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Send Money to Bangladesh From USA

Send Money to Bangladesh From USA

Send money to Bangladesh

Do you want to send money to Bangladesh from USA? But you are thinking, how to send money to Bangladesh from USA? Sometimes people worry about it and it’ll more difficult. In this article, we will share the easy way to send money to Bangladesh.

The Best Way Sent money To Bangladesh From USA

Money transfer from the USA is now one of the vital needs of international business communities. According to the importance of money transfer services, here we described the top money transfer from the USA to Bangladesh services.

1. Wirebarley:

Currently 2020, wirebarely providing the best BDT rate if you are sending money from USA to Bangladesh. You can send money to bank


  1. Quick and easy to use.
  2. Competitive exchange rates and fees.
  3. Multilingual customer support.
  4. Multiple transfer options.


  1. Limited payment methods.
  2. Not transfer amounts over $3,500.

2. Remitly:

Using remitly you can send money to Bangladesh. Cash pickup and bank deposit is available. They also offer very good USD to BDT exchange rate

3. Worldremit:

Using WorldRemit you can send money to Bangladesh. Cash pickup, Bank Deposit, Mobile Recharge, Bkash, Rocket is available as a mode of payment.

4. Xoom:

Using XOOM you can send money to Bangladesh. Xoom offers Cash pickup, Bank Deposit etc. Bank deposit normally takes 2/3 days but cash pickup is almost readily available.

5. Western Union:

Western Union is one of the most popular money transfer systems for transferring money from the USA to Bangladesh

6. Placid:

Placid is one of the most popular money transfer systems for transferring money from the USA to Bangladesh. Now they are proving best rate if you are planning to send money to Bangladesh.

7. Transferwise:

Transferwise is can be used to send money from USA to Bangladesh.



  1. It is faster
  2. Support mobile banking like bKash and DBBL mobile banking
  3. It also support bank transfer


  1. Supports only Visa and MasterCard
  2. Customer support is not up to the mark

Send Money to Bangladesh by MoneyGram


MoneyGram is a worldwide money transfer service provider.  MoneyGram has more than 350000 agents all around the world. It provides services to more than 200 countries. There is no breakdown anywhere of their agents. MoneyGram is one of the most popular money transfer service providers.


  1. All the branches are virtually everywhere
  2. Supports bank transfer
  3. Supports card
  4. Money transfer is very quick
  5. It is a reliable brand


  1.  Transfer rate is bit high comparing others


Send Money to Bangladesh using Ria


Ria started its journey in 1987 and it has become one of the top money transfer systems in the world. It provides services worldwide with perfection. There are more than 149 countries that they are proving their services. Ria money transfer service has more than 350000 agent locations worldwide. It becomes popular among the customers for the best services that they provide to their customers.


  1. Supports bank transfer
  2. Supports cards
  3. Customers can send up to $2999.99 every day
  4. Quick transfer


  1.  Hidden fees add to the rates they give their customers.
  2. There are monthly transfer limitations


Xpress Money

Xpress Money

Xpress Money is one of the most popular money transfer services in the era of the money transfer system. It is easy, quick and reliable. You can send money to any part of the world within minutes. It has a huge network worldwide.


  1. Mobile banking app for remittances
  2. Quick and easy money transfer
  3. Keep the track of the money remitted
  4. Supports bank transfer and debit card, credit card.


  1.  Higher transfer rate comparing others



If you are searching for top online money transfer services Transfast is one of them. Transfast provides 24 hours services all around the week. Transfast can be your best choice because it provides a money-back guarantee.


  1. A large network with 180,00 agent locations
  2. Support bank transfer
  3. Transfer is reliable
  4. Supports canceling a transfer from our website and mobile apps
  5. Low transaction cost


  1. Takes 6 working days or more to transfer money



In the world of digital money transfer services, Merchantrade is one of the top digital money transfer providers. It is an international digital money transfer provider. It deals with not only remittances but also currency exchanges. Merchantrade connects the major countries of the world in money transfer services.


  1. Transfast is a trustworthy digital alternative
  2. Competitive transfer rate
  3. Better customer support
  4. Support bank transfer


  1. Does not support MasterCard


Instant Cash

Instant Cash

Instant Cash is a global platform for money transfer services. It is one of the best money transfer services because it not only provides the transfer but also provides the purchase services.


  1. Easy Repayment Options
  2. Minimal documentation
  3. Supports bank transfer
  4. Supports MasterCard


  1. Doesn’t supports prepaid cards
  2. Rates and charges may vary depending upon the bank

Xoom money transfer Bangladesh


Xoom is a part of the PayPal service. As Paypal is not still available in Bangladesh, Xoom is one of the most popular and used money transfer services.


  1. Superior security backed by PayPal
  2. Support bank transfer
  3. Better transfer rate
  4. Support visa card, master card
  5. Allows personal transfer without the help of bank


  1.  Difficult verification process
  2. No pretty good rate


small world money transfer blue

They are giving a pretty good rate. They are not providing 85 Tk Bdt per 1$ . The first Transaction is free. It is not as fast as world remit or Xoom. It takes some time to reach to Bangladesh

If you know any other services please write your comment here.

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