Hong Kong

There is a lot of students going on from Bangladesh. It would be a good decision would be if you want to study there because the world’s best University, including Asia, will be found here. We have great opportunities for bachelors or masters, research or short courses.…/hong-…/scholarships.php

Along with Hong Kong, Bachelor students can search Google for Macau and Taiwan.


Many say that there is no good scholarship for business studies. You can take advantage of the opportunities in Malaysia. There are many campuses of Western University universities here. At least the efficiency will increase.



It is a small country where people can get a Bachelor’s degree. There was a talk about the university. Gives stipend and gives shelter. There are many who want to study in Islamic culture. They can choose Brunei.



Singapore International Graduation Award:

Understand that the Singapore government offers scholarships for graduation. There are good opportunities for construction or marine science.

This is one of the few scholarships that is quite expensive.



Bachelors have the opportunity to read for free here. You just have to remember the ranking of the best universities. Go to the best universities, not where it is located. Being skilled at the end of the day is a real job.

Royal Thai Government Scholarship Program:


Being a neighboring country, our students are doing well over there. The bachelor numbers are a little higher. In our country, the admission test is taking place in universities. Those who do not get the chance at the university here, and look for an unavailable subject, can apply outside the country without any thought.


Saudi Arabia

If you go to Madrasah education, you can get higher education in the Middle East countries. General Line students are also welcome. Saudi government scholarships are very famous.


KAU Scholarship:


Work opportunities will increase during the World Cup season. Even the university ranks well. There are many Bangladeshi families or relatives in these countries. You can get some advice from them on the application front.

Qatar University:


South Africa

South Africa is one of the Dutch colony countries. The study quality is pretty good. Visa complexity is not so late but has to go to India for visa issues. We do not know how many people go to work visas. Search blogs or Google. If someone is familiar, they can be able to give good information. However, you should try to go to a firm to eat gluten yourself.


India is a country full of natural beauty with small islands in the Indian Ocean. Many workers go for work visas from our country. However, no student normally goes there. The reason is the lack of accurate information. There are opportunities for bachelors, masters, or research students. The scholarships are not that much, but the tuition fees were not high. There may be good opportunities for you. You have to rely on a little blog or Google.


Generally, Bachelor offers a discount of 20% on tuition fees. Masters does not offer that much scholarship. Although tuition fees are high, part-time job applications, advanced education, permanent residence benefits, and English speaking country appeal to our students with great interest. Most have family support. Those who have good bank support should apply. Applying without a good IELTS score can increase visa complexity. There are some scholarships for research and talent.

Australia Award Scholarship:

RTP Scholarship:

New Zealand

Most follow Australia. In recent times, their laws have made it a little harder for immigrants. Visa officer asks a little complicated kind of question from the embassy.

NZ International Scholarships:

ADB Scholarships:

In addition to the above-mentioned scholarships, some of the following scholarships can apply to all countries.

Prime Minister Fellowship:
If you have the opportunity to go to any university between 3 and 5, try it.…/5033ca3e_0634_4ef2_863…/218.pdf  (A big file so please wait until downloaded it)

Bangabandhu Science and Technology:

If you want to study the subject of science

Fellowship Trust:

World Bank Scholarship Program:

If you want to work with international organizations, prepare with them in advance about the scholarship.

International Masters Fellowship (for Public Health):

For doctoral students:…/…/international-masters-fellowships

OFID Scholarship: 

Private Funds. If you have qualifications, you must apply.…/Beyond-the-scope/Scholarship-Award

Listed Countries in the World:
AGA Khan Scholarship: An education scholarship. Gives good funds.…/…/international-scholarship-programme


These scholarships are a little easier to get but accept the terms.

Apart from the above scholarships, there are some scholarships from different universities, which can be found on the website of that university. Good luck to everyone for that. Thanks.

There are as many scholarships in Europe for Bangladeshis.

Only IELTS and Running Jobs can apply for Bachelor’s (IELTS only) and Master’s scholarships. A different approach to Ph.D. The short course does not require IELTS but the job is compulsory. So enter the link to find out what the paper will look like, the application time and the process.

Erasmus Mundus:

Many of you know the most famous scholarship in Europe. It’s called e. E. U commission. The scholarship from the E.U commission was made chief. Each semester will be studied in one country. As far as I know this year, 3+ Bangladeshis received this scholarship. Only Masters and PhD students can apply.…/erasmus-mundus-joint-master-degrees_…

The Netherlands:

OKP: Bangladeshis get more in the short course. You can apply three times a year. Masters can only apply once a year in September. For PhD you can always apply. There is also the opportunity to study in university funds. You will find all the information on the university website. The Netherlands may be at the top of the list as they provide the highest amount of stipend in Europe and PhD is it considered a job.…/…/orange-knowledge-programme

University Excellence Scholarship:…/scholars…/find-a-scholarship

Take full-free of tuition fees. Bachelor’s or Master’s students can apply for Holland Scholarship. Can be applied together in any two circles.


Self-funded learners got the most refusals in Bangladesh this year. Preparation is good for viva and entrance tests. Remember that no one can withhold real student visas.

