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The Five Largest Universities In The United States

The Five Largest Universities In The United States


Religious groups are credited with building the first universities in the United States. The institutions were built to train religious ministers. Harvard University in Massachusetts was the first university to be established in the United States in 1636. The institution is inspired by the universities of Cambridge and Oxford in England. Today, the country hosts a large number of universities, some of which are famous around the world for offering a high level of education. Among the most recent data 2015-16, the largest American universities in terms of undergraduate admission are the University of Central Florida, Texas A & M University, Ohio State University, the University of University of Florida.

The five largest universities in the United States

1. University of Central Florida (UCF)

Founded in 1963, the University of Central Florida was originally known as Florida Technological University. The then US President, John F. Kennedy, set himself the goal of making a human space flight to the moon. Florida is near Cape Canaveral, where space launches are taking place, so this is the perfect place to create the institution. The university boasts of being named an exemplary green institution in 2010. It also has the highest number of students with a total student enrollment of 63,0016 in 2015. UCF has eleven campuses in Florida and many others outside the state. She has also partnered with local universities such as Valencia College as part of a program called Direct Connect in which students and alumni of these local colleges are guaranteed admission to the UCF. Daniel Tosh, Cheryl Hines, Eduardo Sanchez, Kelvin Beary, Robert Damron and Ericka Dunlap are former UCF students.

2. Texas A & M University (TAMU)

Texas A & M was created in 1862 by an Act of Congress. It was originally known as the Texas Agricultural and Mechanical University, hence the abbreviation A & M. In the beginning, the university taught only literature, engineering and languages, but not agriculture. However, A & M expanded its academic role in 1963 to become a joint research institution. TAMU has specialized in the agricultural sector, mechanics and later military science. In 2015, he recorded a student enrollment of 58,515. The school has twelve campuses, the oldest of which is the Dwight Look College of Engineering (1880) and the School of Law (2013), the most recent with an estimate of the overall net worth of 11 billion USD. Beckman (2010) notes that the School widely known for its research expeditions having submitted the new inventions 121 in 2004 and 2013 ranked third in university research spending. The university has conducted 500 research expeditions in 80 countries on all continents. The main research projects of the school include the construction of the largest optical telescope in Chile and the conversion of a nuclear research reactor to use enriched uranium at low energy.

3. Ohio State University (OSU)

The school was founded in 1870 and is located in Columbus. It has a student population of 64,868 and has an estimated net worth of $ 3,634 USD. OSU has invested heavily in research and has facilities such as Chadwick Arboretum, biomedical research tower, aeronautical research laboratory and laboratory Byrd. The academic ranking of the world’s universities ranked OSU 79th worldwide. Outstanding OSU graduates include Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger and George Steinbrenner.

4. Florida International University (FIU)

Located in Miami, the FIU ranks 4th among the largest universities in the United States. He has an enrollment of 54,058 students. It was created in 1965 after a bill introduced in the Senate instructed the board of education to develop a university in Miami. In 2010, the FIU Law College was ranked among the top ten value-added schools. The school has two campuses, with University Park being the main campus and Biscayne Bay as the regional campus. Notable facilities include: Stempel Complex, Stocker Agriscience Center and Stempel Medical Center. The university has the only university research center in the United States to mitigate the damage caused by storms. The International Hurricane Research Center. Notable alumni are; Mike Lowell,

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5. University of Florida (UF)

Formerly known as Florida State University, UF was established in 1853 and has a student population of 52,519. It is ranked eighth in the world ranking of universities in the field of agricultural sciences. The school has 16 colleges with the Graham Center for Public Service being the newest.The University is one of the largest research institutes in the world having contributed to job creation over 100.00 during the fiscal year 2009-2010. the emergence of more than fifty biotechnology companies. The great elders of the school are; Marco Rubio, Kevin Ford, Carol Browner and Bob Graham.

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