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Steps To be Followed if You have lost Your Passport with F1 Visa

Steps To be Followed if You have lost Your Passport with F1 Visa

Steps To be Followed if You have lost Your Passport with F1 Visa
1. DONT PANIC. You can stay in the USA as long as your I-20 is valid
2. Immediately file a police report
3. Scan the copy and inform US Embassy, Bangladesh
4. US Embassy, Bangladesh will ask for a copy of your lost passport, a copy of lost visa page, a copy of police report. Email them with these documents
5. Inform Bangladesh Embassy, Washington. They have a dedicated hour for query call. Call them only at that time, otherwise, they will not pick up your call.
6. Inform your school (International office)
Second Stage: Get a New Passport
1. Go to the website of Bangladesh Embassy, Washington
2. Download the MRP renew form
3. Fill the form, carefully read the instructions
4. it requires a copy of your old passport, police report, Passport size photo, photocopy of birth certificate or NID, photocopy of your student ID, a copy of I-20 and a bank draft of $110
5. It requires around 45 days at max to receive a new passport
Third stage: VISA Interview Schedule
1. US visa will be given only from Bangladesh
2. Whenever you plan to go to Bangladesh, apply for a new VISA
3. Apply for a new VISA at least 2 months before your departure for Bangladesh. The reason is that you might not get any \visa date’ at your convenient time. Typically, we go for a vacation for about one month in Bangladesh.
4. Fill up a new DS-160, create a new account in cgifederal website, ask someone in Bangladesh to pay for your VISA fee, schedule your VISA interview date. I did schedule my visa interview 2 months before my visa interview
5. DS-160 is valid for 6 months
6. Visa Fee is valid for 1 year
7. You don’t need to pay the sevis fee again
8. Always ask queries to US embassy, Bangladesh. They were very helpful. I wrote almost 12-15 emails to them and every time I got my answer
Fourth Stage: VISA Interview
1. Must bring your I-20 signed from your international office (school)
2.Must bring your official transcript from your school
3. Bring a letter from the international office that you are a continuing student
4. Any employee letter or your GTA/GRA letter
4. Bring all other documents that are typically brought in any F1 visa interview
5. In my case, the consular officer asked for my passport and I-20 and then looked into the computer and then he said your visa has been approved. I guess it took less than 1 minute.
Final Notes. Please don’t panic. There were people around me who told me that you are in danger, there are some pessimistic people who will make you afraid. Don’t listen to them and ignore them.
Be with them who encourages you, supports you.
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