Finnish Government Scholarship:…/bachelors-and-masters-schol…



Many people advertise that you can get citizenship in Sweden without IELTS. They will also say that they will give you different scholarships. DO NOT trust then and waste your money on them. No agencies can do that. Scholarship In all the countries are monitored by the admission board, the professor, and the scholarship grant commission nominate candidates by the Central Judgment. So to get a scholarship, you must provide proof of eligibility.

Swedish Institute Scholarship:…/scholars…/find-a-scholarship

Swedish Scholarship:


The best choice for middle-class students. To apply for a Bachelor, you need to be A-level. Who can apply after one year from the General Board of Education? Since there is no worry about tuition fees, it is easy to get a bachelor. There are many groups on social media for masters or research students, from which all the information is available.



It is a dream country for many because of its beautiful mother nature.

Swiss Governments Excellence Scholarship:…/swiss-government-excellence-sch…

ETH Zurich:…/f…/scholarships/excellencescholarship.html


Over the past few years, we have been missing out on the complexity of immigrant appointments and visa complexity! However, you can. Europe’s most peaceful and educational system is quite advanced. They always follow the Germans. Maybe Austria will give you the best learning for your subject.



Leuven’s name is in the air in Holland. VUB is also famous. However, they do not allow them to apply for a job after studying. If you want to study only, you can put it on the list.


Government of Flanders Master Mind Scholarships for International Students:…/s…/master-mind-scholarships/


The IT sector is roaming but there are not enough people here. Do a little Google with Techplomecy! Maybe our tech-talent gets you a good chance.

Danmark Government Scholarship:…/t…/tuition-fees-and-scholarships


This year the British passed the Gazette to reduce tuition fees for their fee-paying students. So it will be a bit easier for bachelors to study. However, the following two scholarships are also famous for masters or research students.

Commonwealth Scholarship:

British Chevening Scholarship:…/who-can-apply/eligibility/


They silently the rejects the visa. A Student came to France for Masters at the end of his bachelor’s degree in the Netherlands. So, as a real student with a scholarship, we believe that the visa will not be complicated even when they face the embassy. Don’t think there will be any problem for a PhD.

Eiffel Scholarship:…/eiffel-scholarship-program-o…

The Emile-Boumty Scholarship for Science:


Relatives of Bangladeshi expatriates in Italy apply more. Last year, we saw Erasmus scholarship with our students getting visa complex. However, that may not have been the case this year.

Italian Government Scholarship:


You can also apply for a Bachelor. Fees payers don’t stay here long. So there is no alternative to the scholarship.

Stipendium Hungaricum:…/stipendium-hungaricum-scholarshi…


You can choose this country within Europe if you want to finish Bachelor with comfort. Tallinn Teach would be the best choice. Again, without applying IELTS, it would not be wise to waste time and money.

Estonian Scholarships:


There is scope for Ph.D. However, we do not get such visas in Bachelor’s or Masters. Most people apply without IELTS. If once doesn’t have any intention to study then no point in wasting time behind this.


Czech Republic

Very few tuition fees needed for good studies. However, there is almost no scholarship in this country’s universities. Once again without IELTS applying would be totally useless. There are many good quality universities including Life Sciences University.

Government Scholarship for Developing Countries:…/government-scholarships-developing-cou…


No tuition fees are required to study. Admission is a bit of a hassle. If you have the qualifications, you must try. This year we did not see the admission of students without applying for IELTS. So, day-to-day opportunities for students are depriving the students of opportunities in admission. So there is no substitute for real qualification.

Free of Tuitions:


Ph.D. is counted as a job here. Masters is Full Free of Tuition Fees. There is No bachelor opportunity for us.

Free of Tuitions:…/find-available-scholarships-…


The tuition fees are high. However, there are some good universities and colleges. There is not much scope for the scholarship. IELTS compulsory at a Bachelor’s or Masters program for students.

Ireland Government Scholarship for Postgraduate:


You will have trouble with the appointment in the embassy. However the tuition fees are considerably low and the standard of education is quite good here.\ All About Poland Scholarship:…/education-in-…/46-scholarships


Bachelor’s scholarship in Russian language will give you scholarship. It is impossible to use Russia as the gateway to Europe. In Ukraine, there is also many Bangladeshis. However, Russia is a good choice if you want to do Bachelor Masters in Nuclear, Rocket Science, Aerospace. Nine lakh HSCs have passed out in our country this time. Since they do not have access to higher education in the country, they should go to countries including Russia, Turkey, and China where they can easily study.

Russian Government Scholarship:


Turkey Burslari is like Russia if you want to study with stipend in the Bachelor. Masters or research students can also apply according to the subject.

Turkey Burslari:…/turkiye-scholarships-2019-…

So here is the list of countries that provides scholarship for education. If you check the links which are provided for your convenience, you will know more about the universities and their scholarship programs. Hope this article comes in use to you. Most of the information has been collected from students who are currently studying here or has relations with known associates who are studying there. You will get a clearer picture when you see the information going into the links for yourself. This article will make it more easier for the HSC or A-level completed students to choose their university in their preferred country. Also for more details, you can Google up and you will get more information about your program that you want to do, the subject you want to study and the country you want to do all this in. If you can understand all the process and gather the information, you can also become a citizen in the country you prefer and start a new life. Thank you for being here with us.

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