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Some ways to settle in a developed country from a developing nation

Some ways to settle in a developed country from a developing nation

Some ways to settle in a developed country from a developing nation

Dear reader, we meet again with another article of a different flavor.

Since I was an instructor of SAT, GRE and IELTS, one question I had to face all the time. That question was: Sir, in how many ways a person can move to a first-world country from a third-world one? Today in this article, I have tried to answer that briefly. Please let us take a glance at the following options:

  • Express Entry – Canada
  • Skilled Migration – Australia
  • Target USA/Canada – for MS/PhD/both
  • Target Australia/New Zealand/UK – for MS/PhD/both
  • Target Germany or Switzerland or France
  • Target rest of the Europe


Now let’s dive briefly into it

While it is the first one; Express Entry – Canada:

Make ECA, sit for IELTS (GT) and voila – you’ve got it. Because so far what I understand, if you guyz can even score CLB-7 in language part, your Canada Express Entry (or at least the PNP) is a done deal!!!

Please be aware that in the last ITA draw, the benchmark CRS score was 463, which is higher than expected!!!

While it is the second one; skilled migration – Australia:

Australia is also easy for you (Shahed), as you have the IT education and experiences over 7 years.

However, I will NOT prefer Australia over Canada.

Only 191 (or less) is available though, for Civil Engineers, IT/Telecom & Accountants. Also Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra – they have been recently closed for skilled-immigrants!!!

While it is the third one; MS/PhD in USA or Canada:

Sit for GRE/GMAT, TOEFL and/or IELTS; apply to universities, go through the super-hectic procedure, get selected in a University, apply for a scholarship, get the scholarship or get rejected from it.

Then with luck, complete the degree, apply for a job (which is not a sure thing over there); LONG SHOT!!!

However, in this particular case, Canada is somewhat better than that of USA in job-prospect. Plus if you have a Canadian degree, with your experiences, your CRS score is likely to be 470+.

While it is the fourth one; MS/PhD in Australia, New Zealand or UK:

Only sit for IELTS (AT), get a good enough score (7.5 at least in each band – may be a bit difficult) and there you go; fully funded in any IT or Tech related subject, while you go for MS or PhD.

However, for non-tech subjects, scholarships are NOT available or so rare that it may be termed unavailable.

While it is the fifth one – Germany, Switzerland or France:

These countries mentioned in this number are called the “elites” of Europe. Because a degree from any of these universities may ensure not only a “Blue Card” in Europe but also an easy-PR in Denmark or Sweden. Moreover, acquiring an MBA degree from institute like INSEAD of France or KTH-Zurich (where Royal Institute of Science is situated) of Switzerland will open too many doors, even in USA or the rest of the world.

At this point though, I would highly recommend DAAD scholarship, which is the best way to start a life in Germany or in many places in Europe.

Only requirement – IELTS (AT) for those which are taught in English or a Language course otherwise (Level – B2).

While it is the sixth one – rest of the Europe:

Life at Europe is not only exotic but also a very very high qualitative one. Places like Netherlands, Italy, Finland, Norway, Hungary or even Czech-Republic or Poland have a very high quality life-style, only barrier is the language – easily solvable.

I would highly recommend to go for ERASMUS MUNDUS scholarship program which may be the stepping-stone for the EU community as well as the European charm; GRE/GMAT may be required, TOEFL is also acceptable!!!


Apart from the above, there are also many other ways to settle in abroad from a developing nation. Here I would like to mention some such as:

  • Economic (business) migration in USA/Canada/Australia/New Zealand – by investing 500K USD/CAD/AUD;
  • Economic (business) migration in UK – by investing 200K GBP;
  • Investing in Cyprus or any other countries who opened opportunities like that;
  • Malaysia second-home program;

Here I would also like to mention that countries like Brunei has turned herself around in a tremendous way. If there are any ways that one should go and live in a country as such, their lives may also be better from that of a living in a developing country. Nevertheless, matters like this sometimes depend on perspective, which may vary from time to time and from person to person. That being said, one must study thoroughly regarding his options, choices and abilities before jumping into any of these.

These are just some choices which were readily available in my mind, there may be few others. All I would like to say here is that you guyz have two choices, migration and/or student visa. Both of them may also be inter-linked in some cases.

 I can only help you with the information and suggestions; along with GRE/GMAT/TOEFL/IELTS preparation. Please contact me here in this email:




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