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With summer holidays lurking around the corner, everybody is looking for things to do, that will keep them occupied during these warm, sunny vacations.

There are various groups of people on summer vacations, but if you are someone among the group that wants to take advantage of the summer holidays and spend their time utilizing this free time by learning new skills, developing new things that you can offer, you are at the right place.

All over the summer, various programs and workshops are going on, looking for students who have a lot of skills to offer. These skills can be of any type. So, if you are a college or university student who does not want to spend the summer vacations doing the same thing over and over again, and are looking for something productive and interesting, this article will help you out.



There is a list of things students can do this summer and the advantages behind each curriculum. It is a simple guide for you if you are open to exploring your options of how to make your summer holidays more useful and worthy.


College and university students getting internships during their vacations are a very popular and great practice and something that has been done for a very long time. You can get internships where you apply for vacancies in companies and organizations.

Simultaneously, you can also go and create internship opportunities for yourself by looking for companies and presenting yourself.

Irrespective of what you do, both of them come with a lot of advantages. But before we have a look there, let us talk about all the types of internships that you can apply for.


In the very beginning, there is paid internship. This is the internship of choice, and also the most in demand. When internships first got started, they as unknown, but as time passed by, they became more famous, and people started to realize the benefits of internships.

These internships play a huge role and have enormous benefits too. When you apply for paid internships, you are putting yourself in a position where you will work for that company, and in return, they will scrutinize you openly, and give you suggestions, groom you on how to be better and more efficient. Yes, you will also get paid here, so that is a very big advantage, but even if they do not, it is still an equally good option.

This is because the experience that you are going to get is very important and this cannot be exchanged or bought with money. Needless to say, it will help you out when you are pursuing a real job after your graduation.

Next, comes the internship for credit. This type of internship requires an experience that is deeply related to academic disciplines, which can be deemed or given credits upon. The credit or value you get based upon these internships is related to the credit that you will get in bigger parameters, such as in the higher education context.

When you apply for internships as such, you are expected to complete a journal, essays or presentation, so that the recruiters can have an overview of your potential. This also allows you to illustrate the skills and things you learned before the summer, help you present yourself properly.

In the third type, we have nonprofit internships. This is completely different than the previous two types mentioned.  When you are applying for a nonprofit internship, you are subjecting yourself to work for an organization where there is no stakeholders, or leaders, just a group of people working together for the betterment. There is no share of the profits or losses you make annually.

When you are working for nonprofit internships, the organizations do not have to pay taxes to the government usually, but the organization has to be implicated and made work according to the laws of the state, or the country. These internships can be done in governmental agencies, religious organizations, and even in some hospitals as well.

Then comes service learning. Here, you have to meet a combination of specific learning objectives, and then channeling those by taking part in respective community works, and completing them. These programs are structured that require you to discover your talents and weak spots and then work on them for the betterment. They also need you to inspect yourself and criticize yourself, so you can learn and grow, and give better service. This type of internship allows you to improve your skills, values, and knowledge.

After all these, there is cooperative education. The difference between this and an actual internship is that normal internships last for a few weeks to a few months whereas this will last you for a year or two. So, this will not end within your summer vacation, so if you are looking for something that is going to last longer, and if you have plans to continue even after the end of your vacation, this is the option for you.

Usually, students attend their classes and work on this internship, simultaneously, making a routine where they do not clash with each other.

Lastly, comes externship. It is the same as normal internships but of much shorter durations and are often known as job shadowing. Even though they are short and only last a day or a week, they offer the participants hindsight to how jobs work and how the situations look when you have one.

This experience provides the interns the chance to know how it feels when you have an actual job, in the particular field of career they see themselves pursuing.

All over the world, it is seen that these externships are extremely beneficial, and have helped interns in many ways. Externships make the interns or the participants better at making connections or networks, which is a very important and great quality if you want to work for jobs in the corporate sector.


Now after knowing about all the types of internships, it is only normal to ask why should you do any of them. So, now let us look at the benefits you will get if you apply for internships this summer.

