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The Profile Evaluation Conundrum (To Study in the United States)

The Profile Evaluation Conundrum (To Study in the United States)

The Profile Evaluation Conundrum To Study in the United States

I began my efforts to make it easier for a student in America to study and live up to her goals. Since then I have received a lot of mail from students from different stages to evaluate their profiles.

For me, the term “assessment” literally means the method we are assigning grades for students by yet appraisal is a lot more than that assessment is a tool to provide teachers with data to develop their instructional methods and to direct and encourage students to engage effectively in their learning. Assessment as such offers valuable input to both teachers and students.

If each student has an updated profile with their respective characteristics, this is very helpful in evaluating and explaining the teaching.

This is scalable because, after all, any featured profile assigned to a teacher is only there because it was assigned by a group of students, and at the same time, it would be a mistake to place too much reliance on a teacher’s profile while ignoring students who are responsible for creating it.

If these profiles are present, students may be dependent on a variety of factors, such as background and personality.

One of the things most students are passionate about is the low tuition fees, and they ask me a list of which universities to attend with financial help.

Once you ask yourself how many times have you repeated the same words on Face book What’s App and forums. Following are some of the notable below-listed types of emails I received in profile evaluations

My GRE, TOEFL and Academy result score, can I apply this profile to verities University.

Can you give me suggestions for an MS in computer science at universities? My ranking is GRE 315 and TOEFL 103, with Academics 80 percent.

My advisor proposed the seven universities. What do you suppose of them? Will I apply for this university?

The method is completely incorrect. It’s not holistic.

Admission to a college of 3 or 4 years relies on the grades of the High School Grades and Entrance tests.

The master’s expense gives me a big return on investment. It would take me a decade to get the same level of ability in the workplace and accelerated learning has helped me to make a rapid career change.

I’m doing a bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering in America My first year engineering syllabus was comprised of physics, electrical mechanical and civil engineer’s post courses.

What if I were to move to the Medical School after taking a few courses in my first year of Engineering? If I hadn’t graduated in 11th grade from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, then I couldn’t have entered Medical School.

The truth is that the education system forces students to make different types of decisions early in their careers when students do not have sufficient exposure to what they want to achieve in their lives or what they really want to be in their lives.

A student’s eligibility for admission to the college does not depend on his viewpoint but his / her numbers.

When his numbers are visible and without interest and exposure then he wants to achieve what he wants to pursue a long journey behind his career.

I help with admission consultation for this student. He and his father should have been on a web conference call for the last four weeks to go over the list of universities. I have a template for and university that the students who work with me have to fill in.

I asked several questions about the colleges he had already applied for.

  1. Do you know the list of Majors that this college offers?
  2. What is the cost of this program every semester?
  3. When you take this course, what is the total number of credits needed to complete the degree?

It’s hard to find answers about studying abroad. It is difficult to get answers to the basic questions like:

  1. What is a small college’s trade-offs vs a big research university?
  2. Which is the gap for a Master’s Degree between college vs. university?
  3. Which American cities are the best places to study, considering job opportunities?

vi)       What exactly is life on campus?

I will send a list to a few universities, they will be much more meaningful than they want and will be better in terms of quality. After presenting this list, I will ask them three questions which are as follows:

  1. Which is this Degree’s scope?
  2. If I study at this college can I get a job?
  3. What is the placement rate for that degree in this college?

Foreign students who come to study in the United States spend a lot of money, so they are at risk.

Students from low-income countries tend to study in countries with more chances of reaping higher rewards. Migration and study abroad are completely perfect. But please do not approach the college admission and study abroad with a limited emphasis focused solely on numbers and ROI in terms of first job pay.

Here’s one such request for a Profile Evaluation

I’m aspiring to do my Masters in Biotechnology in the United States and I’ve begun my application process for intake in fall 2019. Can you help me out with details like my chances of getting into a few colleges, please? Below I have my profile:

Education: B.Tech- Biotechnology

GPA-8.48 (2015-2019);

Did Final semester project at Harvard Medical School, Boston

TOEFL: 111

Apply to University:

The University Of Maryland, Baltimore County- Masters in Professional Studies-Biotechnology

University Of Central Florida- Professional Science Masters(PSM) Biotechnology

University Of South Florida- PSM Biotechnology

San Jose State University- PSM Biotechnology

California State University, Fresno- PSM Biotechnology.

Let me ask just a few further questions:

How many of you were talking about doing an internship abroad?

How many prospective students will apply to the United States? Universities for a Harvard Medical School project, or an internship?

In reality, when I give free advice to relatives and associates, I feel angry, and yet they want to go and pay extravagant sums to a consultant, just to land in a not-so-great university!

Good schools offer better chances. You need to go in search of those opportunities.

Thank you so patiently for finally reading my content. This content will benefit greatly for a student to adjust their profile to match real life. I’ll come up with more important topics later.

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