  • Firstly, it gives you actual work experience without having to work for real. This insight is very important and crucial if you see yourself working for jobs as such in the future. Not only it will increase your experience, but it will also let you decide whether you are made for jobs as such or not. If you are not, you will have the time to back off and concentrate and put your efforts into something better and nicer for you.
  • Working for internships as such will allow you to know how to apply your knowledge, and how to use it in tough situations and the workplace as well. This will help you become more skilled, and at times, handy too.
  • The most important thing that you learn in internships is how to communicate with professionals. Internships give you opportunities on how to channel your ideas, present them in front of your superior professionals, how to connect and spread your networks. All these are extremely important and handy, and give you the chance of becoming better and learning.
  • Above all, these internships increase the chances of you getting good jobs, and as they give you college credits, it helps you apply for scholarships for universities and higher studies too. You get paid as well, so this adds up a source of earning and saving to otherwise, a broke summer.
  • Lastly, these internships help you cope up with your anxiety as well and help you become more confident and vocal about your opinions and the things you are doing. Whichever advantage you are looking for, it is a given, that you will be benefited in a lot of ways.


The next option that you have is to go for volunteering. Every summer a huge number of organizations look for youth who are willing to volunteer, and you can easily avail this option, and get its benefits. You can look for volunteering vacancies through research programs and organizations.

Once you have signed up, you will get to choose where you want to help, so that you can get to the field you are best at. Volunteering does not give you a paycheck, but it does help you in a lot of other ways.

For example, if you sign yourself up for an organization that gives medical aid to the poor and unprivileged, you can be there serving patients, helping them out. This will help you in the future if you want to become a doctor or a social worker. Likewise, there are these old age homes that look for volunteers that help the organizers set up different games and parties which keep the elderly occupied and happy.


  • Volunteering comes with a lot of benefits. Firstly, it gives you a taste of the real world and teaches you to how to get things done, how to work properly and productively in real life. It lets you practice your skills effectively.
  • When you volunteer, you are getting the option of channeling your skills and things that you have learned in the classroom. This is one of the best ways of doing so because when you do it you get constructive criticism that helps you thrive, know where you are going wrong, and inspire you to be better as well.
  • It helps you learn new and important skills too. It teaches you how to become a good leader, and how to manage the clan of a good number of people, divide the work properly.
  • Simultaneously, it teaches you how to manage time properly and efficiently, how to solve problems without panicking, and tells you to keep your calm in hard situations.
  • Researches have shown that volunteering helps university and college students help and cope up with depression and trauma. This is because volunteering gives these people a ray of hope and a new way out of the loop too.


If you feel like you are not up for neither interning nor volunteering, then you can go ahead and register yourself for some summer courses. It is a great way of learning new skills and getting engaged in extracurricular activities while making your higher studies’ applications stronger. When it comes to summer courses, you have plenty of options. You can learn a new language, get to learn new sports such as baseball or kayaking or you can opt for professional development where you put spend on yourself, and your growth.


  • Summer courses as such help you learn new skills and find your new interests.
  • These save you from boredom and monotony, and let you try new things, and have fun while doing them.
  • Most summer courses can be done offline, so you do not have to worry about getting out of your dorm, or the house.
  • These courses allow you to expand your network. When you sign yourself up, you are letting yourself branch out and meet new people.
  • Summer courses of all types also help you go out of your comfort zone. These push you to do better and learn new things and expand your skills as well.


All of the above-listed things will help you in so many other ways than mentioned here. Most importantly, they will allow you to manifest and grow personally, which is very important. Simultaneously, you also have a break when you do things as such. It is a good way of breaking the cycle and the monotony.

When it comes to being productive in summers, there are countless options. Apart from the ones above, you can always decide to read a bunch of new books and finish your TBR pile this summer. You can go find a new hobby, and get a small job as well that lets you cater to your hobbies. And if you are someone, who wants to spend the summer vacations traditionally, discovering new places, then the following article will guide you where to do so.

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